valorant weapons

Riot’s competitive five-on-five tactical game, Valorant has a variety of weapons arsenal to provide a continuous-motion, adrenaline-pumping game. In this article, we will tell you about all the weapons and charges of Valorant.

valorant weapons


Valorant All Weapons

Guns are crucial for economy tours. If your team runs out of money, buy a reliable weapon. They may not be as powerful as rifles or snipers, but they should never be underestimated.

  • Classic (given free in each round)
  • Shorty (200 Credits)
  • Frenzy (400 Credits)
  • Ghost (500 Credits)
  • Sheriff (800 Credits)

Submachine guns

Valorant All Weapons

Valorant’s machine guns have two weapon options. They do not do a ton of damage, but can provide a good alternative to more expensive rifles.

  • Stinger (1,000 Credits)
  • Spectre (1,600 Credits)


Valorant All Weapons

If you are fed up and want to change the speed, the shotgun is a good way forward. It does a good amount of damage and can even knock down single-shot targets at close range.

  • Bucky (900 Credits)
  • Judge (1,500 Credits)

Machine guns

Valorant All Weapons

Machine guns are perfect for spraying and praying. They may not be accurate, but they can easily mow down the entire team of enemies.

  • Ares (1,700 Credits)
  • Odin (3,200 Credits)


Valorant All Weapons

Rifles must be the weapons you chose in Valorant. They are relatively expensive, but the potential for a one-off head knock is worth the extra money.

  • Bulldog (2,100 Credits)
  • The Guardian (2,700 Credits)
  • Phantom (2,900 Credits)
  • Vandal (2,900 Credits)

Sniper Rifle

If you want to shape your opponents and take them out from a long distance, get a reliable sniper rifle. They do fatal damage in the right hands.

  • Marshal (1,100 Credits)
  • Operator (4,500 Credits)

That’s all the valorant weapons, we’ll keep our list up to date when new ones are added.In the comments, you can share your favorite weapon and thoughts about Valorant with us.

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