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v8 challenge

Being a racer is a sport that dates back to very old times and requires experience to the same extent. This passion, which started with carting at a very young age, is the right step to become a strict racer. The reason is very simple; the same applies to this as we develop ourselves in this game by playing a game. Starting carting at a young age, you experience many experiences in carting until you reach a certain level. Many of our racer brothers, who we watch at rallies on the Izmir Gulf track or on television, are people who have experienced this pleasure at a very young age.

In fact, car racing is a topic that many of us follow fondly. There are many different types of car racing. For example, F1, Nascar, Carting. Now the game I will introduce you to is about V8 in these genres.

Burst exhaust sound

In V8, we all have the kind of engines to keep our mouths open. The cars we normally use in our daily lives come across with a little more makeup. So we’re talking modified cars. In these cars, the strength of the car’s engine is more important than the appearance. Even if it is a virtual environment in the game, you can feel the power of the engine. If you also want to throw yourself into this atmosphere, my advice would be to play racing games with a vibrating steering wheel.

In V8, you race as a team. Just like in F1. In V8 racing, we are very familiar with the teams Holden Racing Team, Ozemail Racing, Castrol Perkins Racing and Big Kev Racer. The races are Bathurst, Sandown, Adelaide, Queensland, Melbourne, where V8 races are held.

What are these V8 engines like?

As I said before, the game is a V8 team racing game. V8 to give you an example in terms of similarity, I can say that the game has an atmosphere exactly like Nascar. You’ve been spinning around the runway for hours. Sometimes your car gets out of control, causing you to finish the race with a bad rating. Because the control of your car is not the same as in Nascar cars. Actually, there’s not much difference between Nascar racing and V8 racing. In both of them, you walk the same runway for hours like crazy.

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In the game, you can make any adjustments to your car. In this way, you can create a smooth race according to the track you will race. In the settings you make in the game, you will also have the opportunity to change the weather conditions. You have to be very careful when driving in rainy weather. Because the smallest mistake you make is very likely to damage your car. Although, no matter how much the same situation is involved in the races you do in sunny weather, you are still very careful in rainy weather.

How much do you trust yourself?

V8 also comes up with two options in Championship mode. One is for you to compete with V8 cars and the other is for you to compete with V8 powered pick ups. In addition, you can also play with Single and Multiplayer modes.

I have good news for those who want to design their own race cars. With the Skins program developed by the game’s makers, you can design your own car as you wish. You can put ads on your car or even write your own name. After all this, all you have to do is put the file you have prepared under the V8’s folder. Let’s even briefly describe the operations. First save your prepared skin in 24bit Tga format and then paste it under the C:/ Program Files/Ea Sports/V8 Challenge/Textures folder.This skin program is available from Electronic Arts ‘ website.

Winner Mk Team

Who knows, maybe you can join the races as the Mk team and hear the title above as an announcement. Anyway, if we say the last words without breaking away from the topic, the game is a beautiful production that was prepared for V8 fans. I don’t recommend it for those who have nothing to do with car racing. But if you like the type of racing in computer games, I recommend the V8 challenge. It’s worth taking your place among your racing games in your archive.

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