Valve Can Keep Steam Deck Fury Going


Valve seems to want to continue the “mini-computer” trend that will begin with the Steam Deck.

Greg Coomer, one of Valve’s steam Deck designers, stated that the firm “plans to continue manufacturing devices in this area.” Although Coomer wants players to make the Steam Deck the first choice, he says he would be happy to have other manufacturers in the industry.

Valve wants to pioneer a new industry with Steam Deck

Gabe Newell, in an interview about 1 month ago, said that other companies are also leading the way in entering this field and aim to achieve long-term gains with the sector they will create. Newell wants to lead a “Deck products category” led by Steam Deck.

Greg Coomer used statements in support of Newell’s plans. Coomer;

“We hope that this category will become a decidedly serious sector, creating a sector where players can choose between multiple producers. We will also continue to produce devices in this area., “he said. Words Coomer;

“We expect other companies to participate in this field. If other companies enter this sector and produce their own devices, I hope they will put a different name to their devices.”continued in the form. Valve, leading the” handheld computer ” industry, is embarking on long-term plans and wants to see other companies with him.

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