World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Review

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Everyone who has played has at least one memory of World of Warcraft. Those who get the chance to buy a product that comes to Turkey party by party at three-month intervals when it first comes out can never forget the period of inexperience in which they first started. Many people who looked at the MMORPG genre, which was translated into Turkish as a huge online role-playing game from afar until then, entered online games with the courage to recognize the name ‘Warcraft’, which had high charm, but had such complex and unique expressions (such as OMG, LOL, WTB and even wtf). “Brother, I know Warcraft.”it was like saying,” most of us are.

We opened the fancy package and set it up and activated our accounts, watched the gas-inducing login video and came to the character selection screen. Wow! All the people whose stories we had heard on the battlefield in the form of tiny characters were here: novice-friendly people, cool Night elves, dwarves, gnomes… the Horde crew, some called ‘villains’, while their only crime was not to think like the Alliance side, was waiting ready to play with imposing orcs, giant Taurens, stinking undead and toothy trolls. We quickly identified the character and flowed into the environment. In fact, when he saw the workers cutting down trees around the first town, he said to the one next to us, “Olm, we’re really there, this is Azeroth. I also knew the 4-pixel States of them.”we flaunted it.

The time has come and gone, and the world of Warcraft has grown and grown. News that the first Onyxia had been cut fell like a bomb on internet sites. Then they took pity on the other big bosses. All dressed up in armor and weapons. Molten Core became the weekly training ground of the great guilds, while Noble Ragnaros was thoroughly mascara. Various add-ons and updates eventually unlocked new dungeons and new armor sets. But inevitably after a while, the only thing that reigned in the territory of Azeroth was ‘saturation’. Blizzard officials, who had no doubt already realized that this point would come, also opened the appetites of WoW players with the first official add-on package, The Burning Crusade (TBC), with perfect timing (OK, considered a little delayed).

That’s a package!

Frankly, when it was first announced, I was mixed with excitement for TBC. I was afraid to encounter an add-on like Star Wars Galaxies that changed the game system in an unpleasant way, forcibly disrupting the beautiful one. But after installing the packages that we received in the office on Friday and making endless updates (this part is a little boring, yes), when I entered the world of Warcraft, where I stayed away for a while, the picture I encountered was quite good than I expected.
In the Burning Crusade, Blizzard adopted a philosophy of” Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.” His surveys on official forums and on his site, or almost all of the topics mentioned by users, were mentioned. He was careful not to spoil the already beautiful points. After all, StarCraft: Brood Wars or Diablo: Lord of Destruction, such as a quality Blizzard-made supplement package appeared.

As we move on to the technical part of the job, two new names that first caught our eye, caught our eye on the character-making screen. Although it has long been known that the Blood Elf race will be added to the Horde side, the Alliance’s new weapon, the Draenei, was a last-minute surprise for many. Perhaps because their appearance is not friendly at all, perhaps because of the belief that they have better alternatives to replace them, Exodar, the Draenei realm, hunts flies according to the Blood Elf hometown of Silvermoon. According to the information we have received in our research and missions, we learn that the city of Exodar was created from the remains of spaceships that made a forced landing in Kalimdor. Don’t tell me what a spaceship is doing in Warcraft. The Draenei race, descended from Erenar, which specializes in magic and technology, visits different worlds with spaceships.

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Because they were smart and couldn’t get along with even those on the Alliance side, they were offered to go to the dark side for a period, but “the young man will not join the burning rotating Union, we will not have a job in the Burning Legion!”after they answered, they were exiled. And because they constantly lived on a spaceship, isolated from other races, it caused them to turn into such a trapezoidal, magic-intertwined, freak-like form. While they don’t have much sympathy even on the Alliance side, think about their law with the Horde. They especially hate Orcs and Blood Elves who steal their technology and don’t pay royalties. As can be seen from Exodar’s regular and majestic structure, the Draenei are disciplined, technologically advanced, intelligent creatures. Additional packages called Jewelcrafting include +5 bonuses in the incoming profession, +10 resistance to shadow spells, Gift of Naaru spells, race-specific abilities. The most important features are that they undoubtedly have the shaman class. Level 10 when they take 15 minutes of riding animals should not forget.

As for the Blood Elf side, this race, which produced and released a three-DVD documentary of charisma, got tired of constantly quarreling with people and decided to go to the Horde side. In quel’thalas, they used to hang out on their own, but after the great invasion, they were in danger of extinction. They changed their name to Blood Elf because of the bloodshed of their brothers they lost in the invasion. Their main city, Silvermoon, is also much larger and grander than other cities, just like Exodar. Tall buildings, the environment in bright colors dominated by Red, dazzle. Angry at the Alliance side in addition to their high magic powers, the Blood Elves learned the secret of the job many years ago by capturing and researching a Paladin and using the same characteristics for evil. The Blood Elf race, which has +5 spell resistance, Mana Tap Magic, + 15 Enchantment bonus and Silence abilities with 2 seconds effect, became the most preferred race after the release of the additional package. Over time, the Quel’thalas that fill up on all servers will return to normal with the ‘saturation’ event we just mentioned, but for now, the face of Silvermoon shopkeepers is laughing a lot.

When the maximum level was reduced from lvl 60 to lvl 70, all talent trees were also created from head to toe. Although it is too early to interpret the innovations that are coming to Talent trees for now, it is necessary to say that they seem useful and sufficient. But to fully judge balance situations, it is necessary to come to lvl 70 in each class and try all the combinations. At the moment, the only problem is that the Paladin and Warlock classes are getting too much of the innovations, while the Warriors are a little lame. But we have no doubt that Blizzard, which has been quick to respond to users ‘ requests, will soon make corrections. If you’re a rookie player, it’s already a long journey ahead until you get to the top grade. There are dozens of dungeons to enter and exit, hundreds of enemies to face, armor and sets that you will sweat from everywhere as soon as you get it, and throw it in the trash a few days later. It is also worth mentioning that there is a level of difficulty in dungeons. So when you enter Molten Core at the second difficulty level, which can now be done even with 20 people, you are likely to be forced, even if everyone is lvl 70. Of course, falling weapons and armor also change proportionally. This, in turn, allows outdated dungeons to regain value.

Unbroken lands

TBC’s most important gift, especially to high-level players, is the new map called Outland. In the original game, an endless battle prevails in Outland, where we can go through the Dark Portal, which is closed. On one side, the Horde and on the other, the alliance forces are fighting hard so that Burning Crusade cannot reach the gate. Even the kids are running around in the middle, “Dad, Dad.” Unlike the original maps, Outland has noticeable changes in visual sense. Coatings are better quality and areas are wider. Giant creatures are more detailed. Many features that come with an additional package will therefore only be available within the Outland boundaries.

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Like the flying animal Storm Crow and other flying horses that the Druid class transforms into. Speaking of flying cars, beginners should not make any fuss because only lvl 70 players can have these cars. And their prices are salty enough to require long Labor. The training you will receive for the use of Normal flying cars is below 800, and the animal itself is below 100. For Epic passenger training, 5,000 gold is required. As you can see, inflation has also hit the world of Warcraft. Of course, these prices, attractive features so that everyone who wants to instantly reach, that is, the game was set to have a little enjoyment. Otherwise, Blizzard has not yet developed the technology to make real money on the gold you give. It is possible to get new missions for lvl 60-70 on the Outland map. Of course, these are normally much more difficult and require group work. Advancing alone becomes more difficult as the level increases. But the fact that the missions are the kind of ’Kill 15 Wizards, collect 25 diamonds, cut 10 wolves and donate their skins to the Turkish Air Authority’, which we have been used to for years, was a little annoying. Expect more interesting and exciting quests.

There are also innovations in PvP elements. Battlegrounds are no longer the only way to earn Honor Points. The villages in Outland are prepared of the kind that both sides can use. Especially when one of the Horde and Alliance sides captures the town called’ Halaa’, the other begins to attack. They can still buy special items in the shops inside and do tasks. And the party that tries to get it is free to set up bombings and raids. Now that everyone is trying to become lvl 70 as soon as possible, it takes time to solve all the details about PvP.

In addition to the new maps and races, there is not much that has changed in the Burning Crusade. The Draenei and Blood Elf characters are modeled in slightly more detail, and their cities are wider. But in the rest, there are no notable innovations. Graphics technology, which was even good enough for 2004, does not stand out as much as it used to in early 2007. However “ ” Brother, give me The Hand of Ragnaros, see if I shake the graph or something like that!”if you are one of those who says, there is no problem for you anyway. Since the most important feature that provides the atmosphere is the speech screen in the lower left corner of the screen and the combat log in the right corner, you may not care too much about what the rest looks like.

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Responding to everything expected of him as an add-on package, The Burning Crusade manages to perfectly perpetuate the Legend of world of Warcraft. With new classes, new dungeons, new maps and other innovations, you can breathe fresh air in the territory of Azeroth. We call on anyone who gets bored and closes their account inside the world of Warcraft to help against the terrible invasion!


At a satisfying level of innovation, WoW, here's what else you get!

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