Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventure Review

Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventure

Unfortunately, one of the places that we do not often find in our country is zoos. There used to be Gulhane Park in Istanbul. He fell victim to disrepair and was shut down. The part with the animals is gone, only the garden part remains. There’s a Darica Bird Sanctuary that’s popular these days. It would be more accurate to call this place a half-Zoo. If he’s not a victim of neglect, maybe you can take your children in the future.

Tycoon does not end

Animals are rapidly becoming extinct, but Tycoon games cannot be extinct. No day passes, we meet someone new. Unfortunately, most of them are imitations and creative copies of each other. There are a number of Tycoon games that have gained a solid place in the market. Among the first to come out are Railroad Tycoon (Sid Meier is now making a new one), Roaller Coaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon. Zoo Tycoon 2 was released in 3D, unlike the first. The subject was the same, but the environment and animal models that went into the third dimension must have painted our eyes, made us play again. There are some productions that, in my opinion, should never go into three dimensions. If you want to make it three-dimensional, I’ll give you that. For me, Zoo Tycoon was much cuter with 2D graphics. Their transition to 3D with the latter caused them to lose the cute animal and environment modeling found in the previous one. It’s not appropriate for these games to get worse when I say I’m going to use technology. Sounds catch up to the help of the charts. A peaceful environment is created in the game with excellent nature, insects, animal sounds and cheerful music.

Plug-in not patch

African Adventure is an expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon 2. In order to install the expansion pack, you also need to have the original game. Unfortunately, our additional package is not that comprehensive. Even before, the number of expansions that added as little to the original game as this is quite small. In fact, it can be said that it resembles a large patch. The biggest addition made is the inclusion of safari cars. You build a platform for boarding a vehicle, like trains on the Roaller Coaster Tycoon, then you make the path that safari cars will follow. You can take the path you make anywhere you want. Safari(!) you do. If you want, you can participate in the tour from the point of view of the first-person camera by riding in vehicles. Among the additions made; new animals, new food stands, ornaments that you can use around, a few new maps, no big additions that stand out except for the desert theme. The strangest part is that the new script was also not produced. Campaign mode has included 3 new scenarios under the name African Adventure. If we add the safari tutorial added with African Adventure, we have four scenarios. In the game, Zoopedia has a kind of Encyclopedia feature. He is also slightly more extended than the previous game. Animals answer questions such as the habitat in which they live, what they eat or drink. You can access information about a lot of animals by mixing it up here.


African Adventure, although the expected performance from an expansion package, does not give full meaning; there are not many games on the market, such as Zoo Tycoon, chirping colors, stress-free, Amulet of cuteness. African Adventure is for you if you have Zoo Tycoon 2 in your hand and want to get away from live games and relax calmly. Especially in these days when we are building concrete buildings, destroying all sides of nature, forgetting about natural life, it is a good opportunity to be involved with animals.


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