Urban Chaos: Riot Response Review

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

When many game lovers heard the name Urban Chaos, they thought of the work in which we directed a female police officer named Stern, which came out years ago. But Urban Chaos: Riot Response, which changed its name three times during the construction phase and became its final form, is completely different from the old Urban chaos we are talking about. Returning from military service, Nick Mason finds the city where he lives in a state of chaos. Responsible for this chaos are masked street punks who are very eager to burn down and call themselves “the Burners”. When the cops are weak against these gangs of street punks, a team called T-Zero is formed by the state. “Zero-Tolerance “means zero tolerance. As the name suggests, we begin Urban Choas as a new member of the T-Zero team, which has no tolerance for gangs.

Let the adventure begin

Urban Chaos consists of about 15 episodes, with hidden episodes that you open as you play. The tasks we take in departments are quite simple in general terms. It’s made up of familiar things like killing as many vagrants as you can, capturing the ringleaders alive to interrogate them, and rescuing hostages. While doing these tasks that seem quite classic, the artwork offers you another fun. In addition to your main tasks in each episode, you also have special tasks that, if you do, offer you a number of extras, such as a bonus episode, developing your weapons, and new weapons. These are usually based on killing your opponents by shooting them in the head or neutralizing them with electroshock before they can use a weapon. In addition, finding hidden gang masks and similar items contained in the episode is also part of your special missions. It’s up to you to kill or not kill the ringleaders you encounter. But when you don’t kill, you can earn the extras I mentioned above. This extra Unlock feature in Urban Choas successfully increases the playability of the artifact again.

Looking at the graphics of the game, I’d say it’s generally satisfactory. Although not enough to push the boundaries of the PS2 as much as Black, it’s well-made to keep you cool from itself. After seeing the next generation of console graphics that are getting more and more excellent every day, you may be a little surprised, but despite all this, Urban Chaos has a graphical performance that is well above the average, especially the face modeling of the characters.

No tolerance!

As a T-Zero team, you will be able to use many weapons that we are familiar with from most FPS games, including pistols, machine guns and pump guns. Because you’re even trained soldiers? I don’t know, but you can even use the lines or chainsaws you can get from your enemies. Although, assuming that humanity is not dead, I don’t think you will use such weapons. Of all we have, the police shield is undoubtedly the most useful. But if you don’t find such a strong and strong police shield in normal life. Not only does it not pass the bullet of almost any weapon countless times, it is durable enough to protect you even from blue flames leaking from gas pipes in a few places. So he can almost send a nuclear missile back as it came. I guess the producers will be ashamed of us, which they put down a few disadvantages. In hostage rescue situations, your shield will be very prominent. As we approach our tramp, who threatens you with a gun pointed at the hostage’s head, opens our shield and slowly keeps the distance between them, our tramp panics and empties the entire clip into our shield. And we can use the deficit when our opponent changes the clip and Save Our hostage.

As you can all imagine, our shield is only doing its duty against incoming bullets. In other words, your right and left are entrusted to Allah. I can also say that you are indifferent to Molotov cocktails that fall under your feet. If such cases occur, your right to Mercy is granted and you can continue through the registration points we call the nearest “Checkpoint”. Of course, if you don’t die and survive, then the paramedics, controlled by artificial intelligence, come into play. These ladies can give you shots that increase your life.


These needles are the only way to heal yourself in Urban chaos. The beauty of it is that these needles are found in a limited number of paramedics. In this case, I recommend that you spend carefully. Apart from paramedics, police officers and firefighters will be eager to help you. But in some cases, very dear police officers throw themselves between you and the enemy, saying, “Brother, don’t shoot him, shoot me!”they can live in situations. You can give these officers various commands. Police officers can open cover fire and follow you, while firefighters can break through locked doors, put out fires and clear your way. In fact, our firefighters are so thoughtful that they can even give you a gas mask in some cases. As you continue to open our way and kill idiots, at some point you will realize that you have stopped using many weapons and started using the shield and pistol duo. After you get used to this combination, as you continue your path almost immortally, something goes wrong, but if you start again from the registration point, another deficiency will catch your eye. Every time your enemies are born in the same places, they will make the same movements and give you the same reactions. If it wasn’t for opening the extras at the end, because of the artificial intelligence that repeats itself, replay playability could creep in places. So you won’t be hanging out in an episode. Once you are already used to using a pistol, they will not pose serious problems, as you will shoot your opponent in the head in one of your two shots. At some point, the game turns into a go-in, kill anyone who comes across it, and go-out situation. Dozens of enemies will appear, but most of them are close-range weapons, words of love for your family! they’ll run at you by saying it. And you will be patient, showing great virtue, and you saw that a friend came to you sincere and close. “Brother, what’s up?”you’re just going to put a third hole in the middle of both eyes,” he said. In this case, the slow motion feature will activate and make you watch your opponent reach two eighty places.


Judging by the sounds of Urban chaos, I can tell that it was quite successful. Both the curses that your enemies count, and the sounds of the weapons in your hand, especially the chainsaw (don’t be afraid, I’m not mentally ill), manage to positively increase the atmosphere. My favorite part about the sound is that it’s the track that plays on the menu. Urban Chaos greets you with a successful piece that changes the mood of the work and literally brings you to the gas. News bulletins that we watch between episodes help you feel better about the chaos in the city.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response is one of the beautiful FPS works on the market on the PS2, which has experienced its last time. Fast and fun gameplay combined with original ideas such as shield use and hostage rescue situations; combined with mediocre graphics, a good game has emerged where you can have a pleasant time. Consoles played FPS those who say absolutely should not miss.


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