Virtua Tennis 3 Review

Virtua Tennis 3

After Smash Court Tennis 3, our review of the game of the previous tennis sport, it would be appropriate to put Virtua Tennis 3, which is in a competing position with each other, on the table. Virtua Tennis 3, ported from the Xbox 360 version to the PSP by Sumo Digital, seems destined to be one of the productions that convey the arcade style well.

The Virtua Tennis series has come a long way since it first began appearing on Sega’s Dreamcast console. Continuing its development, the production also took its place on different consoles over time, and Virtua Tennis 3 was quite well positioned to play on a portable platform. We enter the game with a character editor that we can consider the same as most games. We determine the appearance and physical characteristics of the character, which can be selected as male or female. After defining where we will count our home on the globe, we now begin our adventure as we try to move up the rankings, becoming the most popular among three hundred athletes. Of course, this is not so easy. First, we need to train and develop our character in tennis school or mini-games. Going to tennis school is also an ideal environment for new players to learn basic rules and movements. On the one hand, we learn, and on the other hand, we develop our character. As the name of the tennis school implies, things are a little more serious, since it also bears the name “school”. However, mini-games are just as fun in the opposite way. In this regard, using mini-games in character training will probably be a more preferred way. Because mini-games also entertain in education, while providing expertise in areas such as field Defense, Service, vole, footwork. Mini-games are in a structure that goes from easy to difficult, and they are usually locked. As always, as we progress, the locked ones become playable by opening.

Anna Kournikova

You’ve developed your character a little bit, you’ve learned a little bit about the game; now the tournaments are next. Tournaments are held in countries including Spain, China, France, England, America, Australia, Germany and Italy. It is possible to compete in tournaments alone, as well as in two-on-two with a partner. In addition, it is possible to conduct meetings in different features such as day and night, outdoor and indoor, different field and ground conditions. We receive tips and advice through e-mails from the coach. It’s also possible to read fan letters. We also receive invitations from other players to friendlies at certain periods. So it’s possible to practice sometimes. In general, the game sits at the base of the arcade. The biggest factors that provide this are tennis school, mini-games, emails, reward systems. Apart from these, it is one of the factors that increase playability with easy structures in controls. Only three keys were assigned to be able to shoot, but very different shooting styles were allowed depending on the position and reactions on the field. It’s usually easy to direct our character, controlled by an Analog lever.

The build also allows multiplayer encounters with up to 4 people via Ad-Hoc mode, but the online game is still not available. Virtua Tennis 3, which has a very high quality visual when we approach it in terms of graphics, also does a pretty good job in character and ball animation. Apart from cardboard viewers, we have no complaints in favor of graphics and sound. But after good shots, the lack of replays being controlled by the player is felt. Virtua Tennis 3 is arguably one of the best tennis games on PSP. With a smooth gameplay and fun mini-games, you won’t be able to let go for long. Especially the taste of your matches against your friends is another. It is announced to those who love the genre.

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