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wheel of time

Recently, there are no FPS that do not use the Unreal Engine. Instead of creating their own engines, companies of all newly released FPS games buy the license for the Unreal Engine and make up this engine a little bit and release the game. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this, it’s like they’re getting away with it. Because whichever Unreal Engine I see a game that uses, I definitely, necessarily see the air of Unreal in that game. So why is the Unreal Engine so busy?. Because it is much easier to program than others, and the resulting graphics work extremely fast. For example, so far I have not seen a game with better graphics than unreal, but despite this Unreal, 200 mmx, 32 mb ram and a 4 mb accelerator card, although the occasional small plug-in works very fast. Anyway, as you can see, the Wheel of Time is also an FPS that uses the Unreal Engine. Although it carries a slight FRP air, I can’t say that it is much different from other FPS, except for graphics and sounds. After installation, the computer automatically outputs a video statistic according to your system. For example, my result is low master detail, low sound quality, medium detail world textures, medium detail player skin textures and standard video rasulition (standard video resolution, which is 640×480). I wrote these so you could understand what’s what, maybe you could use them.

The game’s system requirements are P200, 32 mb of ram, 4 fast cd-ROMs and a 3D accelerator card. Recommended system is also PII 233 and 64 mb ram. You can actually run the game with 200 mmx and 32 mb of ram, but I don’t know where you’ll go. Because the graphics are very detailed and open areas, if you have such a system, the game officially stops. In the main menu, single player is used for single player play, multiplayer is used for internet or LAN connection, control is used for your control settings, and hardware is used for your graphics and volume settings. In the Hardware option, there is the advanced options option, which is used for Advanced settings. Credits also include an introduction to those who made the game. Make the necessary settings and start the game. The graphics of the game are very detailed. If you can reach 32-bit color depth, you may encounter excellent images. A lot of lighting effects are used and it looks very beautiful. The colors used in the environment are dark in accordance with the overall atmosphere of the game. In the game, you do not use weapons, they are replaced by spells, and the spell effects do not look bad. In the same way, the creatures are designed in great detail and give an eerie air. Even when the graphics are at the lowest level, the environment skins are very detailed compared to many other games. And the sky really affects you when you look at it, but it’s still not as perfect as Unreal. Anyway, one of Unreal’s biggest pluses on the chart was the sky design, and there’s still no sky design as beautiful as Unreal. And there are many beautiful rendered videos in between in the game. Anyway; In Wheel of time, the graphics are well above average overall and provide a very nice atmosphere. As for playability, it’s not really as good as a Quake3 or an Unreal. It’s not too difficult, so there’s no such thing as you can’t control it at all, but as I said, Don’t expect playability like Quake3 from the game. Be sure to play the training part at the beginning of the game so that you can be comfortable in the game. For playability, it can be briefly called Above Average.

And the sounds are beautiful. They complement the atmosphere of the game beautifully. The growls of creatures, the sounds of your character and the background sounds put you in the mood. For example, effects such as Thunder feel really good. When the graphics are combined with the sounds, there is a very beautiful atmosphere. The general atmosphere of the game is very dark, almost a bright place is never ignored. Among such an atmosphere, creature sounds and beautifully crafted sounds like this really scare you. Besides, the magic sounds aren’t bad. The music is in the general mood of the game, but this music is in mp3 format. I mean, he’s pushing the computer too hard. Imagine, even if you don’t do anything, it’s harder to open a window or two on the windows when you’re playing mp3. So playing music in the game will slow down the game if your machine is an average system. For this reason, turn off the music and play it so that the game speeds up. Of course, the music in mp3 format is a disadvantage, except those who are not very good at the machine, I think they will not be able to listen to the music in this way. If you want to listen a lot, you can listen to the music from the hard disk after the game (it happens before:).

In general, it is a very good game, the graphics and sounds are especially good. Already from the start of the game, you immediately enter the mood and can keep you at the beginning of the hours.If there are a few things I can count as a minus for the game (I already said above), the music is in mp3 format, the playability is a little more difficult than other games, the High system wants (although that’s all now) and the FPS’lere as always can not bring a different perspective. But if, like me, you like games with a dark atmosphere, be sure to take it. You’re dismissed.

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