Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

A long-running war between the Autobots and the deceptions had moved to our world some time ago and resulted in the Autobots ‘ victory. But Optimus Prime said they would always be on guard, ready for new attacks. Although Megatron, the leader of the deceptions, is abandoned to the deep waters of the ocean, the other members of the evil robots come to earth and pursue secrets that Sam Witwicky has just discovered. So our new adventure begins.

Deceptions don’t give up

When we browse the menu of Revenge of the fallen, the script and multiplayer titles attract attention. First, we enter fashion, and we are welcomed by two races. If we want to play a story with a similar progress to the film, we need to choose Autobots, and if we want to destroy the world and come to an alternative conclusion, we need to choose deceptions. After these elections, all the episodes we can play are shown marked on earth, but we can’t move on to the new one without completing the previous one. First, we need to play the training mode. We learn attack techniques, vehicle use, what are alternative weapons and the keys necessary for their use. Then we can literally start the game.

There is no detailed task system in the construction. You must destroy what is in front of you and reach the designated points as soon as possible. Frankly, I’d say Revenge of the Fallen was bad compared to the first game. Character and vehicle controls were flatter and more difficult than the first structure. Far from a sense of realism. By pressing t, we can take our alternative weapon, and with Shift we can attack our enemy by locking it. The middle mouse button is enough to attack, while we need to use the left click key to move to the vehicle position. The production does not offer the possibility of change, as in the first game. As long as you hold down the key, you can move as a tool. The purpose of this is, if an obstacle suddenly appears in front of you as you move as a car or plane, you can pull your hand off the key and make serial transitions by jumping over it. I think the old style was better, so I didn’t like the new method very much.

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Autobots ready to defend

We’re not running a single robot, our inventory is wide. Each of them has different attack and vehicle characteristics. Although it is a pleasant trait as a variety, it is not a method that works in practice. The technical details of the production are simply “mediocre”. The modeling, the environmental details, the lighting are terrible. When we add to them a more lifeless environment and unstable physics than the first game, the picture becomes grave. To give an example, as long as you continue on your way as an aircraft, it is impossible for you to crash, crash or get damaged. No matter what you do, you can’t do it, and it kills realism too much.

As for the voice-over, Megan Fox was supported by the film’s cast. If you can complete a single-player scenario or can’t stand it, finally, you can also check out multiplayer modes. Robot fights can undoubtedly provide a more enjoyable experience than a single-person experience. If I come to the conclusion, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is worse than the previous game. Although the first Transformers was not a very good production, I was able to spend hours at the beginning, but I can’t say the same comment for Revenge of the Fallen.

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