Zoo Tycoon Review

zoo tycoon

Until today, we have seen a lot of similar games in this style. Even the best example of this was the RollerCoaster Tycoon. For Zoo Tycoon, it’s actually a copy of the rollercoaster. Of course, a slightly more advanced copy from the RollerCoaster 🙂 first of all, we were running an amusement park on the RollerCoaster, and now we are running a zoo.

Being a good park operator
For those who have never played such games, I recommend playing the Traning section first. When you enter the Traning section, you will encounter tasks that you need to do. After completing all these tasks accordingly, you can start the game. ( It’s better for you to do this, or you can hang out sometimes in the game. Of course, real Tycoon players play this game blindfolded. )

So what kind of game is this?
No matter how simple the game actually looks, you need to think a little. For example, don’t put animals in a cage and leave them like that. You have to make them feel comfortable in their cages, as if they were in their natural environment. For example, putting a female monkey next to a male monkey, or putting a rock in a lion’s cage. You can easily tell from the smile characters that appear on their heads that your animals like or don’t like such things. I wish it would just end with pleasing the animals. You can also please them by finding solutions to the problems of customers who come to the park. ( My park usually always comes problem brats:)) are you too bored open the cage of lions release the animals outside and just watch:) such situations can sometimes be against your will. If you have bought a pet sitter in the park, they will make the park safe as soon as possible. But in a situation like this, you miss a lot of customers, and some of them never come back. It’s entirely up to you to do it in a quality place, sinking the park in the game. My advice to you is that the entrance fee to the park is very low at the beginning, and then you start gradually increasing it. Park’s statistical information is also given in the game. In this way, you can keep track of the latest status of your park. You can start with 4 animals in two cages and then make a huge zoo. Before I forget, speaking of cages, it’s a very important issue in cages. If you don’t put the monkeys in a solid Cage, the situation is very bad 🙂 they immediately jump over the cages and start running away. So there’s an air of complete simulation in the game.

Sound: the music in the game is simple but beautiful. The sounds of animals are very realistic.

Playability: people who have previously played Tycoon series can easily get used to it.

Graphics: don’t expect much from this kind of Game. For him, we can only say that he is successful.

General: given that the audience that this game appeals to are Tycoon players, I would like to say that they should definitely not miss it. But if you haven’t played that kind of game, it might seem a little boring to you. As I said before, if you use the Traning section, you will understand the game very quickly and it will become enjoyable.


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