Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom Review

Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom

History, early 1996, a cold winter night. Location and location, Esenboga Airport, front of the international terminal. It’s 19:45. The situation is that one hand is in my pocket and the other hand is constantly going down and up. Despite waiting for half an hour, I finished 8 cigarettes. He’s always pacing, looking at my watch. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 2 years, 24 days and 6 hours. Finally, this moment comes. My father is slowly approaching us with his suitcase in his hand. I drop the cigarette and run to him. We’re hugging. I immediately ask: “Did you get it?”. He answers with one word, “I got it.” A smile on my face, we’re on our way home. I open the suitcase and… and.. Oh my God. I have now! Unbelievable! Savagely tears up its packaging 1. I immediately insert the CD into the 4-speed CD-ROM uma. What I felt that night until morning cannot be expressed in words.

That’s the kind of love Wing Commander IV. It’s a game that gets most people to buy computers, and most families can’t stand the pressure of their children and go to America by giving them a ton of money. A 486 costs about $ 1400, the number of those who own a mobile phone does not cross the fingers of one hand, the internet is the only thing that spends the most time in Turkey when Metu is limited to WC4. So what makes it so important? You’ll find out soon enough.Wing Commander IV is a space simulation. Col., our hero in the game. We’re running Christopher Blair. In practice, the game consists of 2 parts. We provide control with an interface that is a space simulation when we go on a mission in space, and an adventure-style interface when we are not on a mission. Between missions, we can wander around our mother ship and watch videos that advance the story or sometimes have no effect on the story, but are worth watching, record the game, choose our ship, its features, and our wingman. First, I should point out that the videos that have the most weight in this game, which is a total of 5 CDs. These videos, which are made by Direkman Hollywood, are really excellent. The atmosphere, the acting is incredible. As I already mentioned in the “Did You Know About Them” section, there are many professional players. So you’ll feel like you’re in a big-budget sci-fi movie. In certain parts of some videos, you are offered two options. According to the behavior you choose, the game develops. That puts you in the movie (game). So the game is also RPG in a sense. But there are times when you are presented with two options, you must definitely choose one. Even if you choose the other one, the game ends, of course, with a bad ending. The story contains humor, love, passion, sadness, in short, everything that happens in a movie. As you find yourself lying on the floor laughing in scenes where Maniac becomes an idiot, you will be stunned by the facts that appear later in the story.When you go on a mission, the game turns into a typical space simulation. Those who play games such as X – wing vs Tie-Fighter, Descent Freespace will not have much trouble. Although there are missions such as troop landing, search and rescue, and intelligence gathering, episodes are usually in the form of blowing it up, killing it, along with your wingman. But this is not as easy as it looks. You have to think very quickly, have solid reflexes (and a joystick), and use tactics. As with every weapon, each vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the game, you fight in many eccentric spaces, including a deep void of space, the surface of a planet, and even a nebula. That saves your time on a mission from being boring.

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Let’s move on to graphics and sound. The graphics are really nice compared to an era when 3dfx wasn’t invented. The technology of that time was used until the end. So it’s impossible to call the charts bad. No exaggerated lighting effects, Misty textures and millions of polygons, but the graphics contribute greatly to the atmosphere. In the adventure-style interface graphics that you use in the episodes where you walk around the ship, the motion capture technique is used on the photos of the movie set. That provides the necessary reality. I don’t even need to mention the videos. In a word, masterpieces. The game may not support 5.1, but the sound is far from bad. Everything from the sound effects coming out of your weapons to the impressive and depth-adding music is beautiful and adequate. I was able to get mp3 of the game’s music after a long effort, and even now I listen with pleasure, albeit occasionally.

Because the game is based on DOS, playing on today’s machines can turn into torture. But it’s definitely worth what’s finally achieved. Wing Commander IV ranks as one of the groundbreaking plays in acting history. It’s a classic that certainly shouldn’t be missed by any player, whose meaning can’t be put into words. A living proof of where humanity has come from. That’s why he gets 99 points from me. If you ask where the remaining 1 point goes, “Nothing is perfect.”

Pro: perfect atmosphere
Hollywood production videos
Impressive story

Cons: not so different from previous games

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