Worms 3D Review

Worms 3D

There are legendary pieces of computer game history. No matter how much time passes, some games add to that period and history. For example, Gianna Sisters for platform games or Turrican for shoot’em right or the last Ninja for action can be shown as an eye-catching example. The biggest problem with games that have cost such history is that they are expected to repeat the same success by updating them. To give a current example, the success of Metal Gear Solid could actually overshadow the ongoing game. Already, the constant reaction of fans on this issue and the fact that they expressed their concerns made things completely difficult. For this reason, the only “continuation” film that can receive the Best Picture Oscar in the history of cinema, for example, is The Godfather Part II.

We have WORMS that carry almost all of the features and stages mentioned above. The first version of Worms, released on the Amiga in 1995, was a production that played with great pleasure and talked about itself for a long time. As the game has been revamped over the years, the producers have taken a bold step and managed to completely transfer the game to a 3D environment. For those of you who never knew, let’s get to know worms briefly. Worms is a turn-based and extremely fun strategy game played in teams of 4 people consisting of cute worms and where teams fight various weapons on an island.

Assemble Your Team, Put On Your Weapon…

In order to enjoy worms, we recommend that you team up first and foremost. To do this, you can go to Team creation from the Option section. You can give the names of your team and worms, choose one of many sounds, such as mafia and cyber, your representative flag, which includes Turkey, the color of your team, your special weapon. Now you can go on challenging and enjoyable missions with this team throughout the game.

As always, Worms offers multiplayer games for one person, over the LAN or over the internet. It’s a little annoying that you can’t connect directly over an IP number. Before you get to this point, I think you should skip the tutorial part when you are ready to move to three dimensions. No matter how good you are at Old worms, you need to refresh your skills such as jumping, using the map effectively, and getting used to weapons for 3D !

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In Single mode, the game consists of successive missions. In fact, playing these sections is a big plus because of the new maps that will be opened and they are used in the multiplayer. Besides, the episodes are extremely fun. Your first assignment is the famous Normandia issue, which is the subject of Medal of Honor and Saving Private Ryan. In this episode, where mines and Explosives weigh, you will play with laughter.

The only element that has made worms the crown all these years is that it offers unlimited entertainment with multiplayer. To take advantage of the online multiplayer, you need to have your Gamespy ID. You can also do this for free from within the game while connected to the internet. Then you have Wormnet and the opportunity to chat and play on the channel you want there. If you want to participate in an existing game on the channels, you can host the game yourself. Up to four people are supported in the game, you are given unlimited possibilities to create different landforms. For example, you can create different spaces by choosing many variables, such as the size of rocks, the heights from the ground or the distances to each other, weather conditions.

Concerns, Expectations…

The whole joke was that worms, created in two-dimensional Times, moved to a three-dimensional angle, raising many questions. The most important of these was the modeling of damage caused by explosions and the physics engine that would calculate it. Yes! Rock, building and floor are falling apart. Just like in old worms, when weapons such as bazookas and grenades come into contact with a place, explosions occur towards the exterior, especially in the center of that area. Of course, if you calculate them well, you can throw competing worms into water pits, hit mines, increasing the impact of the explosion many times. The fact that all this destruction happened really bears a great resemblance to ancient worms. For example, our crazy weapons the destructive power of large explosive weapons, such as old women, banana bombs, sheep, does not fully predict in advance and requires a master shot for the full target. In addition, damage occurs at the same rate of two dimensions. However, we expected progress in the physics engine as a return on the 3D environment. For example, when you blow up the middle of a tower, the section above continues to hang on the hill. In interviews, programmers have stated that such a technology will completely change the overall mood of the game and that it is against the philosophy of the game for everyone to come somewhere by blowing up a building. Other than that, Ninja rope fanatics have not been forgotten. The “rope”, which allows you to go to many places in the game, has been successfully switched to 3D. But use is inherently difficult. You can hit a mine that you can no longer see, or you can suddenly enter the water and drown. The JetPack, which allows you to fly, and the parachute, which allows you to land at a certain point by gliding high, are the main architecture of vital moves. I regret to note that digging and opening (Drill, Blow) in Old Games have not been transferred to a 3D environment.

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The last criterion for completing your environmental adaptation is to get used to the controls. Worms3D is much more difficult in terms of conroller than the old games. Anyway, the biggest plus of the old rings of the series was that even someone who was never interested in the computer could play the game comfortably. Indeed, the three-dimensional environment prevents this ease. And when the camera angles get a little difficult, you can have a headache in places.

If we give a general assessment, we can say that worms continues his path in a radical but crazy way. Frankly, the Worms I received with the great concerns that the transition to a 3D environment caused me managed to impress me. Especially during the presentation, I guarantee that you will have a lot of fun with Matrix-sending intros, cute graphics and multiplayer mode.



It's great fun. Possibility of free online multiplayer games.

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