Turning Point: Fall of Liberty review

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Turning point: Fall of Liberty, which had been under construction for a long time, finally showed itself. But if he hadn’t shown it, if he’d come out later, it wouldn’t have been so disappointing. As it will be remembered, the game was to be released towards the end of 2007 and 2. He was intrigued by its atmosphere, which offered a different kind of fiction to World War II. One of the biggest reasons for this was Spark unlimited. They had previously prepared Call of Duty: Finest Hour for PS2 and GameCube. But before that, Spark Unlimited was made up of those who were on the team that developed the Medal of Honor. Call of Duty: Finest Hour was actually a below-average game, but I had a little more hope for Fall of Liberty by saying that they had learned a lesson from themselves. But the story is sadly pathetic.

Expectations and presented

If we briefly talk about the theme of the game, it all starts with Winston Churchill losing his life in an accident and changing the fate of the war. The Germans are invading America. When we’re working as a construction master, we suddenly find ourselves a hero tasked with saving America. In an environment like this, we run from place to place and hunt Nazis.

As we work in our own state in construction, we hear sirens and see German airships, our adventure begins with our escape from the construction site. This first part is both an introduction to the game and a Tutorial consistency. But already from the first minutes, Fall of Liberty is starting to show its mediocrity. Graphics are the first proof of this. The potential of Unreal 3 engine, supposedly used in the construction, has never been exploited. In general, all coatings are bad, and all modeling is genetic copy. Unfortunately, there is usually a mediocre visual, including the effects. At first I thought I’d accidentally hit the lowest in the settings. But I looked at the graphics settings again and it was in high detail. Compared to other games made with Unreal Engine, the production is far from giving what was expected. They’ve ruined the beautiful engine. In terms of sound, the game is failing again. Spark Unlimited fed the muffled sound effects to the game. In this part, a really bad workmanship manifests itself.

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Rabbit Hunt

Fall of Liberty, which created its first disappointment on a technical basis, does not break tradition in the rest. We are constantly in a state of hot conflict. But the battles are extremely mundane and stale. You easily kill opponents who lack artificial intelligence. And they didn’t put up much resistance against you. The worst part is that they get stuck somewhere and fall victim to mistakes like they can’t move. In conflicts, you can enter the attraction, such as using opponents as live Shields.

The overall functioning of the game is extremely linear. You always follow a certain route. If you’re asked to go off this route, you die instantly. In the same way, things are limited in this way. For example, a tank must explode in the way the game wants. Go over there, kill those over there, and then continue on the road. The operation can be classic. But since the atmosphere and everything that the game offers is generally bad, this stereotypical task structure also stands out.

Fall of Liberty offers a variety of weapons in a normal FPS game. The game also includes a Multiplayer option. But he’s not very satisfactory either. In general, the game comes across as a mediocre production. Spark Unlimited didn’t do it, Fall of Liberty didn’t do it. After this game, it is necessary to approach the company’s other project Legendary: The Box more cautiously.


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