Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II Review

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II

We are soldiers of The Immortal Emperor. The universe is shrouded in chaos. Thousands of planets also suffer from thousands of beings. We not. Because we’re Space Marines. Because we have an immortal Emperor. He sees us. He hears us. He’ll protect us.

The Chaos Lords are all over the place… Demons… His powers are so great. Some can destroy planets by blinking their eyes. There are darker beings. We don’t know what these are. His powers are darker. They have corrupted thousands of lives on thousands of planets. They can tear apart the stars. We, we’re safe. We have an emperor in charge; we are Space Marines. We’re always on guard. They can’t trap us.

But someone on the inside did it. She was my best friend. That was a priest. He betrayed me. I forgave him. Yes, I have forgiven. I forgive what you did to me. And I cannot forgive the betrayal of the emperor and our people. I took his life. A traitor who works for the Lords of chaos! What was his favorite saying: Hope is the first step to disappointment. Our hope is that we don’t need. We have an emperor. He’ll look out for us. He’ll look out for us.

What Have I done? I freed one of the fucking Chaos Lords. Not on purpose like my best friend. But I did it. My decision may bring pain to our people. However, now I know the face of my enemy. I’ll find him.


How Warhammer 40,000 connected us to him. Adapted from desktop games and creating a very special fan base for him, this universe was fascinating. His magnificent subject is the mystical combination of magic and technology, the depth of the characters… But there were also some cons to the game. We could only manage 1 race, which was stealing from the duration of the game. Then we came across expansion packs. We had the Eldars, The Dark Elders, the Necrons, and the Orcs. In fact, there were conflicts between the Space Marines and their own race. The breadth of these packages, of course, connected to it for a while; despite this, the disconnections cooled a little.

And now we face the second of the legendary game. Our game is exciting, extremely fun. Of course, there are some identity problems. Is the game an action RPG or strategy? These concepts can blend together. Yet each concept is individually entertaining.

And if you want to enjoy multiplayer, you’re in the right place. But these features are somewhat limited. Only 3-on-3 or 1-on-1 matches can be held. Not much map support.

Warhammer 40,000 2 contains perhaps the only deficiency of the first game. We still only have one campaign.You’re sending the Space Marines on top of a strange race called the Orc, Eldar, and Tyranids. The difference here is that we control 4 separate Space Marine units separately. The concept of RTS has changed a little, or rather, disappeared. Yeah, we don’t have building options. What are we to do? Old Warhammers or whatever we do in Warhammer: Mark of chaos. We’ll protect the forces we have as best we can. We’ll develop the character we command, just like in RPG games. Our goals are simple: Kill The Ugly big creature, take over the building, find this artifact. I’m aware that these are all action RPG elements.

RPG elements don’t end there. As you level up, your team gets stronger, collect all the money around and throw yourself into that battle. Before I forget, get better armor and weapons.


The Campaign option doesn’t require much tactical intelligence. Of course, it is necessary to use various features: to perform a spell resembling a Slow spell to slow down a huge group of enemies, to place your soldiers in the right place and in the right way. There’s more to this game than just clicking the right mouse button. Of course, each commander you lead has different characteristics.

Just because you can control Space Marines doesn’t make you think the game is short. You can send Space Marines to 3 different planets. Each planet has different climatic conditions and characteristics, of course. There’s a flaw here. You may have to play maps on the planet over and over again. But the script and the subject matter are so good that you don’t get much of a chance to get bored.

Let’s talk a little more about the multiplayer option: you can play common games with your friend in Campaign missions. He can only invite a friend, but you can partner with him and have much more enjoyable minutes.Dawn of War 2 does not feature co-op match-making, in which you need to use Windows Live ID.

In the multiplayer option, you can use four races. Tyranids, Orcs, Eldars and, of course, Space Marines. The Tyranids can dig up the ground and travel fast from under it. They’re a surprise attack. The Eldars are defensive geniuses and have very powerful spells. Because each commander you choose has different characteristics, they affect the entire race.

The strategy process operates in three ways: activate energies, prepare defenses, and defend. Logic can be simple, but it can be exhausting to do.

Different influences

Dawn of War 2 has extremely high-quality features: let’s talk about enemy details first; you know the Warhammer tabletop figures. They were perfect-looking figures that we bought and painted at home. I decked out the collections once. As if the creatures in the game were taken from the table and moved to the computer. The sound effects are great, but the graphical special effects are not perfect. It’s satisfying, if not perfect. Orchestral music adapts to the mood of the game and almost pushes you into the game.

Can the game be recommended? Of course, it would be wrong to discuss this question. However, remember that there are some conditions: if you are looking for a pure real-time strategy, you will not find it in this game. So, are you looking for a highly dynamic, constantly evolving RPG sauce game? If that’s your goal, you’ll find it hard to do better than this game. Don’t be too impressed by the identity problem I’m talking about; if your goal is just to have fun. This game can be played with pleasure in RTS lovers. As long as the expectations are for him. As a fan of both genres, I spent hours locked on the screen. But my hours of fun are not over, and it will not end easily.

Even just the subject matter, Character Modeling and fun factor will make you connect to this game. Sound effects and music will guarantee this. Some multiplayer shortcomings and identity problems are shortcomings that can be seen in every game. As a final word, I must say that there seems to be a guarantee of pleasure in this game.


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