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Do game makers agree between them? Or do their instincts make them behave like this? frankly, I don’t know. But these guys have a certain harvest time. Last year, there was an abundance of Autumn. F.E.A.R, Call Of Duty 2, Age Of Empires 3, etc… a much-anticipated production came out in a row, followed by a period of silence. This part took a long time, we waited a few months. The occasional cookie game couldn’t even wet our lips, let alone our thirst. We couldn’t forget that the expected Productions came out and tasted good. Here we go from drought to fertile time again. The yield rain, which began in late February, continues to persist. The opening of Empire at War, The Call Of Cthulhu, which has kept us waiting for years, The Godfather, etc… and then he came back. Lara’s latest game, which is still brought with its renewed image and more attractive, will continue the atmosphere, a fruitful period of breakdown and tension-laden Condemned. These are productions that are wanted by known game lovers. A few more games came out, interspersed with surprises. One of them in particular was the Übersoldier I had been waiting for for a long time. Among these beautiful games, did he really surprise you?

No Escape

Our game was first heard as the East Front. After that, the producers changed their name to ÜberSoldier. A group of soldiers for Karl Stolz are advancing in the forest with their vehicles. Whatever happens happens at that time, they get attacked. Karl’s Jeep crashes into a tree. Our character wakes up, gets out of the vehicle half unconscious and injured, at which time the Jeep explodes. But Karl, who is seriously injured, faints at the scene. After that, German scientists find our character. They understand we’re alive, and they want to try us on the Super Soldier project. They insert Karl into a mass of Energy whose first image resembles Star Gate, and now our character has superior powers. But he uses his powers to destroy the treacherous German war plans, defying his creators.

The word Über means super in German. That’s why the producer company changed the name East Front to ÜberSoldier. German and English have chosen a Crimean name. Burut had previously advertised with Kreed and had failed. Stupid AI, flaws in gameplay, some flaws in graphics, etc… and their first game was a rumble. He said We were in the market this time, and they announced Übersoldier. At first, I looked at the project upside down, and frankly, I doubted the producers when I even did a preliminary review. Occasional news, producer promises, etc… Burut completed the game and released it in agreement with CDV.

ÜberSoldier is originally a pure action game, all you have to do is hit what’s in front of you and do the tasks. Frankly, the game reminds me of Wolfenstein. Directives are usually the kind we know; go open the valve, deal with this, blow this place, go to field defense, etc… events that we will not be strangers to. The game gives us these as a beautiful pure action. We’re almost scanning enemies from many directions with a machine gun. We’re doing what needs to be done behind his back. It’s not wrong, there are enemies coming from many directions, and we are constantly in conflict. This event can actually be beautifully given to the player, but sometimes it doesn’t bore. Constantly kill, destroy everything Logic brings the player to the point of fainting. But when you sit at the machine and get caught up in the action, it can waste a good time.

If it’s not Havok, then what is it?

Burut said Kreed had physics, but it didn’t go beyond breaking a piece or two of things. In their interviews, they said that this would not happen in Übersoldier. As a matter of fact, the men kept their promises and did a good job. You can interact with the surrounding items. You can play with barrels located on a wooden pier, or throw an explosive barrel on the pier into the water. We have a beautiful and interactive physics engine. The interaction provides the conditions for us to do alternative killing tactics. For example, you are upstairs and there is a group of soldiers below you. You can drop the explosive barrel you have on them and detonate it on them. In this way, you commit a mass murder, get rid of your opponents. The death of your enemies has had its share of physicalization. They don’t just fall to the ground like a sack of flour and die. When you shoot a man on the top floor of a building, his body falls down, not staying there. Also, as the body falls down, its belongings are scattered around the perimeter. The helmet of the dead enemy soldier does not remain attached to his head, it is thrown elsewhere. Frankly, I really like the physicalization. Although it may not be as interactive as Half Life 2, Russian programmers have done a good job.

Burut already had a graphics engine from Kreed. They took this engine and improved it. I came up with a conclusion when I was playing a demo of the game. The veneers looked pretty good in some places, and quite novice in some places. It was as if sections had been made by two separate people. In the full version, unfortunately, this event continues. Some of the surrounding areas are plastic, some parts are quite detailed. Burut is obviously trying to do something. Modeling is generally pleasing to the eye, there are not many cons in the middle. It’s not like they’re going to undermine all the graphics. The lighting and shading grin a bit, there’s this event even if it’s not much. Some of the shading looked like a black pencil hand drawing. The lighting, on the other hand, remains a little strange. Although there was no light source, it was as if a light bulb was lit, in some sections there was brightness on top of the items. Obviously, they put such lighting and brightness between them to be impressive. We can say that this has been a little bit of work removing the nuts. I mean, it was a bad practice to make it look beautiful. Apart from that, the explosions and flame effects are pretty nice. But I’m looking at some water, as if it’s not water, it’s a mirror. OK, the reflection happens, but it becomes shaky and a little trapezoidal. In über, water officially reveals reflections like a solid substance, without any tremors. Although it is rare on the charts, sometimes items can get into each other, but this does not become uncomfortable. There is a general case regarding the game’s graphics engine. The engine used is heavy, so deceleration can also take a long time. Although the graphics are good in general, obviously these long loading sessions are boring.

Another Day

The sounds are vigorously reflected, but there are some errors in the effects and vocalizations. Sometimes the sound of a gun can jam. The gunshots were caused by a minor program error. All of them were made separately, not always the same sound. Although the firm did a good job here, it screwed up a little in the voice-overs. The German soldiers all speak English, and they all have the same voice. It’s always the same word they say, “Robot.” A few more words are floating out of their mouths, that’s all. I would expect them to speak German, have a few different voices and sentences. The voices of our own character and the main people in the game are well made. In cinematography prepared with an in-game graphics engine, the vocalizations can be considered good. People who speak English with a Russian accent in Kreed briefly no longer exist. The music is not bad, the first introduction to the game has a gas track in the style of rock. Other pieces of music that are left out of this are not bad. In the back, they play without disturbing, without scratching their ears.

Our enemies are not smart, they remain extremely stupid. For example, they take cover and shoot at me, Okay, good, good. But when I get to them, they stop shooting. What did I get out of this, again, I hid behind an interesting example wall to escape the enemies. My opponent, who is looking for me, is circling the bent wall to escape my fire. He can’t see me even though he’s in front of me. Do not expect help from the enemies. Despite their stupidity, they can make you a good button. The only reason they’re doing this is because they’re outnumbered. I mentioned from the beginning, ÜberSoldier is a game with pure action, so there are a lot of competitors. Pleasant producers, perhaps, did not care about artificial intelligence, and found this deficit by sprinkling plenty of enemies in episodes. However, I would like artificial intelligence not to be an idiot like the examples I gave. At different levels of difficulty, they are always the same, instead of their minds, only their strike strength and endurance are more important.

As would be expected from an action game, there are quite nice varieties of weapons. Most of them are 2. Acquaintances from World War II. Our friends, who appeared in many games, did not leave us alone in Übersoldier. Their modeling and images are well fictionalized, all of them are schematic. Knives, machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, etc… many of them are at our disposal. Good, good, but the only cons are their reactions. Our character doesn’t swing back as if he’s holding a small piece of twig or a plastic toy. If it was a little bit, the guns would have to react, do something push-in. But on behalf of this incident, I did not see much evidence. The worst is that when shooting with the sniper, there is no concussion due to breathing. This incident reduced the atmosphere of realism. One of the positive details is that we can’t carry every weapon with us. We can take five guns on our backs. And more of that, we have to change weapons. We can find weapons from our dead enemies or the environment. As I said, the fan is really wide, so you won’t have any problems. Apart from these, anti-aircraft, mortar or heavy machine guns, etc… we also have the opportunity to use some stationary weapons. In full directory action, we can again collect bullets or health packages that come out of our enemies or are interspersed around. There is also no discomfort in terms of ammunition and health.

Hidden in detail

As the name of the game suggests, we are actually a super soldier. Our ability is to create a shield called” Time Shield”. We create a blue circle of protection covering a certain area. What bullets from the outside enter this area, but the bullets we throw from the inside can’t come out. If the field is worth our enemies, our opponents are crooked by its touch. However, the Shield has a certain life span. It doesn’t have much energy, so we can’t leave it on for too long. You can see the strength of the shield from the blue bar at the bottom left. When you kill people, it fills itself very slowly. Just one more small detail. If you do a head Shot three times in a row, the power of the Time Shield increases exponentially in an instant. Our protective field also has a certain effectiveness. Even if your shield is open, it affects you pretty badly when a bomb explodes next to you. Although it doesn’t kill you, a large amount of your power can go away.

The firm said that we would enter into dialogues with the characters and that this could change the way the game goes. There’s interaction with the characters, but it doesn’t go beyond a few sentences and simplicity.^

We don’t interact except to talk to certain people, follow them, go to the exit, or open a locked door. Frankly, I’d like this to be detailed. It’s just that for the task to be done, conversations with certain people are entered, there’s nothing more.

Beautiful details are also available in the game. For example, in the second episode, when you shoot your enemies who are steshing at you through the window, he dies and hits the electrical wires just below him as his body falls down. As a result of its impact, sparks appear. If a bomb goes off near you, the screen becomes blurry and we can’t see clearly for a while. The effect of the bomb is well placed in the image.

We have friends from the same stage who are with us. We usually just hang out before we start an episode. They come to one episode and die according to the script, and you take care of the rest. You don’t have an order, but let me point out that they have the same fate as enemy AI. Maybe you can call him a teammate, the producers put him up to change the mood of the game. According to the script, in each episode, you can encounter someone from your side in an interesting way.

What we’re going to do is officially obvious with the map in the upper right corner. On the map, the Mission Point is shown in red, if there is a building or something like that, the door of that place is shown in red. So you can’t lose your mission point. Already normally the game is progressing in a linear way, unfortunately no alternative path is offered. It’s obvious what you’re going to do, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. From time to time, you can go on interesting missions. For example, you can sign up for interesting jobs, such as spying or handling submarine management. When you control the submarine, you have to torpedo the ships and shoot down the planes that attack you with anti-aircraft. In future episodes, such interesting tasks happen. These, frankly, reduce the monotony of constant German military killing and conflict a little.

Burut is good this time

ÜberSoldier is actually a Russian Wolfenstein. If you like Wolfenstein, you can also love this game. Although he squeezed the action after a while, I still liked it. Producer Burut has developed himself in many ways, and they have presented us with a much better game than Kreed. I appreciated them for that. The biggest disadvantage of the game and their mistakes is that they skip the multiplayer and give weight to the Single player. The lack of a multiplayer and its linearity limit the replay of the production. Hopefully for this topic, the producers will soon add multiplayer with the patch. Übersoldier’s controls are extremely simple and lean, they do not work heavily at all. For example, in Kreed, to move the mouse, you would have to have it flipped on the table. Über does not have these problems and they do not cause any problems throughout the game. If you like action and want an alternative to Wolfenstein, ÜberSoldier may be good for you.



Time Shield feature, simple gameplay, graphics and sounds count well

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