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we love katamari

There is a lot more to be said. We Love Katamari! Actually, it wasn’t long before his first game. When the Japanese or the capons do it, people are amazed, whether they want to or not. Although they did not even think about releasing such a game yet, they had to remove the game on the basis of intense desire and intense love from people. They’ve done well. So What Is it, Katamari?

We put the Stars played by King of All Cosmos back in their place in the first game. That was our mission. And to achieve that, all we had to do was roll. The prince was circling Katamari and collecting objects around him. That was the logic, again, in short. Sharpeners, matches, garbage, which at first seemed giant; at some point it looked tiny to our eyes. Because first we collected beads of our own size, then as we grew older, the sharpeners, then the Cats, the people, then the apartments, then… …

Of course, everything doesn’t stick properly when you do it. Wherever you’re worth it, it sticks to it, and when it’s integrated with the rules of gravity, it’s hard for us to go. Our visual field was shrinking. But as we tumbled due to some graphic problems, some of the materials we collected became transparent and we could see in front of us more comfortably. In Katamari We Love, whose general logic is again the same, there are no such graphic errors.

Namco’s masterpiece, what kind of game is this? If you ask, I’ll answer,” I don’t know.” It’s really hard to tell which group he’s in. I don’t know what a bunch of balls are rolling and growing. Let’s move on to the topic of this game…

2. in the game, the prince is not alone this time. He took his cousin with him, and we’re going together. They have to go in the same direction at the same time so that there are no problems. So we have to be very good, especially when we play with our friends. The duo, which we control with an analog, is fulfilling the wishes of the public. Now the game is more difficult, more exciting. We can’t be happy when a mission is over because we know there are many more tasks waiting.

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We try to do the task within the specified time given to us. For example, he says, be 50cm in 10 minutes. And we are rolling around, saying that strength is born out of unity and performing the task. If we don’t, we have a chance to try again. It’s not really a problem. The main problem is that we can’t understand how time passes when we do these fun tasks, and the game’s duration is short.

The biggest confusion of We Love Katamari, which has very different graphics and we cannot specify the genre, is its music. It’s a game that needs to be taken even just for their music. It’s incredibly absurd, but it has so many different, beautiful music. As you can imagine, it is not possible to put it in a certain genre. I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

In we Love Katamari, which attracts attention with its different section designs and very unique, self-renewing game structure, we have many tasks such as making giant candies. We talked about that. There are also tasks such as finding campfires to help the camper. The goals are different, and so interesting. The logic is also well-adjusted. If you enter the water, the fire that will go out again blunts, even if you do not stick to the pieces quickly. So you need speed and skill.

In the game, where we can change the camera angles with L1 and R1 and bring them to angles that can allow us to see more comfortably, we can see them in the form of a bird’s eye view with R1 and Fps with L1. I wonder if we call the type of game FPS…

We Love Katamari, where unnecessary gifts such as horse, long nose, antenna are also won, although it seems very unnecessary, it is a very fun and playable game. I recommend it to everyone. We Love Katamari, which attracts us with its beautiful episode designs and gameplay, is taken even just to listen to its music…

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The absence of a similar game, the inability to understand how time passes when we play.

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