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Screenshots have been turned over on internet sites and many famous game magazines for more than 1.5 years. He showed up at the famous E3 fair for two years. He came out and became a new guest of our house. The game is happy with where it left off, but let’s see if we’re happy.

At first, without further ado, the game is in many ways a complete copy of Serious Sam. I mean, instead of solving puzzles or something to move between divisions, it’s enough to kill dozens of enemies who are constantly attacking us. We enter the game with a different video. The Video is created in the form of a comic book, and everything is explained very clearly. As you can imagine, there is no topic in the game that fits in the palm of your hand. A group of our curious friends about Roman and Greek mythology go somewhere again for research. Among them is our hero, Will Rock. It turns out that the science islands that helped us during the expedition were actually elements of an organization that knew how to spread evil around the world. Our girlfriend is kidnapped, the professor is killed, the Old Gods are revived, and we are given the power of the Titans. Using this power, we’ll go on the road to save our girlfriend. And events this super creative topic(!) proceeds in the sequel, blah, blah, blah. But I have to admit, Will Rock’s script is much better than Serious Sam’s. 🙂

As you can see from the subject, this time our place is ancient Greek temples, amphitheatres and places like this. But the producers of the game really took care when creating the spaces. The design of the space is beautiful. The same care is felt in creature designs. There are all the creatures in the game that you can recognize from Greek mythology (I will talk about creatures and weapons at the bottom). So the atmosphere of the game makes you feel ancient Greek very well. The animation of the creatures is also very good. If we look at the other side of the coin, we see that the graphics are bad. The game uses a slightly older graphics engine. Although in this kind of Game, this situation is hardly noticeable. Even a good situation to say that the machine does not contract, but a person also wants to see more beautiful graphics after all.

I think the sounds are very mediocre. For example, Serious Sam popularized himself with both sound effects and tempo music that changed depending on the game. In addition, Serious Sam used Gothic and fantastic music suitable for the venue. Although the music in our game has nothing to do with rock and techno. It affects the game a lot. Although the music is beautiful (even occasionally I open the game’s folder and listen. The pieces are quite pleasant) can not reflect the atmosphere of the game. But as I said, the music is still very beautiful when it is listened to normally. Sound effects are not very successful again. We can’t hear quality sounds other than 1-2 sound effects, such as explosions and rattling from the armor of running skeletons. Even the roar of the Tigers doesn’t look like anything.

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I start most games with easy difficulty. That way, after I finish the game, I move on to other challenges and play. But I see that the game can be very difficult even at the easiest level. But it’s not because the enemies are too much, but because the enemies are usually tough. For example, it can be difficult to escape the flame thrown by a bird or the axe thrown by a Minotaur, which in crowded areas becomes carom. What enemies throw comes at you fast and takes enough lives. Serious Samde, this situation was very logically set up.

The game’s weapons list is still dim next to Serious Sam. Let me tell you briefly guns:

– Shovel: the shovel we know. I think it’s a very unnecessary weapon. Maybe it’s a tool you’ll never use in the game.
– Pistol: we start the game with this simple gun in our hands. It’s a powerless weapon, but its bullets are limitless.
– Shotgun: you’re getting it before it goes too far. A very powerful weapon. Especially close to each other ends 5-6 skeletons at the same time.
– Machine Gun: a classic scanning rifle that we can easily see at any FPS. It can be considered pistol’s machine gun.
– Sniper Crossbow: a dowel arrow that throws burning arrows. Perfect for minators and archers. You can open the binoculars with the right mouse button. One of the good weapons in the game. The only bad thing is that the zoom of the binoculars is very limited
– Acid Gun: here’s the acid gun. This one has binoculars. Deadly to the minatours. Also, the ability to slow down the enemy you hit works very well. It’s one of those rare weapons I don’t like its shape and I love it.
– Fireball Thrower: this gun fires fireballs. It’s one-on-one at destroying large groups.
– Medusa Gun: Stone is stone. That’s the man you’re shooting at. Archenemy of the Minotaurs again. Not a bad weapon.
– Minigun: heavy machine gun. It’s a bayaa powerful version of Machine gun, but it takes time to load its bullet.
– Grenade: Bomb. Even the bomb we know. There is another event.
– Atomic Gun: the most common weapon in the game. He also has a very charismatic form. Deadly to all kinds of enemies…

These are our weapons. And enemies, of course. The creatures are beautiful again, but as you can imagine, few. But I’m not gonna say anything about it, because at least they’re not copies of each other like the ones in Serious Sam.

Let’s take a brief look at our enemies and finish our article slowly:

– Bird: creatures that appear in the game without even saying bismillah. Although their names are birds, I’ve never seen a bird in my life throw flames that explode when it hits anything hard. These creatures die in one shot with any weapon.
– Minotaur: the most annoying creature in the game. Apart from the weapons I mentioned above, which say “effective for Minotaurs”, they are divided into two parts, no matter what weapon you kill with. When you’re away, they throw an axe and when you get close, they lower the axe to the head.
– Satyr: strange creatures that throw arrows. It’s not hard to kill, but they usually appear far away from you.
– Skeleton: skeleton warriors who run very fast. They fall apart easily. There are those who attack with swords and throw flaming spears.
– Knife Thrower: one of the most human-like creatures in the game that throws a longitudinal knife.
– Mace Thrower: the enemy that looks like the most people in the game. The knobs on their hands are not ornaments, they throw. Attention.
– Tiger: these are the Tigers we know. They’re not strong, but they die hard.
– Lion: the same as Tiger. It’s no different except for the shape.
– Rat: rats that explode when they come to you. I’d say it makes sense to do it from afar.
– Centaur: they’re too fast. Normals and again skeletal versions are available. Their skeletons die easier.
– Atlas: when you’re a Normal sculpture, they suddenly get mad and throw giant spheres in your hand. They’re moving slowly, but it takes time to kill.
– Discus thrower: they rise up when they’re sculpted. But they’re moving fast according to the jump.
– Cerebus: these are two-headed dogs. They’re fast, they’re acidic, they’re hot or something. They’re dangerous.
– Alligator: if you encounter this animal, which grows in wetlands, in the water, you will see that it swims extremely fast. In such cases, running away will not benefit, and shooting like crazy will again be the most logical choice.
– Flying Baby: a strange Absurd Creature. It has a form, so don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about…
Also, there are statues that shoot at you out of nowhere, which don’t rabble people. Of course, there are bosses, but I leave them to you. Exactly 4 grains (you can guess how strong they are).

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As I said, the game is a copy of Serious Sam in many ways. Puzzles that are few in the game are again in” Oh, let me pull the lever so that the door opens, and I move forward ” mode. But the game still can’t provide you with the environment in Serious Sam. The environments are not big enough and free. 2 of Serious Sam 2. I hope you remember the heads of his department. It was one of the biggest venues I’ve ever seen in a lifetime. Or the area where the meteors fell at the end of the game. This allowed us to escape the enemies when necessary. But the narrowness and restriction of venues at Will Rock prevents escape. Will Rock tried to be a Serious Sam wannabe. But he just worked, he couldn’t. It should have been a game that needed to be worked on more. If you like games like this, go and get them. If you say it’s not my style, I say run away.

Note: If you access the game files on the hard disk where you installed the game, you will see a file called blackbox there. If you open the file and run ‘launch’ in it, you will see a very good guide to the game. Here you can watch the tactics given to pass the episodes in the form of animation. I mean, I’d say I like it a lot.


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