World War II: Frontline Command review

World War II: Frontline Command

Band Of Brothers

Frontline Command reminded me of the Band of Brothers, the most money – spent series in the world, which was also shown in our country with its music and tasks. So much so that your first mission, on June 4, 1944, two days before Operation Overlord, was to parachute behind German forces and disable the German radar system.

We begin the game with a demo of pre-Normandy preparations. Then we come to the Home screen, where we create our character and make all our settings throughout the game. On this screen, there are sections of Single Player, Multi Player, Tutorial, High Scores and Options. In addition, the Select Player section is also available to change or delete your character if you want. Be sure to stop by tutorial before you start your missions, or you may have some problems in the game. The Tutorial is divided into four sections, and the commands you can give to your men, what you will do in the moment of conflict, how to use support units, and how to use the camera are explained in a very clear and simple way. Another important part that you need to stop with other than Tutorial is Options. From here, you can adjust your graphics, audio, control settings, and watch demos in the game and browse the credits.

Our game begins a few days before Operation Overlord and almost ends by following the topic in the brothers Team Series. You have twenty-five one-man missions in the game. Multiplayer also supports four people, you can play the game from LAN or net. In multiplayer, you also have over twenty-five tasks, including single Player tasks. Single Player mode features two difficulty levels. One is’ Recruit ‘and another is’Veteran’. When you play at Recruit level, you play in twelve-task rookie game mode, plus you have more infantry and vehicles, if you play at Veteran level, you play in twenty-task master game mode, plus you have fewer infantry and fewer vehicles.As I just mentioned, if you look at the Tutorial before you start, it will solve everything in the game and you can play very comfortably without any problems.

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I want to talk about the biggest plus in the game, the camera, yes. The camera is completely under your control. You know, almost all strategy games have a fixed perspective on the playing field. But in WWII: Frontline command, you can control the camera any way you want. You’ll know what I mean when you play the part in tutorial that gives you information about the camera. In addition to controlling the camera as you like, you can zoom in or out of the map using the page up and Page Down keys on the playing field. If you want to play the game – Hearts of Iron players know, we were playing on maps – you can play it by seeing it in a different but very useful way. It’s a different feature, and it helps you a lot, because you can easily see the entire battlefield. That’s a second plus of the game.

Graphics. Here’s the biggest feature that saved the game. Fully covered with 3D maps, especially building and vehicle modeling has been very beautiful. The same goes for wood and floor coverings. But the modeling of our soldiers is a little sloppy. If you are uncomfortable with the modeling of soldiers, immediately take your finger to the Page Up button and let the phrase ‘Aha, this is better’ come out of your mouth. And the explosion effects are nice. When you blow up an armored vehicle or tank, that armored vehicle or tank does not disappear after a certain period of time (see Sudden Strike, Blitzkrieg). You see him there until the end of the mission. That’s a very small but nice detail.

Music is another important plus of the game. There are tracks that can be nominated for the ‘best music Oscar’ award, whether in the game or on the menus. Or I don’t know, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s a fact that they’re definitely not bad. Especially when you first open the game on the waiting screen after the demo, when the image on the cover of the game appears on the screen, the track that plays is really nice, where I immediately thought of the Brothers team series, and when I immediately started the first mission, I became even more of a dumur when I saw the mission in the first part of the series.

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I’m not going to talk about the controls of the game because it’s very simple, but if you still can’t understand, I say look at tutorial again. Game that you control only with the mouse. In addition, with the CTRL + direction keys, you can rotate the camera on the map 360 degrees, and with the Page Up, Page Down keys, you can approach and move away from the map. Other than that, you just need a mouse.

As a result

It’s not a Hit, it’s not a sHit:). Even if you don’t try, I think you should archive it, especially my friends who are interested in the Second World War. The patch of the game should be out by now. Those who want to download it can download it from the Download section of the game’s Official web page. Ha, but let me point out the game that you can only play with allied states. The heart would like to be able to play with the Axis powers, but unfortunately it is not possible. Also, I can’t tell all this, draw it, and say that you can only play with the allied states in the last sentence of the article, annoying the readers. Or what? Or is that possible?

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