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worms 2

Does anyone remember the excellent turn-based, turn-based strategy game on the Amiga?. Actually, I don’t want to say strategy. Because when it comes to strategy, we always think of heavy games, don’t we? This game is very different from other strategies. I used to play worms for hours without getting tired. The game is from Amiga’s legendary software firm Team 17. You won’t find this firm’s bad game. Arcade Pool, for example, is an excellent pool game, and now the second one has been made. Assassin is an action game with excellent graphics. These are just a few of the games I can think of. All of these more beautiful games like Team 17 is called. I’ve never seen your bad game. I used to always look for Team 17 games when I went to a computer store to shoot games with 1.44 MB floppy disks in my hand. I wouldn’t miss it if I saw it. At the moment, if I see the pc, I will get it again without thinking, but unfortunately the Team 17 Amiga remained in its time. Because I came across very few games on the pc. The only ones I can think of are the Worms series, Arcade Pool 2 and Addiction Pinball. As you can see, the types of games are always different from other games. So it doesn’t have games in genres like FPS or RPG. There wasn’t before, but there’s always a difference in quality in the games they make. We are back to our game. As you can see from the title, Worms 2. A sequel to Worms 2 was also made last year called Worms: Armegeddon, but it couldn’t go beyond a little more detailed graphics and a few new weapons. Therefore, the game was not kept until Worms 2 and was not sold as much as it was. However, this does not mean that the game is bad, it is again a very high-quality game. It just bored people quickly because it wasn’t much different from Worms 2. Yeah, it’s about Worms 2. Let’s start pinching.

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Before we start the game, we see a place where you can choose the maggot team and their voices. There are really funny maggot sounds here. We choose the one we want and start the game. Looking at the graphics, we can’t see such perfect things, but we can see that it’s very cute. It’s a one-dimensional game. I’m already weird that the game works without even saying click on a pentium 100. Anyway, now the graphics are really cute. The maggots ‘ designs and movements are bitter and sweet. You can play the game in any part you want. Among these sections are gubidic sections such as cheese, snow and hell. The design of the episodes is also very cute again. If you say weapon designs, so do they. And the sounds are incredibly funny and sweet. The sounds, gunshots and background sounds that maggots make when they kill each other are quite successful. And the music adapts to the game too much, and on the other hand, it puts you in the mood. Let’s get to the main point of the game, playability. Yeah, that’s the fun part of the game. Control is very easy with the mouse and keyboard.The game has a certain number of maggots on both sides. That’s 4 as standard. Everyone has a chance to make a move in turn. You can select any box on the map and make your move with it. Your time is limited to one minute. So whatever you’re going to do, you’re going to do it for a minute. For him, you will think fast and play fast. All you have to do is right-click the mouse and select your weapon and kill any maggots from the opposite side. As for the gun, you have a lot of fun and very funny weapons, from flying Lamb to old aunt, from a scanning rifle to a baseball bat. Believe me, it’s fun to fight them. Let’s say a strange maggot from the other side stands high on the edge of the water. When you touch him with your finger, he falls down on his head. Besides, you have to use your weapons carefully because they’re all limited. And there are surprise boxes in the game. They can come out of things like guns and health, and on the other hand, they can come out of a bomb. It’s not good for you then, of course. Just as you can play the game against a single computer, you can play 6-7 people on a computer, which is the real pleasure of the game. It is much more enjoyable if you play with a friend you love or say, `alla pelası fersin let the devil see your body hypnonon`. There’s a wind factor in the game. Take into account the wind when shooting with a gun, or you can shoot maggots in your own team. falla, my favorite weapon is a flying Lamb, no wind, no something. After you pull it out of your pocket and press the space, the lamb goes crazy, fekat, you can control it. With the help of the direction keys, you can take it and put it right on the maggot’s head, and believe me, it’s painful and enjoyable. In any case, the use of all weapons is quite enjoyable and so simple. After you put a bomb next to your enemy, rather than laugh at KiSS, try to run as far as you can, or you can blow up with the bomb ehehe. Oh, my God, tikkat lasimm.

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In general, the game is completely based on entertainment, but it happens in sections where you need to think well. I mean, I’m not going to say it amuses you when it makes you think, but it makes you think. Incredibly enjoyable incredibly exciting. It was one of the best games in the Amiga. So is the PC. It’s a classic. Make sure you play. Or wait, why don’t you take your wedding ring?


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