Valorant knife prices are valued a little more every day along with the exchange rate.

That’s why some knife prices in Valorant have come close to knife prices in the domestic currency.

Although valorant is a new game, there is only one reason why knife prices are so expensive. Riot Games is an American-based company and maintains its profit margin over the dollar.

For our esteemed readers, we have listed the current Valorant knife prices.

valorant knife

Valorant Knife Prices

Since the knives in valorant are sold in bundles or separately, we will not list the package price but only the separate, independent price from the package.

  • Raider collection (knife price: 1,750 VP)
  • Luxury Collection (knife price: 1750 VP)
  • Tunnel Collection (price of knife: 1750 VP)
  • Convex Collection (price of knife: 1750 VP)
  • Marauder collection (knife price: 2550 VP)
  • Aristocrat Collection (price of knife: 2550 VP)
  • Sakura collection (knife price: 2550 VP)
  • Prism Collection (knife price: 2550 VP)
  • Oni collection (knife price: 3550 VP)
  • Nebula collection (Blade price: 3550 VP)
  • Knife prices in the sublime and Noble collections are also 3,550 VP
  • Glitchpop collection (knife price: 4350 VP)
  • Dragon collection (knife price: 4950 VP)

Knives that are sold independently of these prices are also available. However, these knife prices are also quite expensive compared to normal knife prices.

The Emperor knife sold independently from this list is worth about 2550 VP. Apart from the emperor knife, let’s note in advance that there are no knives that are not subject to collection.

Valorant has about 10-odd player packs. You can get these packages at once if you want, with a grain account if you want.


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