Valorant Error Code 29 Solution

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Currently, Valorant also has a lot of problems, Error Code 43, an error occurred when connecting to the platform, as well as players facing valorant error code 29.

Valorant Error Code 29 Solution

A definitive solution for error code 29 has not yet been specified by Riot Games. However, restarting your computer, restarting Riot client, or running Valorant as an administrator may be a solution, or you can try the following method.

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1 -) you must turn off the IPv6 firewall and then perform a full repair. You can learn how to do it from the video here.

2 -) you must change the DNS settings.

  • Press Windows.
  • Write” Control Panel.”
  • Select”Network and Internet”.
  • Click “Network and Sharing Center”
  • On the left side of the incoming screen, select the” Change Adapter Settings ” option.
  • Your active connections will be here. Double-click the link you are using and select “Properties” in the incoming window.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and select “Properties” again.
  • On the incoming screen, select the ” use the following DNS server addresses option.
  • Use and as DNS.
  • If you still have a problem, we suggest you contact Riot Support. ı ı ı ı ı  ı ı ı ı  ı ı ı ı ı  ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı  ıı ı ı ı 

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