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top spin 3

The taste of playing sports games on consoles is another. For many years, unfortunately, we did not get our full share of this pleasure on our computers. The rapid progress of consoles in the gaming world soon led to sports content productions almost completely parting ways with the PC. Top Spin, which managed to make itself mentioned with the first two games of the series, also said goodbye to PCs with the third.

Courts tennis players of the most sought after

As in the first two, in Top Spin 3, we can play with world-famous tennis players or our own character if we want. This time the character creation screen is carefully prepared in detail. So many options have been added that one gets bored and misses some details. It is also difficult to say that many user-friendly interfaces have been made Dec. After creating your tennis player, it is worth going to school for a while and understanding the logic of gameplay. In Career Mode, you earn points from every match you succeed in. You can use these points as you wish to improve your character. Service, Welcome, speed, power, etc. These criteria that he has raised are directly reflected in your game. There are 40 players, including world-famous tennis players such as Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin, Andy Roddick, James Blake and Gael Monfils. In addition, former Classic tennis players such as Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg and Monica Seles have also been included. For some reason, there is no Rafael Nadal in the game.

Of course, the courts are among the first things that come to mind when you say tennis. Apart from the famous places we’ve heard of, the producers have created their own pitches, especially in the tropics. There are exactly 40 different courts, which I think is quite a high figure. Your career is in tournaments all the time. Each month, you participate in one of the easy or difficult tournaments according to your choice. Talent points from the matches you make, and when you win the cup, you win a prize money. While you get lower revenue from easy tournaments, the numbers fold when you choose the hard one. As you can imagine, you use the money to buy items such as T-shirts, shoes, racquets. Because ball Spin is more based on realism, matches last longer. So it is in the tournaments you participate in. This is a factor that directly extends your playing time.

I serve better than Federer!

It takes a lot of time to get used to the controls and the gameplay. Compared to other games in the series, the gameplay has shifted to realism this time. You have to think about the style you’re going to hit, the speed of the ball in advance and get into position. So soon after you start playing on a whim, you get cold feet because you can’t do what you want. It really takes time to get used to the gameplay. And when you are stubborn and solve the logic, the games begin to grow longer than usual. Artificial intelligence doesn’t open your eyes, especially when you enter difficult tournaments. After you get used to the controls and start doing what you want, you start to find your exact balance. But the sets continue until your opponent gets tired or makes a mistake because he meets every move, every move. In this case, realism is slightly exceeded. Sometimes the sets get so long that you get tired of pressing the keys.

Out of breath,

Let’s get to the visual. As with past games, Top Spin 3 uses the same graphics engine, which is slightly more retouched. But the newly added character animations are fantastic. According to your current posture, the accuracy of your stroke, each movement is decorated with different animations. The courts look pleasing to the eye in general appearance. But it’s not very detailed. Especially the audience is very boring.

Before each service is thrown, bars appear above the players showing their heart rhythms. You follow how tired you are at that moment. Not only this menu, but also when you look at the character in the re-shoots, you can understand the situation. In subsequent sets, your T-shirt begins to get wet, sweat flows from your face, even if you are hard, your face turns red like beets. After a long set, you can see that your complete Superior is soaked in sweat. As your character gets tired, his shots weaken, his balls get stuck in the net more, you can’t throw services as fast as you want, fatigue makes you play more cautiously. Apart from that, you are getting dirty, especially on soil areas. Your shorts, your T-shirt are getting dirty. These are small details, but they are very useful in getting you into the atmosphere during the game.

Top Spin 3 is also successful in Multiplayer. Together with a friend, two people can match against artificial intelligence, play against each other, or participate in tournaments to advance in the world rankings.

When shutting down…

Top Spin has always been a good production as a series. Added in this version, innovations in visuals, character animations, and the effect of fatigue on spades have given a whole new taste. Everything is fine, but the controls can drive some players crazy. It takes time to really work to get used to it. It’s one of the best games of its kind that tennis lovers should definitely try.

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