Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Review

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

About 7 years ago, Quake 2, one of the most important examples of the FPS genre, confused the entire game market, 3dfx accelerator graphics cards trying to discover the capabilities of a new and Quake 2’den a better FPS when we could not think of Epic Mega Games, until then the name of the unheard of game company was considered a kind of hydrogen bomb Unreal had turned the market upside down. Both graphically, it was better in Quake 2 in many ways, and it also announced to the world the name of the Unreal Engine, whose technical infrastructure is extremely strong and will be the new technical engine of games for many years. The graphics engine, which aimed to get good images for players without 3-D accelerators, was revolutionary. In addition to all this, the superior ability offered by artificial intelligence has brought down a king from the throne and made the word Unreal an honorific.

Multiplayer-themed FPS era

Focused on a single-player game, scenario-based FPS’s were replaced by FPS’s that support multiplayer modes, especially when the first step came from ID and surprised many fans by releasing a sequel game focused only on multiplayer mode, Quake 3. It was certainly an undeniable fact that the game had the best graphics engine developed up to that time. The best example of this can be understood from the fact that it offers technical infrastructure to the countless games released in the said period. It hasn’t been a long time since Epic Mega games ‘ response has been big again. A game called Unreal Tournament (UT), just like Quake 3, was released that only supports multiplayer modes, and according to some, it folded Quake 3 in many ways, sending it to the grave. In fact, contrary to exaggeration, although UT seemed technically superior to Quake 3, Quake 3’s engine, which could run easily and smoothly on almost any system, became the main engine of the game in such a large number that we could not count its name. In short, when comparing the two engines; “does it offer a quality image? Or adopting system compatibility?”it was happening at the forefront, it was changing for every player.

Technology advances, 2 years ago, impossible to get video cards as standard in our computers began to appear, the value of the UT engine increased even more. Because every year, the engine, which was developed and criticized for wanting a high system in time, could now be played very comfortably even on standard computers thanks to the developing technology. As such, Unreal Tournament 2004, one of the most successful examples of multi-player FPS games in almost every way, ranked among the top games of the market.

How are the consoles?

Consoles that have always been thrown aside in the history of tiny FPS, which I have described so far, have experienced vicious periods in the genre of FPS. Although a very, very small part of the FPS produced for consoles is successful and playable, perhaps everything has changed with the release of Halo on Xbox, One of the favorite consoles of the recent era. “FPS is not played with Game-pad!”HALO, which crumpled its logic and threw it in the trash, became a pioneer in many games that would come after itself, and for about 3 years, really successful FPS games began to appear on consoles.

If we combine these two issues that I’m talking about now in one point, the consoles had only one request; an increase in multiplayer-supported FPS. Of course, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it was not possible to mention multiplayer supported FPS and skip Unreal, and it was not long ago that Epic Mega Games, along with Digital Extremes, said hello to the console world with the first Xbox Games Unreal Championship (UC) in 2002. Of course, the biggest feature of UC, which Atari published, was that it was based on a multiplayer mode and combined a fancy game with excellent graphics with fast action. Especially Xbox Live!with its powerful online system, it was played all together by countless players.

Reboot with epic Mega Games

About 3 years have passed, and in this period, the games that came out, especially HALO 2 FPS, when the multiplayer mode was one of the most robust productions, as in the fate of many games, UC’de gradually began to be thrown aside. Despite its technical structure, game engine and rich modes, it was left behind by HALO 2 with graphics and modeling that gradually began to fade. Epic Mega Games was determined to set the bar higher this time, taking action without keeping fans waiting too long. They will offer a solid game structure as FPS, and they will increase the graphics by another level. In order to increase the game’s standards one more step in terms of action, they made perhaps the right decision and agreed to publish the game with Midway instead of Atari, where they had previously worked. To be clear, this decision changed the entire characteristic structure of the game, bringing the successful game closer to perfection in one word.

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If Midway is among the names that work in a game, it means that the game is at the highest level both in terms of action and in terms of bloody scenes. That’s UC 2’s biggest difference from the first game. More action and more blood…

Scenario mode

Although Unreal Championship 2 is a game for multiplayer modes, it has a scenario mode decorated with beautiful videos that can be played for single players. First, everyone must play this scenario mode, which teaches controls in about 3 tasks. Because these are the parts where we can best understand the beautiful pros added to the game. And the progress of the episodes is just like in Quake 3. First, we fight frag (number of kills) on maps against one or two people. After each successful round, we activate the next section. In this way, we always fight against smarter enemies on maps that get harder to open the next chapter. The best part is that we watch a video between almost every episode. The videos, each of which is beautifully crafted, make us feel that we are moving forward on a certain scenario.

Now, slowly speaking of gameplay, some features attract attention. For example, although the game is FPS, we use melee weapons, 3. the person allows us to switch to the camera. In fact, it is important that it allows us to make extremely acrobatic attacks on our opponent and, most interestingly, to make finishing combos. Reworked versions of the typical weapons we’re used to using in all Unreal games are available in our game. Each has secondary attack modes, except for normal shooting.

A completely different Unreal with a melee system

Let’s immediately begin to explain the melee system, which is the most important feature of UC 2. In UC 2, each character finds a spear, sword and similar melee weapon as standard. We use them if we want to, when we want to practice melee, or when we run out of bullets. Of course, melee is revolutionary in this type of game and fundamentally changes playability. In this melee mode, where we sometimes pass according to the game structure of your opponent, we become extremely deadly if we use our special powers correctly. As we move into melee, the camera switches to tertiary view and the game turns into action mode with its full meaning. Here, he can use typical attack and defense modes, while the finishing combo strikes that immediately prove that Midway’s work has passed during his construction are noteworthy. You didn’t read it wrong! In an Unreal game, when you fight your enemy, you make your final shot with combos, deadly finishing shots, just like in Mortal Kombat games. A detail that is not overlooked, in which it radically changes the game and adds a different taste.

Unreal Championship 2’s controls are, of course, one of the most curious elements of all Xbox users. Comfortable to use? Can we control character? Can we easily apply combos? It’s normal for questions like this to occur in the players ‘ minds. There’s only one answer to all of this: “Yes!”. First, if we start with a typical FPS control, everything happens just like in HALO. Just as we control our character very comfortably with Analog arms, we can easily perform extremely fast and rapid movements. The fact that we can change the controls from the Settings section to the smallest detail increases this success again. A double jump technique allows us to make more rapid movements, and if we press the right analog button, we lock our opponent. But this lockdown does not allow us to shoot 100% hits, but rather move into tertiary mode and make a sudden attack on our opponent. If our opponent’s power is about to run out, we lock him up and suddenly fly next to him and stand in front of him, then we can hit a combo. Especially in the exercise section, this part is described in detail, just like in the fatality system in Mortal Kombat type games, we apply a finishing movement by entering a certain key combination in a serial format. Believe me, this system offers many times more mobile gameplay than normal FPS games based on multiplayer.

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Everything’s fine so far, but how’s the visual?

I certainly have to admit that recently, we have been releasing games with high-quality graphics that will surprise even Xbox users for years. Along with high-graphics games such as Doom 3, Jade Empire and, of course, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, it is possible to put UC2 in the same category. The charts are extremely successful. All visual effects are exaggerated when it comes to the place, and when it comes to the player’s magic is carried to the screen. As the blood level is greatly increased with the effect of Midway, the explosion effects, weapon effects and character animations are very successful. And the map designs are really surprisingly beautiful. If you remember, HALO 2 was the most prominent in this regard at the last E3 fair, that is, map designs in multiplayer mode. UC2, on the other hand, raises the bar another step. As with Quake 3, the maps, which grow and become complex as divisions pass, have a full battlefield and sudden exits, hiding points and hunting waiting points with a rifle with binoculars during the Battle of 3-man teams.

In short, UC2’s vocalizations and the sound effects of weapons in typical Unreal games are extremely successful. The best detail is Mortal Kombat sounds that we are not used to hearing in such a game. In other words, both during combos and finishing strokes and in other parts of the game, this gassing, full male voice adds a different air to the game.


Multiplayer mode after playing and finishing UC2’s single-player scenario mode, which is basically prepared, of course, the most important feature, that is, multiplayer mode, makes sense when you play with your friends, not with bots. First, it is necessary to note that there is a split screen feature on the same console (that is, the screen is played by dividing). Although it is the most vicious mode for UC2, it is a genre that can be played with the most limited resources. In addition, connecting different Xboxes with LAN can make really nice matches with the system. The mode that goes one step beyond this system, which will be more specific to cafes that play Xbox, is undoubtedly Xbox Live!. Xbox Live! thanks to its system, you can fight countless Unreal players around the world and make matches in teams.

As a result, Unreal Championship 2 is more than replacing the multiplayer-based productions that are most obvious on the Xbox. Everything from graphics to sounds, map designs to technical infrastructure and countless multiplayer modes is offered to the players ‘ advantage. In addition to all this, a single-player scenario mode decorated with beautiful videos is added, which makes the game taste inedible. I’m happy to have to repeat the phrase I’ve often said recently, and I strongly recommend that you take this game if you own an Xbox.


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