Valorant characters and abilities

Valorant Riot Game is an FPS game that has won the distinction of being the most watched game on Twitch, even in the raging beta it has released.

Today we will introduce you to Valorant characters and abilities.

It combines tactical gun games similar to CS: GO with unique character-based abilities such as Overwatch . Neither one nor the other, and that makes it such an exciting game for FPS fans.

Instead of champions, heroes, or legends, valorant’s characters are called agents. Each has its own personality and four unique abilities, including a signature and an Ultimate. Goal , response time and strategy are Valorant’s main focuses, but abilities play a significant part of the game.

Prior to valorant’s release this summer , Riot shared a description of each of the agent’s abilities. Complete list of Valorant characters and abilities.

Valorant characters and abilities


Phoenix’s star power shines in combat style, igniting the battlefield with flash and flare. Whether he returns or not, he rushes to fight on his own terms.

Valorant characters and abilities

Hot hands-throws a fireball that explodes after a delay or when it hits the ground. The fire zone damages enemies and heals you. Blaze-opens a wall of flames that prevents vision and damages anyone who passes through it. You can bend the wall while casting by holding Left Click.

Signature ability: Curveball – make a curvy flare that explodes into bright light after a short delay, temporarily blinding you by looking at it. Left click curves it to the left, right click curves it to the right.
Ultimate Ability: Run It Back – mark your current location. If you die during the duration of this ability or when the duration of this ability expires, you will be reborn in full health at the marked place.


Valorant characters and abilities

Jett’s agile and evasive fighting style allows him to take risks that no one else can. He circles around each conflict, killing enemies without even knowing what hit them. Cloudburst-casts a cloud of fog that obscures the vision on the stroke. Press and hold the ability button to bend the cloud’s trajectory during flight. Updraft-after a short wind, push yourself up.

Signature ability: Tailwind-immediately take a short distance in the direction you are moving.
Ultimate: Blade Storm-arm yourself with several deadly throwing blades that do moderate damage and kill in head strikes. Killing restores all daggers. Left click throws a single dagger. The right click throws all remaining daggers into a short-range explosion.

Valorant characters and abilities


Valorant Viper characters and abilities

The Viper uses a series of toxic chemical devices to control the battlefield and block the enemy’s vision. If the toxins don’t kill its prey, the mind games will definitely stop. Snakebite-fire a projectile that explodes into a pool of harmful acid .

Poison cloud-drop a gas emitter that you can reactivate to create a cloud of toxic smoke at the cost of fuel. The transmitter can be picked up after a short waiting period and discarded again.

Signature ability: poison screen – deploy a long gas emitter that you can reactivate to create a long poison gas wall at the expense of fuel.
Ultimate: viper pit – as long as The Viper stays inside the cloud, it emits a large toxic cloud over a wide area. Enemies within the cloud are highlighted in the Viper.


Valorant characters and abilities

Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with relentless efficiency and precision. Its special bow and incredible exploration abilities ensure you can’t hide even if you’re running. Shock Bolt-fire an explosive bolt that emits a pulse of damaged static energy upon impact. Owl Drone-use a pilot drone that can fire a dart that will reveal the enemies that have been hit.

Signature capability: Recon Bolt-fire a bolt that opens the sonar emitter. Sonar pings tag nearby enemies, causing them to appear. Destructible.
Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury – fire three deadly energy blasts speared across the entire map. Every enemy hit receives heavy damage and is marked.

Valorant characters and abilities


Valorant characters and abilities cypher

Cypher is a one-man surveillance network that tracks the enemy’s every move. No secret is not safe. No maneuvers are visible. Cypher is always watching.

Free ability: Trapwire – place a hidden tripwire between two walls. Enemies that trigger are restricted and appear for a short time. If the trap does not disappear, it will dazzle the trapped victim.
Cyber Cage – throw away the remote activation trap. Reactivate it to create a cage that slows down enemies passing through it. Look at a trap and press the “use” button to detonate, or press the “Activate” button to detonate them all.
Signature capability: Spycam-place a remote camera. After you place it, re-enable it to view the video stream. Left-click while on camera to fire a tracking dart. It fills up again when taken or killed.
Ultimate: nerve theft-uncover the locations of living allies by retrieving information from an enemy’s corpse.


Valorant characters and abilities

Brimstone’s orbital arsenal ensures his team always has the advantage. His ability to deliver services precisely and safely makes him a commander on unique ground.

Incindiary-launch an incendiary grenade that disperses a harmful field of fire.
Stim Beacon-target a nearby location to search for Stim Beacon by giving rapidfire to all nearby players.

Signature ability: Sky smoke – use your map to search for Orbital distribution smoke curtains that hide sight. Click to set locations and confirm launch.
Ultimate: Orbital Strike – Use your map to target a location and launch a destructive Orbital Strike that vibrates for high damage for a few seconds

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Valorant characters and abilities

Sage creates security for himself and his team wherever he goes. It provides a calm center to the hellish battlefield, which can revive fallen friends and subject them to powerful attacks.

Slow sphere-throws a radianite sphere that enters a decelerating area when it hits the ground. All those caught in the field slow down, ground up and make noise as they move.
Barrier Orb – build a large, solid wall. Right-click to rotate the wall before casting.

Signature ability: healing sphere – restore an ally or yourself to full health in a matter of seconds.
Ultimate: resurrection – target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them in full health.


Valorant characters and abilities

The Omen hunt in the shade. Blinding enemies, teleporting through the field, then paranoia allows enemies to fight to reveal places that might occur on the next hit.

Paranoia-send a shadow of Ethereal in a straight line, anyone it touches
Shadow Walk-dematerialize and teleport a short distance after delay.

Signature ability: dark cover – launch a hidden spiritual sphere that enters an obscure shadow sphere at its final location. It can be charged to increase the distance.
Ultimate: from the shadows – choose anywhere on the map to teleport and reform. When you arrive, appear as a shadow that will return to your original position when you are killed. When irradiation is complete, be mistaken for a short time.

Valorant characters and abilities


Valorant characters and abilities

Aftershock- equip a Fusion Charge. Fire the payload to set a slow-moving explosion through a wall. The chest inflicts heavy damage on anyone caught in the area.
Flash point- equip a blanking load. Fire the payload to set a fast-moving explosion through the wall. The expense explodes to Blind all the players who look at it.
Signature ability: fault lines – make a seismic explosion. Press and hold the fire to increase the distance. Release to start the earthquake, get all the players in the area in a line up to the area.
Rolling Thunder- equip seismic load. Shoot to send an earthquake cascading across the entire terrain in a large cone. The earthquake stuns and steals everyone who is left in it.


Valorant characters and abilities

Blast Pack-throw a Blast Pack that instantly sticks to surfaces. Reuse deployment ability to hit, damage, and move after being hit.

Paint shells – equip a cluster bomb. Firing and creating sub-ammunition damages anyone, each within their range.
Boom boat- equip Boom boat. The fire deploys the boat and causes it to move in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off the walls. The Boom boat will lock on enemies in its front cone and chase them, and when it reaches them it will explode for heavy damage.
Showstopper- prepares a rocket launcher . The fire fires a rocket, damaging a large area when it comes into contact with anything.

That’s what we know about Valorant characters and abilities, so if you have anything to add or ask, please come back to us in the comments! Valorant characters and abilities will also update our article when there is a change, stay tuned.

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