What is Valorant Error Code 61 and how to resolve it ?

Valorant characters and abilities

Valorant is an online FPS game released by Riot Games this year. He has managed to stay in the limelight for most players this year. When the game became so popular, it moved to the professional arena. The game’s tournament set a record with a total of more than 470 million views on Twitch and Korean live streaming platforms. The game is very similar to Counter Strike in terms of gameplay and League of Legends in terms of characters and abilities. The goal in the game is the same as Counter Strike. One team sets and protects the bomb, while the other team tries to defuse the bomb. The game has its bad sides as well as its good. Some of these are error codes found in the game. Some are with us, some are problems with the game. Today we will talk to you about one of these codes, valorant error code 61.

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About Valorant Error Codes

Game errors can be really annoying and significantly reduce the enjoyment of the game. Valorant also naturally has errors, but not mistakes made by the game company, such as graphics or animation that occur in the game compared to other games. These errors do not require any updates or improvements. Some of them may even be related to you. Errors are more than 50, and superficial solutions to these errors are offered to us on the official Riot Games site. But although some mistakes are presented as superficial, it becomes difficult when it is applied. Detailed solutions to error codes emerge every day. We will share the solution of the Valorant error code 61 problem in detail.

Valorant Error Code 61 cause and resolution

The solution to this mistake is up to you. The reason you got the error is because you violated community rules. These rules are as follows ;

  • Abusive or racist rhetoric.
  • Don’t troll your teammate.
  • Don’t cooperate with the opposite team.
  • Get out of the game from the line of play.
  • Using a bad player name.
  • If you violate any of these rules, the game suspends you for a certain period of time. After the suspension is over, you can return to your game. But if you repeat the same mistakes, you can get heavier penalties in the game.
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