Trackmania Nations Forever Review

Trackmania Nations Forever

Some games can be offered by their makers, as they can be downloaded from the net for free. Trackmania Nations was one such game. Recently, Trackmania Nations Forever (TMNF) has been released and is again available for free download from the internet. You can download the production as a full version or as an additional package to TM United.

After downloading the installation file, which is about 500 MB in size, we install the game easily. We need to create an account to play the production. After easy and short account opening, TMNF becomes playable. The main menu has play Solo (Single), Play Online or Party Play (from the network) sections. The menu is very simple as an image and quite appealing to the eye. In fact, to exaggerate, it couldn’t have been more beautiful. It has a simple and eye-pleasing interface that many large companies can decipher.

Single player mode

In the play Solo section, there are white, Green, Blue, Red and Black sections. These sections are a kind of difficulty of the track. Each section has 3-4 open races and 10-15 trails per Section. We can open indoor tracks by collecting bronze, silver and gold medals on the track you are competing on. But TMNF does not include ordinary races, the type of race that dominates the overall game is to complete the track as soon as possible, so we can call it Time Attack. Here you can earn medals by getting the time needed. Apart from very simple trails, there are also crazy tracks. Unlike the earlier TM Nations, there are several points. The most interesting of these is the part that stops the engine of the car (just like the turbo). The engine doesn’t start until the next checkpoint when you pass through here. That means we have to get to the checkpoint without hitting anything, without losing speed. I’d say the most notable of these newly added episodes.

The first time you click online, country names appear on the right side. The remarkable part is that there are hundreds of countries, and in most of these countries there are quite common TM fans. In some countries, those who play the game cannot cross the fingers of one hand. Each country has one point next to it. This is the ranking of players in that country by Total Ladder point. As of now, Turkey is 25. although they are next; France, Germany and the United Kingdom share the top 3 places. On the left side, there are Suggested, All and Favourites options that allow us to enter games. You can add your favorite servers to your favorites. If Suggested, there are also a few servers that are recommended to you, but I don’t recommend them much. Instead, you can hang out on Turkish servers by selecting Turkey from the All section.

Depending on your request, you can also enter a foreign server. Best Turkish server currently officially serving host of. Again, the most common type of race on servers; complete the round as soon as possible. In the 5-6 minutes given to you, you need to get the best time and get a Ladder point. You can increase your world ranking with the Ladder Points you receive.

Final parts

Speaking of his graphics, he certainly doesn’t scratch the eye. Even considering that it is a free game, it can be called quite beautiful. But it’s no different from TrackMania Nations. TMNF does not include fragmentation as in previous games. So even if you hit a roadblock at full speed, your car remains a factory exit. Sound and music can also take passing notes. There’s better music than the previous Tmn. But believe me, you’re so caught up in the game that the music and sounds don’t even attract your attention.

Last word, I’d say TMNF is the cure for those who can’t find a good game to play these days. He even has the power to leave your game to you to play. But unfortunately, the production is not long-lasting. However, it is more than worth the 500 MB you eat from your quota. If you’ve played TM before and loved it, you won’t be disappointed in this game.

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