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vampire hunters

Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines is one of my favorite productions I’ve finished several times. As soon as he gets caught up in the bloodlines ‘ atmosphere, he can’t get rid of human influence. It’s been years, but no new Vampire Masquerade project has been heard from the Activision front, I wish another game had been made… my hope is for World of Darkness online, which CCP (Crowd Control Productions) is developing under hand, but this project remains silent. His exit is also unclear. Vampire Hunters is also an RPG game, but we control not a bloodthirsty vampire, but a bald character who hunts vampires.

Hunt begins for murder

On a cold and desolate night, no word from a skilled and experienced vampire hunter in the old shipyard, he is actually dead. There will be times when you wish it hadn’t started. The graphics are evident in the first place. The visual from circulation is behind us. Coatings, modeling, animations that are solid as if they had swallowed a stick… Many more can be added to them.

The graphics are bad, but I passed on saying the content is maybe good. After all, there are many names that throw the visual into the background, but are rich in gameplay. For example, Torchlight, one of the bombs of the last period, can be given as an example of this. Trying to blend adventure and RPG elements, Vampire Hunters is also in the cons with its gameplay mechanics and weak content. Looking at the environment a little and doing research, solving simple puzzles is not what you expect. I wish it was more challenging, but it was easy.

Although RPG elements seem a little more tangible than the adventure part, they are stuck in the air. As Bernard levels up, we can invest points and improve on basic strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence and Perception. And his abilities come naturally. According to the weapon or magic we use, the ability associated with it develops. For example, when we hit the enemy with a knife, Small Weapons increase.

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In production, we can make our fists talk and use close or far combat weapons. Weapons are included in two main groups, Light and Heavy, in a total of 4 categories. Among them are knives, axes, katanas, rows, etc.weapons. The spells are in three main groups: Fire Magic, Blood Magic and Moon Magic. Fire offensive fire spell. Blood gives us Health, Plus it allows us to steal Heal from the enemy. Moon, on the other hand, is supportive, effective in armed combat. We spend book-shaped Rune using spells. We find armor, weapons, other items we use while searching the environment and on dead enemies, or we can buy them.

The hunt ends before it starts

The combat system is not real-time, ATBS (Active Time Battle System) is turn-based, but the system is not very stable. Absurd situations can happen. During the fight, you can apply tactics that are completely offensive, defensive, etc., but they also interestingly do not help much. At the beginning of the production, fights are with single enemies, while in later stages this number increases.

The dialogues were also left barren. There are answer options, but these are few and certain answers. There is no voice-over in the dialogues and comments made by the character. Sound effects are also not enough, the music playing can sometimes adapt to the dark environment. As a result, Vampire Hunters is a generally unsuccessful production.

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