UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 Review

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

The Champions League is a great tournament played by the only champions I have watched over years of enjoyable matches. For many years, I have not watched matches, I have not seen goals in the Champions League. I’ve witnessed some pretty interesting moments. Personally, matches in the UEFA Cup don’t affect me as much as the Champions League. Bayern Munich’un last minute ate 2 goals to be from the championship, Valencia in a row to play the final, but the cup decimated, returning to the derby of a break Barcelona-Chelsea matches, etc… I can count more. Of course, the matches of our own teams become more separate and exciting. I already watch them in a very, very separate way and keep them in a separate category. After all, EA Games did not miss such an important tournament and made the game. He had done it before, now re-released it as 2006-2007.

Those who play FIFA know, personally I’ve never seen as good as FIFA 99. In fact, the series has been going uphill for me for years. But the last FIFA games were starting to save the situation. EA will have realized that it wasn’t all graphics, so it made changes to the mechanics of the gameplay and was successful. Let’S move on to the UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 game.

Arena of Champions

In fact, the Champions League game will not be too alien to those who play FIFA 07. Even exaggerating a little more, the game was like a great mode of FIFA 07. Because in general, the entire configuration was the same as 07. But of course there are differences between them. Let’s move on to the gameplay style and important points. In fact, there are not many drastic changes in the gameplay, but there are still some distinctive considerations. At the beginning of these, the shots in the game are a little more realistic. He can’t hold the castle straight like he used to. In fact, your chances of kidnapping are a little higher. Ball control was again successfully executed. A good point in UEFA is that the pleasantness and softness of the animations continue. Let it be the plays that players throw, let it be the animations that occur when the shot is taken; they are extremely well fed into the game.

One of the other beauties in the making is the difficulty of artificial intelligence and plus the positions formed within the game. As soon as artificial intelligence sees the gap, it can come to us faster and faster. He’s been more accurate in the middle of what he’s done, so they can have a chance to score. In short, artificial intelligence will satisfy you. I noted the wealth of positions in the game. Yes, there are more positions at UEFA. Also, to me, it came faster than PES 6. In this way, fast and enjoyable matches can occur. That’s one of the good parts of the game.

Treble difference

After passing the game dynamics, let’s go to Treble mode, where we will be together. Treble is actually the Career Mode in the game. After selecting this mode, you first determine the difficulty level. Right after that, you make a deal with sponsors. In short, you determine the bonus you will receive according to your achievements. We have to pick a team from Germany, France, England, Spain and Italy. Because the teams of other countries are not selected, but the leagues and teams of many countries, including the Turkish league, exist in the game. They can come up against you as competitors.

There is also a character creation screen. From here, we can determine what type we will be. But the options are limited. The Treble part is the main place of the game. So part of your career as a Singleplayer is hidden here. But when we’re in Treble, we can’t throw the javelin the way we want. We have certain boundaries and conditions. Sometimes the president of the club asks us to play a few players, to play another player. Sometimes such requests are made before such important matches that they can be found really absurd. Personally, it’s not that in some places I didn’t feel like “give up, that’s bullshit.” At treble, sometimes we can be asked to sell midfielders, defenders, strikers. They can be asked for new men to replace them. When we fulfill these requests, we earn certain points. These points are used to open the extras in the game. Again, in the same way, we score goals in matches, differences, etc…. we earn extra points. We’re not necessarily limited to the points given by one of Treble’s missions.

Apart from Treble, it features Ultimate Challenge Mode. In the Ultimate challenge, which seems a little fun, we need to do certain things. Don’t play this or play this like in treble. But instead, we are involved in any match and doing what is asked to be done within the script. For example, 85 minutes and we are a team that was beaten 1-0. All we have to do is find a goal in the last minutes and finish the match in a draw. It can even be a miracle to win by finding two goals. We’re usually involved in important minutes in games. Actually, it’s fun to play in such interesting scenarios at first. But over time it starts to bore me, personally after a while it started to faint me. But in terms of its content, it can attract attention.
As other game modes, we have the opportunity to play Multiplayer. We can also work in Practice mode. Actually, it can be good to look at the practice part once or twice and play. At least free throws can be improved by direct scoring, corner tactics or something like that. My advice is to try it a little practical.

Figuring Technical Supply

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 is actually not much different from FIFA 07. But the parts shown after the goal or at important moments seemed to me to be a little dark. There used to be brilliant players and ball in the FIFA series. EA, which has fixed it for the last few games, continues the same in UEFA. No bright parts, it provides more realism. The game can be considered quite aesthetic and pleasant in terms of graphics as a basis. After all, I liked the animations and their images. But he couldn’t figure out the audience.

The game is good again about sounds. Whether it’s the announcer’s narration, the commentator’s voice, the audience’s voices, it’s great. Successful EA Games in this regard again. The selected music was again compatible with the game. There’s even DJ Dolphin relying on music tracks in UEFA.

With the UEFA Champions League video from the first minute, it really puts you in the atmosphere of the Champions League. Overall, the game was average. It’s not super, but it’s undeniable that it’s sleazy. After all, it was the Official Game of the Champions League and visually aesthetic. Buy and play will definitely give you enjoyable minutes.


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