Total Club Manager Review

Total Club Manager

Against a Championship Manager game that we can’t beat for years, E.A Sports company released Total Manager club 2003 var. TCM, EA’s past release the F.A. It includes a lot of innovations compared to the Premier League Football Manager series. These:

  • 3D Match Engine (an event that many Manager League players want)
  • Advanced News system
  • Advanced Press (before or after some matches, members of the press ask us questions, and we answer by choosing one of the options. Our response can raise and lower the morale of our players, increase our charisma. So we have to pay close attention to our answer. This one also wants good English.)
  • Pre-season preparations
  • A very well prepared training section.

TCM, Fifa 2002’s match engine was added, allowing players to watch a 3D match. The matches have been very realistic, so we won’t have any more nerve rashes. Ea’s former manager was watching the game in league games, our player passed everyone and entered the penalty area, and then instead of shooting, he sent the ball to the defense or went and passed while the castle was empty, and they did a lot of stupid things like that. But it ends with TCM. The matches are so beautifully prepared that you can sit and watch without getting bored. And now you can say words like shooting, passing Verrrr to your players on the edge of the field, and your players are trying to fulfill them as much as they can.

There are a total of 34 leagues in the Turkish League. Although the cadres are a little old, EA says it will fix this situation with updates that it will release. Although the game does not have the ability to find young stars, as in CM, we have the opportunity to create many star players with a great training section.

The realism of the game is immediately revealed when we open the game. So when he starts playing, he asks us for information such as the name of our lover, the name of our wife if we are married, where we are from, our age, the languages we know. We have a total of 20 skill points when starting the game, and there are 4 options where we can distribute these points. These options are: motivation, manager strength, knowledge of goalkeeping training and interview, speaking ability. We can improve ourselves with the points we will get later in the game.

There are a lot of situations that affect our players. They get morale when he marries his girlfriend, they lose when he fights and breaks up. They have children, they are happy, they are sad that one of their parents has passed away.

There are many menus in the game, let’s get to know some menus.

News Centre: a news Centre where we can find out all the developments. (Injuries, transfer news, Gossip, penalties…)

Line-up: the part where we prepare the squad for the match.

Tactics: the part where we prepare our tactics. In this section, you can determine who will use the penalty, the corner, the free kicks.

Youth Team: the part where we create our future star players, namely the infrastructure. Since we can forget about this place, let your assistant take care of it. Here is a section that is one of the best features of his game. By creating an infrastructure Center in any place in the world, you can find and train players. For example, by creating an infrastructure Center in Brazil, you can explore the Peles, Rivaldos of the future.

Contracts: a section where you can see the contrant information of all players in your team, extend the contrant dates. If you want to give this section to your Assistant, bird forget and do not be your player.

Shortlist: you can learn their transfer information more easily by taking the players you like to your shortlist.

Scouts: you can discover players by sending your scouts (eyes) to the country you want, or by sending them to the team you want, you can learn information about that team.

Transfer List: in this section, you can find out the players who are on the transfer list, or you can find the player you are looking for by typing the name or location of the player you want using the Player Search feature.

Finances: here you can find out where the money coming out of your safe is spent or where the money you earn comes from. Another new feature: you can earn a good income by selling the naming rights of your Stadium to a sponsor.

Staff: you can get help for any department, or you can find out who your current assistants are, their characteristics.

Tickets and Stadium: you can set ticket prices or increase the capacity of your Stadium. Or if you have a lot of money, you can build a new stadium. It’s a very good feature, but it takes a lot of money and time.

Ad Boards: you can find out about your existing sponsors, or you can agree with a new sponsor if there is a place.

Club Facilities: here you can build new facilities belonging to your club or further improve existing facilities. You can build a hospital, an antenna field, a Hotel, a Park field and a lot of things.

Fans and Merchandise: you can sell your fans scarves, T-shirts, cups, mousepads and a lot of other things. You’d better give this section to your Assistant.

Calendar: in this section, you can learn about your fixture, if you want, you can take your team to camp at a place of your choice. By using a new feature added to the game, you can go to the restaurant and eat collectively, take a ride collectively, or organize an infrastructure day and boost the morale of your infrastructure players. If you do that, the morale of all the football players will increase.

Stats: using this section, you can look at the league table and goal Kingdom or find out the results of other important organizations.

Career: here you can find out how much our fans love us, how your career is. According to the achievements you have achieved, there is an increase or decrease in your career level. The more your level increases, the more your fan’s love for you and your players ‘ trust and respect for you increases.

Options: a section where settings can be made with the game. Here you can listen to the MP3 you want while playing games using the newly added mp3 listening feature.

We can play the game in 3 different ways. These are 3D match monitoring, listening to important moments in text mode and seeing the result of the match directly. Text mode is really well prepared, we can take advantage of the options that show our mood when the match is played, or we can talk to the team at halftime (what kind of game is this, come on, show yourself my Lions) as I said earlier in the 3D match monitoring section, prepared using the Fifa 2002 engine, you can really feel like you are managing your team on the edge of the field. All options are very well prepared, now the choice is up to you.

Of course, there are no bad sides to the game, for example, every match at least 4-5 net goal kick comes back from the pole. The Transfer case is very interesting, if he has enough money, an Anatolian club can buy Ronaldo, Beckham. Datebase is very incomplete according to CM. Players don’t have many features. But I think that with the updates that will come out, they will be closed, even if they are small..

As a result, TCM is not a good enough game to take over the throne of CM at the moment, of course, more CM 4 will come out, we will see it. Take the game in my opinion, give it a try, maybe you can find things you can’t find in CM.

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