UEFA EURO 2008 Review

uefa euro 2008

EA Sports, as it is known, is the Department of Electronic Arts that deals with sports games. But I’ve had some doubts about this department for the last few years. FIFA 2008 may be a little better than the old one on next-generation consoles, but as those who play the PC version know, it was a game that was almost no different from 2007. That’s exactly why I think EA Sports ‘ PC division employees, EA officials, saying We’re making a new game to sleep, and then when the release date comes, they release the game’s menus and database after updating. Of course, there’s another scary theory here, and that’S that EA officials are involved. Game discs, which we receive every year with hope, unfortunately cannot suffer any other fate than to take their place on dusty shelves at the end of a gameplay period that does not last even half an hour. Now, there may be some among you who ask why I’m taking so long. I also warn in advance that they will read the article in answer to this question “Do not play this game“ why?

Be a Pro

I don’t know how much effort has been put into this production, but it is an undeniable fact that it is definitely and definitely a failed game. The best and only plus of the production is the“ Be A Pro ” mode. Be a pro (BAP), those who have played FIFA 2008 know. A mode famous for allowing you to play by selecting a player from a team, unrelated to its name. At EURO 2008, when you select BAP, which was changed, and start, you create your own player, if you want, you take a Ready Player and captain your national team. If you say what this captaincy job does, you have nothing but the tape on your arm. You know, if you say that I will separate two players who enter each other, No, sir, I will argue with the referee or something like that, you will not find it here. But by running into empty spaces, you can perform actions such as asking for a pass. Also, if you can withstand the game, I don’t think it will be much of a plus for you, except to finish the tournament at a record goal level with 4-5 goals that you will score each match. The main pleasure of this mode is only and only if you play in the position of the player we call number 10 or with the defender. I tried every position, I didn’t get the pleasure I got when I was in the offensive midfield position that allowed me to be the king of assists, with assists from any of them.

In addition, the game has a tournament mode and a Quick Match that allows you to make a quick match. There is also another mode, and in this you are trying to be the best national team in Europe by performing the tasks you are given. These tasks are also goals such as penalties and free throws. He’ll be fine for a while, if not for a long time. But after a while, you will also look for the “Quit “ option in your hand, as the boring of the game will shake you.

The rest of you

Let’s continue with the graphics of Euro 2008 that are not pleasant to the eye. Wherever you saw a picture of the game before it was released, what you saw has nothing to do with the next-generation graphics and PC version, which have been re-adapted for the next-generation consoles. I mean, we were kind of fooled. As soon as you enter the game, you will be disappointed, as I am, when you see that nothing changes, no matter how much you increase the graphics details, no matter how much you increase the resolution. All of a sudden, in 2001, FIFA 2001 was just released, and I felt like I was playing it.

A box-like stadium, a Yesil playing field designed in green marble and a replica of each other made out of cardboard. OK, I do not say that 90 thousand people prepare for a stadium of 90 thousand people, but at least put the same audience in front of us with 2 rows of decks. The appearance of the players is much more successful than other details. Again, they are certainly not comparable to the next generation of consoles. Also, this time, the coaches were transferred to the game one-on-one with their faces. But I think there’s a problem with their body structure. Footballers really look like themselves, but those blank looks in their eyes are still the same.

If I want to sum up the atmosphere of EURO 2008, I think a sentence like this would be enough. In this game you will find nothing under the name atmosphere. No, I’m not cruel, but it really sucks the sounds and atmosphere of the game. It’s impossible for the atmosphere of a game that already sucks sounds to be good. Especially if it’s a football game. During matches, you will hear constant ear-scratching, vague chants of what happened, and the sound of “Tok“ coming out when the ball is hit. Also, when you score an empty goal, there is an announcer who says, “I’ve never seen a goal like this, “ and a commentator who I call his Slope. They both deserve the reward for not being able to add anything to the game with their festive commentary and storytelling. The production fails in both of these matters. Although the game is completely failing.

Before I talk about the ugliness of the controls, let me mention the New freikik system that EA has added to the game, and I think it has no purpose. If you are playing this game with a Gamepad with analog sticks, you can throw a frekik with the right side of the sticks. With the left analog or direction keys, you determine the direction you are going to throw, and with the right analog, you first pull back and let your player run to the ball, and then when you approach the ball, you hit the analog by pushing it forward. It doesn’t seem like a very useful system to me, but I don’t know, there may be people who like it. Apart from that, EA kept the controls exactly the same as the previous game. But when you start EURO 2008, you will notice that the game has synchronous problems with controls. I think the reason for this is that the players make every move with an animation. In other words, when you press the key to pass, you can’t give up that move or make another move quickly until the player throws the pass. Your player will finish the animation, and then you will be able to make another move if the ball is still in your possession. In the same way, we can’t watch any tackles on head balls because we’re unlikely to move. When the ball comes to you, you have no choice but to crash into your place and wait to see which player will get lucky. Speaking of animation, since the variety used in foul positions is not used in goals, you will want to fall on the Keys after each goal and start the game again. I think it could have been better if the joys of goals were a little more varied, since after a while every game you scored 10 goals. Every player has one goal joy, and considering that there is a total of 7-8 goals joy, as you can see, when we put the math into it, I’m right.

Quit? Yes Yes Yes

When I looked at EURO 2008, I saw that there was nothing tangible except Be a Pro. It looks as if 4-5 months have been spent and prepared and released. If I say this is perhaps the worst game EA Sports has released in recent times, you know what I mean. I think EA Sports should now realize that these series have tarnished its name and put an end to all sports series, and I’m walking away fast.

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