Trials 2: Second Edition Review

Trials 2: Second Edition

Trials 2: Second Edition creates a pretty good opportunity for players who forget to have fun, which is our main goal when playing. In truth, I have to admit that I found the construction by accident. And I’ve never heard of him or seen his Bang-Bang ads like other games anywhere. In fact, he was here in the problem; he couldn’t meet most players because such a beautiful game deprived him of good publicity. I am quite surprised that a game that is not promoted has a high playability, while productions that spend thousands of dollars on advertising and promotions can be bad.

Those who are a little involved with the games have actually played the content of the production before. On a screen sliding to the right, we would try to get our motorcycle across the obstacle course to the finish line. Trials 2: Second Edition also includes the entire theme. But this time, the production is presented in a three-dimensional state. By switching to the third dimension, nothing was lost from the screen sliding to the right, on top of which there was the opportunity to play with different camera angles. I, who curses the new technology by stating that I can’t get pleasure in 2D in 3D, was happy to see that innovation can be well fed into games if desired this time. For those who don’t know, let’s explain the game a little… we check the engine and driver waiting at the starting point in the production. The tracks have a structure that extends to the right and contains various obstacles. To be able to reach the finish by successfully completing the desired course from us. It’s not as easy to reach as they say. The tracks include tires, boxes, boards, logs, fires, gaps, ramps. In fact, not only are they found, but the trails are made up of these objects! These objects and obstacles are arranged in a certain way, creating trails that are difficult to overcome. For example, upright logs, gaps between ramps, stacked boxes on top of each other, such as burning fire are abundant.

Dangerous demonstration

In Trials 2: Second Edition, I recommend playing the training sections first. Since they are already real playable episodes, it is useful to finish them. The engine, which we control with just a few keys, gives the engine gas with the Up button, we brake with the Down button, and when we stop the engine, we can take it back. Our character, who uses the engine standing, gives its weight to the front with the right button and to the back with the left button. We’ve talked a lot about the tracks being bumpy. Here, to overcome these obstacles, it is necessary to move the engine in a serial manner. For example, it approaches a gap in such a way that it gives the bleach forward, and we immediately give the weight back to jump. Our engine, which can be quite springy, so it jumps and crosses the obstacle. Of course, the whole game is quite dependent on hand dexterity and quickness. In this regard, it is possible to make a large number of errors. In addition, as soon as the driver’s head touches the ground while driving, this part of the track is considered unsuccessful, since control is already lost, and it is returned to the nearest Checkpoint. Checkpoints are positioned at intervals that we can count very often within the episode, and usually before points that require more dangerous action or success. If you fall from a height to the ground, fall into a cliff, or the driver’s head touches the ground, the system automatically counts down from 5 and throws it to the nearest checkpoint. In order not to wait five seconds, you need to press the Backspace key.

The first in the production is easy, medium, hard, Flip, Wheelie, Dynamic and downloadable main sections. Each main section has many different trails under it. In the easy, medium and difficult main sections, the goal is to complete the course before anyone else. Also try to capture the lowest time by comparing scores on the internet. In the Flip section, the tracks consist of ramps that are suitable for somersaults. The goal is to do the most somersaults and be able to be placed firmly on the ground. At Wheelie, the tracks are rather long and hilly. Also, the goal here is to be able to travel on the rear wheel for the longest time. In the Dynamic section, the tracks are equipped with dynamic obstacles. In order to progress in this type, which can also be said to have a puzzle content, it is necessary to organize the obstacles encountered by hitting them in the appropriate positions. For example, if there are many boxes that cannot be grafted, it is necessary to multiply and reduce them to a more accessible level, or it is necessary to hit the upright board and make it close the gap.

Fun time

With a total of 40 different playable episodes, this number exceeds fifty with new downloadable episodes. Newly released episodes are quite possible to play by acquiring them from the internet. A player with a good score from the internet has not been forgotten to fight the ghost driver. So it’s more fun to try to pass the ghost engine on the screen, not just a time to pass. The driver used in the production has 3D rag doll modeling. In other words, he gives realistic physical reactions to the behavior. The most painful part of the job is that even the sound of bone breaking can be heard when you hit something or fall on your head. Although I know it’s Virtual, it’s a lie if I say I didn’t feel sorry for my character, who hit the ground quickly and fell on the engine. Both the character and the engine’s reactions are admirable. Even watching with realistic physics movements and animations gives pleasure. Also, the section designs are quite well done. Although we see almost identical objects, environments look much better with good overlays of objects and beautiful shading and lighting. In the meantime, even the engine’s headlight is not forgotten and it is worth noting that it illuminates the front. Trials 2: Second Edition is generally quite fun and has a high playability. It’s possible to get on your head and not leave for long hours. It’s interesting to see that these types of games, which sometimes don’t contain any stories or supersonic effects, are much more fun.

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