X-Men Legends II: Apocalypse Review

X-Men Legends

The first X-Men game to truly keep up with the team-based scenario, even in its original story, came last fall. The X-Men: Legends recipe, which was released only to consoles, was a game worthy of the X-Men legend. After years of playing X-Men games that don’t suit its name, I was very happy to encounter such a production. With plenty of animated cartoon graphics and a team-based game structure, it offered really solid playability.

When X-Men: Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, the sequel to X-Men: Legends, was announced late last year, I was very upset as someone who sold their console. Fortunately, Activision announced that it would also release the game for the PC, and it sprinkled water on my heart. When the dates showed late September, just like last year, X-Men Legends: Rise of Apocalypse, prepared by Raven Software, took its place on the shelves.

Mysterious adventure begins

X-Men Legends: Rise of Apocalypse, consisting of 3 CDs, greets us with a beautiful video after the installation. Magneto and his two bodyguards Mystique and Sabertooth move forward, removing the dust. Neither the iron gates nor the soldiers who rained bullets stand in front of them. And when they come to the last door, we encounter familiar faces: Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm… when we think that there will be a fuss, we see that these two groups, who are enemies of each other, are moving forward for the sole purpose this time. Although we know of temporary friendships based on this “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic, which we are used to seeing occasionally in the X-Men series, we prefer decisively at any moment. Finally, we reach the room where Professor Xavier is a prisoner, and we learn the main idea of the video. After we get the professor to a safe place, it’s up to us to get out of this extremely secure building, and we understand that it’s time to take control.

X-Men Legends – Take control

Once we’re in control, our four heroes await our orders: Magneto, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm. We have the right to constantly progress with 4 characters throughout the game, and we can definitely control one of these characters. The other three are following us. If we have to fight, they also help us according to their artificial intelligence system.

Playing a game that was originally adapted to the console on a PC has always been a problem. However, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse has an extremely comfortable control system. We can switch to which one of our 4 characters on the screen with the direction keys on the keyboard, and character movements with the W, A, S, D keys or mouse click. Whichever makes you comfortable. We perform strokes with numeric keys, press and hold 5 to use our special powers, and press the other key. Easy to learn, there is a very comfortable control system of the game. It is possible to adapt in a short time.

For those who don’t play X-Men: Legends and don’t know the logic of the job, let’s explain right away. Our game is a mix of action and RPG based on killing enemies that constantly appear. We regularly collect experience points from enemies we kill in a very serial form and by decorating our fight with combos. And the dead enemies leave behind a lot of things, materials, and so on. After every item or material we collect, we can enter the character panels and tell the computer to do everything automatically if we don’t want to adjust it. In this way, it is automatically distributed to the hero who will use all the clothes most efficiently without wasting time in our action-packed adventure. As the clothes are automatically worn, we can also automatically give the ability points to be given to the computer if we jump the level.

The items we collect can come out not only from enemies, but also from the inside of surrounding objects. Almost every object we see in our game is fragile, and again, almost all of them necessarily have something coming out. Of course, in the following episodes, some chests can be full of explosives and too much curiosity can cause us trouble.

We have to build our group according to puzzles

Although we always have to kill what we encounter, from time to time there are puzzles that we have to overcome. In these cases, we need to choose the elements in our group of 4 well. For example, if we have to go somewhere too far out of reach and build an electromagnetic bridge there, Jean Grey, or if there’s a pile on our way that’s burning and doesn’t give a pass, The Iceman has to be among us. In such cases, we just need to go to the nearest save point for a group Exchange.

The number of characters we can choose is quite large. Although we can choose 16 characters in total, not all of them are active at the beginning of the game. If you are far from the world of the X-Men and do not know which character has what powers, the game constantly gives you the necessary information. Even mini-puzzles that you encounter are constantly offered clues for their solutions.

Because you usually focus on a member of the group, you can edit how other characters behave when you fight in the character Settings section. By specifying their degree of aggressiveness and frequency of special use of force, we can adjust the battle styles of those with you, and we can improve the group members if we want them to fight in the front stages.

X-Men Legends – Line graphs in a three-dimensional world

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse graphically paints an image above mediocre. The overall graphics structure is not good enough to compare with today’s games. It’s worth noting that the camera angle is never at its best. We often encounter abundant colorful effects. Although the character modeling is quite detailed, it can be forgiven for carrying a cartoon structure. Animations are the best note-taking aspect of visuals. Situations such as damage to the surrounding units, some walls can collapse, and suddenly the ground collapses as you walk create graphical advantages. The Dec videos are really successful.

In terms of sound and music, just like the graphics, it’s a little above mediocre. Orchestral music creates a beautiful atmosphere, and although Patrick Steward sang Professor Xavier very well, the remaining sound effects are not successful enough. We have to hear the same sounds over and over again from being in a constant fight and constantly breaking things. After a while, this begins to cause problems.

In X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, there are thousands of objects to collect, hundreds of paintings and artwork to open. Thanks to bonuses hidden in many points of the maps, we can activate the review option in the main menu and open bonus materials that number 100.

As a result, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse allows the X-Men legend to continue. It’s a production that should be taken care of not only by X-Men fans like me, but also by all action RPG game lovers with its never-falling pace, plenty of hero options and easy-to-use.




Ability to control many X-Men heroes. Easily acclimatized RPG system. Fun multiplayer modes.

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