Valhalla Chronicles Review

valhalla chronicles

We got what we got? Valhalla Chronicles. If you look at the description behind the cover that your copycat uncle doesn’t know, one-on-one kopi peyst from the site, “m.S. An excellent role-playing game set in the Viking world between 800-1000 years.”Thank you, I’ve been longing for something like this.. I mean, considering that the last game I played was the Britnis Dens Bit, I can even play a minefield for 64 hours without interruption, as long as my hand is smooth.

When did I ever get what I wanted? The only part of the explanation behind the cover that can be taken seriously is that the game is set in the Viking world. The game is” isometric”, i.e. Diablo kibin, is still played as a” two-dimensional, top-looking ” if the coin has not fallen. That’s the only part I like. An Rpg is two-dimensional, brother. They gave us NeverWinter Nights, and fifteen minutes later I got up sick. I don’t like törd pörsin viuv, I really feel sick. Now some among you have wondered what the törd pörsin thing is. Let me explain, Sir. Gavurca this word. The Turkish language is” Selahattin Abi’s point of view”. Selahattin Abi is also the owner of an internet cafe that stands behind you right now and calculates the hourly rate it will put in. Now go to the place where your brother was standing.. Easy, you dropped him. Anything else, it’ll be bad. Did you pass? Now look at the screen.. That’s Selahattin’s point of view. Now run away. Selahattin Abi took three waiters with her, “this is the guy who hit me on purpose!”he comes saying. How many. Go long!

What were we saying? Second dimension, top view, etc. Whatever. So we said the only significant thing in the game. Here’s the thing: Odin, who is the Chief God of the Vikings, a kind of big boss, so one day he drops eight runes from his hand. In that part of the story, the phone rang, (Murat was asking if I had any game in the archive, I Of course, but vermiycem) I couldn’t understand exactly why he dropped it. Let’s say he slipped out of his hand when he was itching. The most remarkable feature of these rune tablets is that they have an effect that can bring about the end of the world. I’d be surprised if he was already writing Odin’s recipes, the end of the world, which the Vikings call Ragnarok, will come. Tell them to come. When Odin can forget that he is the chief God and collect tablets in one move, he decides that people should do it. Already at the beginning of the game, you are asked to choose one of four characters, one is a wonderful chick, and the others are guys with a lot of beards, typeless and oak wood. If you want to win easily in such games, you have to choose the one that looks the most wood, I remind you. Anyway, I chose the type that most resembles an oak tree from afar. That’s the point, so go collect the tablets, and sometimes solve a lot of side quests. Is it nice? Not. The game is like a big joke.

As soon as it starts, the first thing that gets your attention will be the terrible graphics. If I say it sucks, take it seriously. It’s not like that, even on the Amiga there were games that had much nicer graphics. I’ll call it character animations, there’s no such thing. “Fighting animation “can be described with the effect of chlank chlonk, which you can do much better with pots in the kitchen, while” running animation ” can be described with rustling sounds that I certainly can’t compare to anything, while your character’s movements are really Woody. I mean, the oak tree or something, he’s serious. To sum it up, the charts suck enough to make you say, “they must be joking, it can’t be that bad.” A serious Diablo wannabe is sensed in the game. Motion system, quests.. Of course it’s not. Objects such as Inventory, map are incredibly sloppy and unavailable. I spent, like, half an hour drinking the health potion (which I’m guessing is a health potion, there’s no way you can understand). Since there is no “briefing” on the controls, you have to reach the conclusion by trial and error, and I have no intention of devoting that much time to this game. Menu distribution, controls, inventory etc. it’s so bad, you wonder if the game is still in the alpha stage. No self-respecting producer releases a game in this form. Even WizardWorks won’t last, so understand.

In the later stages of the game, you can create a group and even have the opportunity to come to Istanbul (whatever the name MS bilmemkaçta) with this group, but I couldn’t be so patient. To be realistic, I played the game for an hour, which was because I had to do a 45-minute review (you know, to see if I saw something different), and I died because I couldn’t find out how to drink the health potion, and as soon as I died, I immediately removed it. I’ll recommend the same to you, and I’ll send my regards to the production company from here. Quit your job and open a Ganian dealer, you don’t know how to play games.


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