Tony Tough and The Night of Roasted Moths Review

Tony Tough and The Night of Roasted Moths

Tony Tough is a 2d point and click that we haven’t seen on the market for a long time and that patients like me have difficulty finding(or even haven’t found on the market for 1-2 years). The game’s producer is Italian Prograph Research, a firm that is hardly unheard of . Indoor Soccer, Tube Runner known games. But at the moment, they intend to announce their names with Tsunami 2265 and Tony. Tony is very noticeable both with his subject and gameplay and graphics

My friend is a pumpkin??
It was also heard by our X-small Detective tony tough that a pumpkin-headed creature caused a disturbance in the city on Halloween.After that, tony sees his dog on the desk of the office and throws it out.But when you go out, he sees that the dog(tony calls it a dog, but something like a pink-talking Freak)has disappeared, and the game starts with this incident.But as Tony doesn’t know, but as we saw on that beautiful FMV(hakkatten wasn’t bad), the pumpkin-headed Freak is actually a small and troublesome little one.Again a day (or I swear we extended this work, but fmv is a little wide:)) this a mischievous bird hunts an airborne bird with a tire, and a feather of that Bird is placed on a pumpkin above the mischievous door, and interestingly, this pumpkin hits the child’s, that’s it :).

Little detective
The game has two difficulty levels.These are easy and hard Mode.In fact, there is not much difference between these two modes.In Hard mod, there are puzzles that require lithe intelligence that are not found in easy, and several inventory that need to be taken.But the game is certainly not easy, sometimes you can even try to say” what relevance”, but events across it make sense.

There is a feature that has never been seen in almost any game before, which is the ability to play the game colorless at any time(we met only 2-3 years ago in noir, which was completely black and white).In addition,you can also adjust the properties of the inventory bar in a row, understand whether it will become transparent when you get behind something, etc.

Even though Tony’s not out of professional hands, he won’t be looking for LucasArts ‘ points and clicks.Especially the graphics, the characters and the sounds of those characters have the features of point and click that we really miss.But a bit of subject matter,sometimes puzzles, and sometimes very boring conversations are the minus sides of the game.But I think definitely the pros are much more than the cons.

Sound, graphics, blah, blah
The graphics are like a reworked version of day of the Tentacle’s drawings.Considering that day of the Tentacle is great compared to its time, it seems a little lower than today’s slightly improved halide (make sure I didn’t see those incredible 2d graphics of runaway) passes the dam(we could barely recover:).

And the voices are definitely number one.Especially Tony’s voice-over is great.He’s in the mood for a” smart-ass kid.”In addition, dozens of characters, each with its own unique and appropriate vocalizations, are admirable(I think I wrote it wrong).6 of these stunts were famous personalities in Italy.Congratulations to fabio barzagli and frederico Sandari for their outstanding achievements(I looked at the credits :)).

Finally, let’s move on to our very interesting part, inventory(höö).When you right-click on an object that appears in front of you,operations such as take,use, talk appear on a beautiful picture of Tony.

As you can see, 2d point and click, which we have long been waiting for, has come to be a classic game.It may be a bit of an imitation, but it’s an ideal game for adventurers. But it is not expected to attract much attention next to adventures such as Bs3, Runaway, Oost Mortem, which will be released right now.

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