World War II: Panzer Claws II Review

World War II: Panzer Claws II

2, which began on 3 September 1939. World War II ended again on a September day in 1945. In the war, in which millions of civilians were killed as well as soldiers, some countries gained new lands, while empires such as Italy and Japan were destroyed. The war that caused complete destruction in Germany deeply shook all of Europe, except Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The Battle of Pearl Harbor was fought when Japanese aircraft attacked the American naval fleet. In December 1941, the United States, along with France, Britain and the USSR, formed allies and became involved in the war.

There is no winner in battle!

As the name suggests, again 2. We’re dealing with a game about World War II. Nothing is attractive except the tank on the game’s menu, where there is no introduction video. We encounter a very simple menu design and quite unsuccessful color choices. The atmosphere of the battle could be moved more vividly to the colors on the menus. At least there should have been a sign that we could click when we hovered over the buttons. In the game, where we can choose Germany, America, France or Russia to play the scenario, only Germany and France’s missions can be played to begin with. When I played the first episodes, which were designed to get used to the game, I said to myself, “I wonder if I’ll never get used to it?” I couldn’t without asking. Because the mistakes I encountered in the first episode left me with bad impressions for Panzer Claws-2.

In the beginning, we have a Soviet base to capture. When I sent my units here, I wanted to use the map and see where the enemy tanks were.A few Soviet tanks were standing on my way. When I arrived at the enemy’s location, relying on the capabilities of the Germans in heavy industry, I encountered an event that would not be encountered on the battlefield. Just as the armies were about to enter each other, the enemy tanks suddenly disappeared! Even if history forgives such a bug, I didn’t forgive it and broke the score of the game. Fortunately, since my soldiers were not affected by this supernatural event at all, we continued on our way without the need for any rehabilitation work. As my tanks advanced in front like armored Bulls and gave fear to the enemy tank battalions, my soldiers almost floated in terrain (!) You know, in the FIFA series, it’s like footballers walk on a glass floor. Even during a conflict, I felt that soldiers who lay on the ground and reduced the target made dynamic movements as if they were not touching the ground like ghosts, which got a minus point from here.

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To digest all of this, which we can call a success for a strategy game graphics “page up” and “Page Down” keys thanks to this, I looked more closely when we encounter the majority of today’s games, closer garbled graphics I’ve seen. When I didn’t dwell on it too much and looked at the environmental images, I saw that a corner of the sea was overflowing from any part of the land. You take your army and go to the front, a piece of azure sea in the middle of the road! Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the gameplay because it’s just a graphics error.

There is no good war, no bad peace.

“Doesn’t the play have any good things to write?”as I was thinking, I realized that the concept of time had been successfully transmitted in Panzer Claws-2. Day and night are very beautifully reflected. In addition, locations and units adapt to daylight. At night, the sea turns to fried orange, while at night, your trucks light their headlights. The intermediate videos that we watch throughout the game are decked out in black and white. Even added white line effects on old bands. The producers were determined to give it the atmosphere of those years. Because Music 2. It’s high-quality, like in movies about World War II. But they couldn’t show the same quality in sounds. You’re bombing a building with a plane, and the sounds are very weak. It’s like someone threw a grenade. It would be more convincing if we heard a sound that was more full and vibrated on the screen. In addition, a problem that I see as a mistake in many strategy games has continued to exist here. As I just mentioned, the people next to the building or unit you attacked during the bombardment are not damaged.

Every war ends! The important thing is not to start!

“A pungent smell of gunpowder in the vicinity. The enemy couldn’t be far away. So much so that the smoke coming out of the crushed and burned grass in the field was a harbinger that the tanks were not far away! As if we were going to face the enemy when we crossed the hill a little further. The anxious expressions on the soldiers ‘ faces were hidden behind black marks that had settled around their airways. Looks turned to each other as if the apocalypse was about to break out at any moment. Some of them may never be seen again. Despite this confusion of emotions, they certainly had no thoughts of not following in the tank’s tracks. It’s just that the determined and confident thoughts inside them weren’t reflected in their faces. We’re almost up the hill. We had no doubt that the enemy was waiting for us when we went down about 30 meters ahead. So much so that we could easily hear the sound of Tanks. That’s when something happened. The last thing we remember was soldiers lying in blood and 2 tanks fighting each other.“

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I witnessed our tank stop and shoot after circling around itself while the enemy tank was shooting from a fixed position. Instead of turning the barrel, he makes rounds around himself and shoots like that! In this case, the enemy shoots us twice, while the damage we do to the enemy happens once. World War II Panzer Claws-2 has also been weak on artificial intelligence. Maybe this problem will be fixed with new modes, such as in the first game.

No War!

2 overall. Because a subject like World War II was used too much, many games did nothing but repeat themselves. An editor that is not available in some strategy games is available in this game. You can make maps yourself, but it’s not a novelty. Skirmish mode is also available if you get tired of scenario tasks (absolutely possible). In this way, the playing time can be extended. Finally, don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to take the WW-II Panzer Claws-2 and play. In any case, another 2 in 6 months. Strategy on World War II comes. Let’s hope you don’t get caught up in the game and forget about real life.

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