What Made Knight Online So Memorable?

Knight Online

We’ll examine why Knight Online is a legend. What has changed since KO came into our lives, why this game has such an important place and how it is still so popular today will actually reveal the answers to all the questions.

Ultima Online rivals MU Online and Everquest

During the same period, the game became quite popular, competing with Ultima Online, MU Online and Everquest in an instant. In particular, world of Warcraft’s monthly membership system, which is quite expensive even for the period, has created a garden from heaven. From the online games that we consider, the culture of Cafe acting and the structure of Cafe guilds sat down at a time when the players said, “Stop, let’s try it better than the graphics,” the game soon became the center of attention.

K2network’s expansion of game servers, making it easier for everyone to connect to the game, would suddenly start the “Golden Age of Knight”. Now almost everyone is playing Knight Online, It’s hard to find a place in cafes, in Moradon, the chicks are throwing Finks. Imagine if the students who ran away from school were playing KO en masse. Many internet cafes, which opened at 9am, had now begun to lift their shutters around 8am.

Knight Online

I’m gonna blow up a Chick, man, can you help me?

Does anyone not remember the process called “Chick blasting” after the mission we received from Selith about 20 levels? 500K of money. People passed out when they said I was going from 20 to 30, just because of that. Winning the 500k to help us in the game and causing the fireworks to explode thanks to the Chick medallion, which causes the level contraction event to turn into a huge experience for everyone…

Of course, this is the most crowded period of this game. There were a lot of people around who helped each other. You couldn’t see Moradon as empty as today. Especially those who have tried to press their weapons since then+, those who burn, those who are upset, etc. the players made the game quite sweet.

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MSN Koxp and Apostle parties

I don’t know who found MSN Koxp, how he found it, but it’s probably the strangest thing discovered on Knight Online. MSN Koxp is actually a strange “bug” that causes infinite kasan elements to be derived. This situation, which emerged after 2004, could not be fixed.

By the way, setting up an Apostle party is a very charismatic business. you’ll see a lot of types that say”++++”. At the Apostle party, it was possible to squeeze both level, money and items. Almost anyone who really wanted to be 60+ in the game would be here. The only problem with this party is that if you don’t do someone wrong by mistake and take someone waiting in line, a troll Warrior may soon be pulled. They’ll break up your party, and they’ll cool you off. If you do not have Exp stones in your bag, you will have a serious Exp loss when you get up. Oh those Troll-pulling guys oh…



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