World’s most expensive game sold for $ 1.56 million

Super Mario 64

A version of Super Mario 64, released in 1996 that didn’t even open gelatini, sold for $ 1.56 million, making it the most expensive game in the world.

Another rather surprising news came from the game collection, and Super Mario 64, which didn’t even open gelatini, sold for $ 1.56 million as the most expensive game in the world. Along with this sale, the game also set a large and perhaps difficult record to break. With a price of $ 1.56 million, the production became the most expensive game in the world, capturing the title of the most valuable game ever sold. When we convert this price to Turkish lira, we see that the game is sold for $ 13,474,964 as of now.

Super Mario 64, which never opened, sold for $ 1.56 million

most expensive game

This sale was made through Heritage Auctions. Oddly enough, another game reached the title of most valuable game just a few days ago. A copy of the first game of The Legend Of Zelda, released for the NES on July 9, that was last Friday, set a record by selling with a price tag of$ 870,000. After a very short period of time, Super Mario 64 passed this record decidedly differently. This version of Super Mario 64 became the new holder of the record, selling for$ 1.56 million with an additional fee of $ 690,000. The first Super Mario Bros. game had previously been sold with a price tag of$ 660,000.

This sold version of the game received a full 9.8 a++ rating from Wata. Wata certification is an institution that reveals the true value of valuable video games. This institution, along with its score, eliminates uncertainty, as well as evaluates the state of the game on an absolute scale, providing buyers and sellers with complete confidence in their transactions. Looking at the score taken by the game, we can say that it has already been maintained very well despite the decadent 25-year period.

In short, although we see different sales on Playstation or other consoles from time to time, we see that older games, especially on the Nintendo side, are very valuable. So if you have an unopened Zelda or Mario game in the corner at the bottom, you may be the most expensive game in the world, and you are on the verge of becoming a millionaire 🙂

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