Wildfire Review


Ambulance, police and fire department. Because these three units have very critical tasks, they operate under great responsibility. Often, they serve as bridges over the line between life and death. When they take responsibility, Everything is in their hands. So perhaps they can count as the latest professions. When these professions are moved to the game world, we are reminded how difficult they are in fact, as well as having some fun. Wildfire will give us this reminder from a firefighter’s point of view. We will try to prevent the growth of dangerous fires and counter them. From time to time, we’ll be in trouble, we’ll have to use our heads. Wildfire is a firefighting simulation.

Hold the hose tight!

Wildfire is a strategy. In various scenarios, we do the firefighting tasks assigned to us. That’s usually the case, of course, the challenges of tasks change according to scenarios. Sometimes we can put out a small fire with a small intervention, while in some cases we will face wildfires that are very difficult to control. In addition, when the wind increases in intensity and changes direction, our work will become much more difficult, and we will have to mobilize all our capabilities. Something that goes wrong or a critical burst of flame; it can cause everything, even our people, to burn, we have to be very careful.

Wildfire is not one of those strategy games where we grapple with settings and get lost in menus. We can choose our mission directly and enter the game. Besides, we don’t have to play these scenarios in order, even if we fail. If we want, we can move on to the next one and take our chances that way. But I’d say don’t go ahead until you get used to it, because it’s really hard to look here and there. Speaking of the main game screen, we’re usually in wooded areas, trying to fight fires around here. The first feature that caught my attention in wildfire, which has 3-D graphics, was that the camera could Zoom in or out in a pretty nice way. If we want, we can play from a bird’s-eye view, seeing a wider area. In order to monitor the action more closely and intervene in the events on the spot, 1. we can Zoom to an image, just like in individual games. That’s what makes wildfire interesting.

At the beginning of the scenarios, we are given information about the fire that we need to put out, and various parameters related to it are presented. For example, if a fire bounces into a settlement, then we are considered unsuccessful. We have a limited amount of money, and we need to make the best use of that money to respond to the fire. There are various fire departments, vehicles that we can produce, and various commands that we can give to them. We have a home base, the guys we create are usually out of here, and the amount we can create is limited. So we need to determine well the men and vehicles we will create based on the shape of the fire. At the fire site, we can give our men various commands. We can put out the fire directly, or dig ditches around it to prevent the fire from spreading. Of course, let’s also note that each unit that we will create has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the men are very slow during the fighting, while others end up at the scene like lightning. The tools we need to use in wildfire are also important. We can bulldoze ditches to dig them faster and more efficiently. Besides, we have a transport to get our slow men to the fire site. One of the most important vehicles is the fire fighting tanker. He can quickly respond to a fire and put it out quickly, which comes at a price. He carries a limited amount of water, and when the water in his tank runs out, he needs to refill it. We’re also building helipads, and we can provide aerial assistance.


In wildfire, our firemen sometimes don’t give a shit about us. In order to extinguish a fire, we need to give the appropriate command and specify the location of the fire by dragging. Even though we do this, they can’t detect commands, and as the fire gets bigger, they can also cause our nerves to increase. Also, moving the camera is sometimes very boring. The point is, we need to move somewhere urgently, but pulling the camera to that part is a very slow process. Getting this job done from the mini-map on the game screen may be some solution, but there is also a noticeable slowness in it, and it is annoying. Our privates sometimes get stuck in tiny objects and try to get to the crime scene by a longer road, thinking they can’t leave as a result. Or they want us to do a job and cut down the trees in front of us. And these obligations, after some time, “do you rule over me or do I rule over you?”they make us ask a question like”

Wildfire, unfortunately, also draws a mediocre image in terms of graphics. In any case, the places where the game takes place are also uniform. Usually, there are trees around to burn and hills waiting to give us a hard time. The design of the trees is not good, they stand stiff. The part I’m really disappointed about is the fire effect. In a game where we control the fire department, one of the issues that should be given the most importance should be the fire effect. Unfortunately, they look like light, they don’t add any atmosphere or tension. They just shine like light, so we go out and put it out. Obviously, we expected better in this regard. When Zoom is done, the images are clear, it doesn’t tire you out, but why not better?

Left ring of the Ashes

Wildfire paints a mediocre production image, although it appears to be original due to the subject matter it handles. If a little more work had been done on it and graphics improvements had been made, it could have been a game that could have been played. In fact, it would be perfect if a solid script structure and more abundant options were added on top of this authenticity. But as it stands, Wildfire can’t get rid of the arrows of criticism.


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