Tycoon City: New York Reviews

Tycoon City: New York

In the years when I first met the computer, there were productions that I didn’t drop out of my hands, even though it had been years. 3 in recent years. I can show you the first two games of the Prince of Persia series, which have skyrocketed in popularity with its transition to size. It was productions that I finished many times and still looked for a reason to play, which I enjoyed playing, even though it was 2D. Besides Prince, I can name him Sensible. Currently, the first versions of the production, prepared by Kuju Entertainment, prepared by Sensible Software on the PC and the last versions on the Amiga, are still called ‘Legends’ by football fans. Especially Sensible World of Soccer 96-97, with hundreds of leagues, thousands of teams and tens of thousands of football players, still sits in a separate place in my heart. When I set aside Prince and sensible, I think of Simcity 2000 without thinking too much. Released in the first months of 1995, the production attracted great interest due to its city-building experience. The idea was good, but what was really good was that it was allowed to be used extremely freely. So much so that we determined the geography in which we would build our city. My greatest pleasure was to create my own Istanbul. An Istanbul where there is no ugly and distorted urbanization, completely different buildings form the image of the city, with its bridges, ships, factories, roads, infrastructure, completely my own! So I would definitely make a map consisting of two parts, with the sea in the middle. One of my greatest pleasures was to connect the two sides by building a Bosphorus Bridge. Actually, that’s the ornament. Because no matter how unique a city You Made in a visual sense, if your electricity network, underground water channels were insufficient, you could not attract enough people to your city, and as a result you would get much more tax, while you could get quite minimal taxes. Because you couldn’t make a profit, you couldn’t do it in service to the city. The end was beginning; loans and debt payments… It wasn’t easy to cover debt with debt. So you should have used the loans you received in investments that were extremely effective, which would save you money. What made Simcity 2000 beautiful was to think about all these strategic problems that you face in the name of creating a city, find alternative solutions, and, when overcome, watch that city, which is your product, grow and develop. No Simcity game released in the following years, unfortunately, could give me a taste of that old production. Something had changed, some balance in the game… That old excitement was gone, replaced by polygons… Years passed and a game called Tycoon City: New York (TCNY) was announced. When I looked at the idea and screenshots of the work, it reminded me of SimCity. We were building a city again, but this time what we could do was a little more detailed. For example, we couldn’t build a barber shop in SimCity, we were building a business center, it was turning into any trading house. In TCNY, we determine where to set up which business. Let’s see how and how far the game’s producer firm, Deep Red Games, has achieved the idea of building a city?

First, before you talk about the game, you need to talk about Deep Red games, the production company. Because in terms of having an idea of what to expect from them, it is worth noting that there are 3 games in The Making called Deep Red games so far. These are Monopoly Tycoon, Spring Break and Vegas Tycoon respectively. Obviously, none of them are productions that will bring sound to the game world. So I need not to have big expectations. A team currently working on a strategy game called Heart of Empire, let’s see what skills Tcny has shown.

One morning in a remote corner of New York, the sun rises

We run the game and look at the options first, as usual. Obviously, there are a very limited number of settings available. Here we do our operations and click on the new game. After entering first name and last name, the job comes to choose a picture of our own. If you don’t like the ready-made pictures in the game, you can add pictures yourself. Just enter the ‘Atari’ header under the My Documents folder in Windows and throw it under Tycoon City – New York\my pictures. In this way, you can exist in the game with your own pictures.

Tycoon City: New York, as the name suggests, is a game designed to recreate New York. The geography we’re in is vast New York. We’re given a remote corner of the city, and we’re asked to work there and grow. We start with the tutorial section. Frankly, a tutorial section is very easy and understandable. You are told what you need to do, and you are doing what you are asked to do. Then from where tutorial left off, the game leaves you completely in control! From now on, part of New York, although very limited, belongs to you. Now we need to be able to respond to the wishes of the public. Although we are at the beginning of the game alone, they come to us with such a fluffy wish list that you are surprised how people who are really deprived of so much live here(!)

In the construction, an interface is designed that branches and knobs in the form of a tree. It looks simple, but it’s complicated. Can be quite time consuming to get used to. Once all 4 corners of the screen are used. In the lower left corner is general information about the city. At the top left, the buildings that you can build are listed. In the upper right corner are money, population, hours, Development Credits and private buildings built. The bottom right is devoted to the news.

Don’t expect action if there’s no money!

Building is pretty easy if you have money. You click on an empty field and the menu in the upper-left corner is activated. From here, what the building you choose serves(such as the entertainment sector, the health sector, education…) you determine. Then the options open. After making your choice, you adjust how to position the building, but there is a trick here. Building a building doesn’t mean it can be used by all your regions. So much so that there is a circular impact area for each building. You need to take this into account when you do the positioning. The more territory you can influence, the better and the more profitable it becomes. Because established businesses make you money, as long as they make money themselves… And you have the opportunity to develop buildings. Initially, this feature is not active, but you can develop buildings that are used with all their capacity as you go.

TCNY has been prepared in great detail. When you click on any person on the street, you get a lot of information about him. It is very important to take precautions, especially to find out what they need. The same applies to buildings. How much a whole building is used, people’s satisfaction, etc… you can get information with just one click.

The production ranks New York’s richest people. In the beginning, you are very low in the ranking, there is about $ 56 million between you and the first! If you’re known for being patient around you, you may be the richest person in New York. For this, you must constantly run businesses and make money from them.

Sometimes the game can prepare you small surprises. You can choose the highest amount of shopping in the supermarket that opens. What good does it do you, it is debated(!)

Traffic problem

Like Istanbul, New York has a lot of traffic problems. We’re witnessing this at Tcny. But there is a difference between the two cities. In Istanbul, there are problems due to unplanned roads and unhealthy traffic flow, while in New York, the problem is artificial intelligence(!) Be sure to pay attention; fix your camera in a place where there are traffic lights on the main street. You’ll see cars stop in red, but it’s a bit interesting that they don’t advance, despite the Yesil. Be careful that you always encounter this landscape; Yesil burning, waiting a few seconds cars, and full-motion while they are in a crowd of people, and red for pedestrians, vehicles for Yesil Çakar is trying to cross the street at a time. In this case, you see vehicles waiting for pedestrians, even though they are green for themselves yesilmiş. Frankly, whichever way I stand still, this event caught my attention.

Always the same cars and always the same human modeling to see, unfortunately, long play overwhelms the user. Already the buildings are similar, and the diversity of people, of course, can not be tens of thousands, so it is a little annoying to see it from the same green car all the Yesil.

In a production that is an interaction of day and night, when the sun turns away and the moon rises to the sky, suddenly the lights are on in the city. With the windows of houses, the headlights of cars, the lights of shops and the light that hits the street lights, your city gets a completely different face. This detail is well thought out, but it may have been much better if it had been a little more worked out in a visual sense. Especially the coatings disappear in some ways at night! During the day, there are many problems. Obviously, the graphic engine of the production is quite rough.

Take the technical aspects

If you’re someone looking for graphics in the game, visually TCNY won’t satisfy you. Probably the producers didn’t pay any attention to detail in the graphics to avoid using too much RAM and processor. This method, which seems good for performance, visually threw the game back a few years!

When we look at the sounds, obviously there are no sounds and music that will neither bother you nor like Tcny. Simple vocalizations were used, which you can call whether they happen or not. Obviously, with these game sounds, you definitely won’t have it in your mind.

From the point of view of playability, the camera, which is once the most important factor of this, is quite successful. You may have a little trouble until you get used to controlling it, but if you hold down the right mouse button and understand how to move it well, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble. You can also zoom with the mouse wheel key. So you can go down to the floor and look at the city from the same angle as other people, or look at your own product from a bird’s eye view. The fact that the interface is a little complicated in terms of playability makes it very difficult to get used to the game. Because there are many menus and many details that you need to master.

How do you need a system and final judgment

The system introduced by the makers to play Tcny’u P4 1.8 GHz processor or AMD Athol XP +1900, 256 MB RAM and 64 MB video card. The system we use when examining the construction of the P4 2.4 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of video card contains. With our system, we provided a very comfortable performance when the game was at its highest level of detail at 1024×768 resolution. Low-system users can provide good gameplay by reducing the level of detail and resolution.

The question to be asked is,”is TCNY worth playing?”Obviously, producer Deep Red Games has not been able to offer us the idea of building a city very successfully. A mixed interface, combined with a poor technical game, resulted in a production that could be removed in a short time. And why New York! I believe that if we created a city of our own, including its name, it would be more attractive. In general, it may be attractive as an idea, but I can’t recommend Tycoon City: New York, which begins to become repulsive soon after it is played. If you want to try it, it’s your choice. I don’t know how long you’ll keep it on your hard drive. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…

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