Turok Review


A dialogue from Jurassic Park;

– Look at this. It’s a dinosaur!
-I can’t believe it. I have to throw away the books that say they’re cold-blooded. These are warm-blooded creatures.
– He must be 8-9 meters tall.
– What’s their speed?
-We measured the speed of the T-Rex at 53 KM per hour.
– T-Rex? Does the T-Rex have one?
Let go of me! Unbelievable!

Going back to the old or bringing old projects back to life, or even blending them by taking a piece from each successful project, has become a highly referenced method in recent years. Instead of creating a new name, the name can be re-presented to users with a classic production, a new engine and a new script. One of the most recent examples of this is Turok, developed by longtime Propaganda Games. Unreal Engine 3 came to life again with the production, in recent months for the next generation of consoles, PC players had to wait a little longer.

It first appeared in the 1950s as a cartoon series combining a dinosaur hunter with scribbling pages. And the game world said hello with the Nintendo 64. Then came the continuation games. The legendary name Turok and the identity of the “Dinosaur Hunter” behind it are back once again. This time for PC! You are not alone. All his weapons aside, along with his very useful knife and flashy bow.

Whiskey Company

Joseph Turok and his team consists of a group of mercenaries. The goal of this team, under the umbrella of the whiskey team, is to find an old friend, a new enemy, Roland Kane, the president of a group called The Wolfpack, and end the projects being carried out. Kane is the name that once taught Turok everything he knew. In fact, Kane’s exact location is unknown. As a result of a sudden attack on the spaceship, the ship falls, and Joseph, who opens his eyes in a green field, sees that in fact, the Enemies opposite him are not just soldiers, but giant lizards.

Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got Fun ‘ N ‘ Games

After the big accident, Turok stands up and watches around for a short time. A lot of our teammates are dead, but we have survivors who can be with us most of the time throughout the game. After this stage, we take control. As with most productions in the first place, we decide what kind of atmosphere we are in, how we should follow the method, and we start the game. In fact, it is not necessary to determine a careful strategy. It’s enough to just kill and be able to do it at the right time. Sometimes to guide your teammates, sometimes to protect them, and sometimes to reach the enemy by climbing through the vines (which at this time passes through the TPS perspective), exploring new ways. That’s it. From time to time, we have a shallow, sometimes boring environment. The natives of the vegetation we base on are not very innocent. In a short time, we encounter human bones and their causes, dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are our most formidable enemies that we will fight throughout the game. And then there are enemy forces who want to interfere with the operation. Although the attitude of both enemy factors towards us is to kill, this time the feeling of hunger outweighs it, since the dinosaurs ‘ goal cannot be to block the operation. Forests, dark caves and sometimes technological military buildings are a summary of the places we will take part in the action. And the inventory of weapons that we can use is quite sufficient. There are options such as Shotgun, automatic rifle, Mini Gun, Sniper, knife, bow and more. You can also shoot with two different or the same weapons at the same time. In addition, there are instructions that appear on the screen for this and similar situations. And when we buy a new weapon, we can encounter cross-sections of old training. If it’s to act according to our position (usually Roland’s in these videos), it makes the most sense. We can hide in a shallow, long grass-covered area and carry out an attack by covering the enemy’s weakest moment, but provided that we do not move until we wait for the appropriate moment. In the same way, we can understand any attack that may be against us according to the location of the moving grass and take measures on the spot accordingly. When we are side by side with big creatures like the T-Rex, which we are not yet in a position to encounter in the first minutes, the right move to make will be to escape. Accordingly, there are some small holes to hide in the environment, but the fact that the fast running feature is active late can force the player. So what’s the most useful weapon? For your weapons, you can stock up on bullets from soldiers you have killed or from stocks. And if you don’t have them around, here’s the secret of the knife solved!

Are you out of bullets? Then hold on to your knife!

As in most games, Turok offers you the opportunity to shoot with many weapons, but in no game has a knife been so useful or rare. Especially when you sneak up on your enemies from behind, the phrase “Action” appears on the screen, and then when you press the Left mouse button, you are brutally killed, whether you are a human or a dinosaur. On the contrary, this time he falls on his back when an attack comes from the opposite side to Turok, during which we see his feet on the screen under the influence of his tossing. When he gets too much damage, the image becomes blurred, and if he doesn’t rest, he soon dies. A second type of attack is that dinosaurs attack you, while some key combinations appear on the screen. If you press on time and completely, you can eliminate the attack and then get rid of it. Of course, you can do all this thanks to your very useful knife.

Their artificial intelligence also plays a big role when approaching the enemy. Usually they don’t hear your voice no matter what happens if you’re not shooting and attacking from the side or back of the enemy. It’s an easy way to kill. Let’s just say they saw you. This time they’re lying in the trench, and if they have friends, they’re coming for support. When you were dealing with someone, the next thing you know, one of them came right behind you. In some cases, dinosaurs can attack at the same time. At this time, it is most reasonable to stand and watch the animosity between them and watch. Of course, dinosaurs, as you know, are divided into two groups. Naturally, this distinction also applies to the game, and herbivorous dinosaurs do not attack you, they are only interested in the grass they eat, but if you approach them and disturb them, the situation changes. If we generalize, artificial intelligence is not very good, but it can be considered normal.

Unreal dinosaurs

Turok is an improved production with Unreal Engine 3. Naturally, it’s normal for us to expect quality visuals. The characters, especially our main character Joseph Turok, are depicted in detail. The dinosaur family that players most want to see is designed with great quality, from small Raptors to giant T-Rex. Especially in the first minutes of the game, the giant Brontosaurus, which we saw when we were studying remote areas, was quite magnificent. In our struggles with dinosaurs, we see that their bodies are injured as a result of damage, and the game gives a fairly wide place to the blood factor. I’m afraid it’s not right for us to say the same beauty for death animations. Especially dinosaurs, the characters we kill can often take absurd forms or continue to move for a short time. Also, it’s not nice that the short-term red marks that you can see when you shoot on a metal floor also occur on the ground.

In addition to the overall success of character and Dinosaur Designs, the same level of success does not apply to environmental designs. The military buildings we visit throughout the game are pleasing to the eye as interior and exterior design, but the forest factor is not. More than a dense forest texture, it evokes a sense of environment formed by moss-covered rocks. Naturally, you can say,” I’ve seen better.” Despite this, the world we are in is not a tropical island. However, there is something boring. As for voices, I’d say it’s one of the best aspects of the game. A very expert staff has been established, especially in character vocalizations. Famous names such as Ron Perlman, Timothy Olyphant, and more are in the voice cast.

Looking at the general

We can say that Turok is an average game. The fun that dinosaurs add to the game is quite high. Especially the spring and knife duo under our use, equipment that increases the fun as you use it. The more you stretch your enemy to the ground in a single blow with a knife, the higher the result you get when using the bow. In addition, if you like to play the game fast, the pleasure you will get with successive deaths will increase even more. After finishing the one-man scenario, you can now step into the multiplayer. Familiar modes also apply to Turok. Whether Online or LAN. If you want to get down to the fine details of the job, then let’s take you to the “Achievements” section. Under this title, located in the main menu of the game, there are experiences in various challenges and differences that you can get throughout the game. I’d say don’t pass without trying. Speaking of menus, I should note that the game has a very nice menu design. If you are a fan of FPS games, I recommend trying at least once. Especially if you are interested in dinosaurs, you will already get the game with your eyes closed.


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