Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland Review

tony hawk's american wasteland

I got up to speed and dropped myself off the ramp. I’m extremely comfortable because this is a pedestrianised area. Then I saw a ladder handrail in the corner, and I jumped on it and started sliding from side to side. A greengrocer’s tarp came up in front of me, I jumped, I put it there, and I kept sliding down from there. After the ramp was finished, I left myself in the void, this time I found myself on a bus. I jumped out of there without waiting too long and took a tumble in the air and was put on the opposite balcony. Because it wasn’t a long balcony, I jumped right across it, but I kept inlaid from its railings. If I lost my balance, I’d be stuck in concrete meters high. But I got so fast, I got a little gas, and in one jump, I found myself on the roof. Here I began to demonstrate the ingenuity of my skateboard with various foot and wrist movements. Now I was determined to push the limits of physics and speed. I came to the end of the roof and left myself in the void. I used to make it even more embellished with parandes and somersaults in the air without fear of crashing. As I approached the concrete, I saw a cloud of white dust. What is that? I woke up, it turned out I was in a dream…

I jumped from branch to branch

The Tony Hawk series, which has acquired a solid place in the game world and has become a concept from good to good, stands before us with a new fruit it has given. Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland was originally released on consoles a few months ago. However, now it has also been ported to PCs, bringing action full of excitement and combos to our computers. Let’s also give superficial information to those who do not know about the series; The Tony Hawk series is a skateboard simulation and with our skateboards, we can perform all kinds of artistic movements using all environmental factors, and we try to turn them into combos by doing them with repetitive and appropriate timings. Together we are achieving the maximum points we want to achieve and we have the chance to improve ourselves further in this regard.

American Wastelend also promises the most; excitement, adrenaline and gas that will come to us after the maniacal combos we put together. It is also useful to make some preliminary warnings, first of all, in order for you to make all the movements properly and according to their timing, you need to provide solid control of the game. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not provide maximum performance so that we can perform movements efficiently. To do everything right, you need a joystick. But with it, you can create an easy chain of direction and artistic movement. Apart from that, trying to do these things with the keyboard will be extremely difficult, and you will need to make an extra effort to provide control. So it would be wiser to get a joystick to play with. And here’s the thing, the producers, as far as I understand, are prepared for American Wasteland only for the actors who have followed the series from the beginning and have now become their guru. Because, for those who want to try it for the first time, there is no tutorial section that talks about a little bit of the game and movements, and this is actually a very big minus. All of a sudden, we find game modes in front of us, and trying to solve them by using them begins to tire us out from good to good in a production that is already difficult to control.

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As modes, there are sections such as Story Mode, Classic Mode and HighScore. Story Mode is actually a good idea. Instead of going through individual sections and dealing with the loading times of it, we talk to various people in a large map, taking tasks from them and trying to perform them. As a rule, the elements we talk to ask us to perform various artistic movements and combos within certain periods of time. We will also talk about this mode in more detail. In Classic mode, the computer gives us various tasks in turn. Again, they are similar to the tasks in Story Mode. At certain time intervals, we are asked to move up to X points. With the points we earn in the episodes, we can increase the various features of the skateboard we choose before starting the modes and enable them to make more robust artistic movements. The HighScore section allows us to travel completely free within the city. In fact, the producers saw this episode as appropriate so that we could warm up to the game, and they made us hang out according to our heads. But the combo and motion thing is so fluffy and so much in American wasteland that it’s almost impossible for us to solve it all alone, and it’s made even more difficult with keyboard controls. That’s why at first we mentioned that it largely appeals to the series ‘ followers.

I don’t want my feet on the ground

At the beginning of Story mode, we choose our main character and then make a trip with him to Los Angeles. When we come to the city, we are first asked to change our hairstyle and clothes. After doing so with a small amount of money in our pocket, we get tasks from various NPCs located around the city. As we achieve these tasks, we increase both the money in our pockets and our points. Of course, on the one hand, our character also develops and becomes an even better skateboarder. The locations of the missions we will go to are indicated through the icons corresponding to the blue line at the top. Some lead us to a clothing store, some to a hairdresser, some to different places. Apart from that, our job is not just to make artistic moves. In Classic mode, you will see various letters in some upgrades. When you put these letters together and Type A SKATER or COMBO, you can earn extra points. Inner city is full of mini-games to earn points. We can hold on to the back of the cars and move forward and stay in balance for a certain period of time and score points, or we can hold on to the edge and show balance.

Even if the overall tasks are based on the logic of making artistic movements, they are getting harder and harder, and we will be waiting for even more difficult artistic movements and combos. If we play from the keyboard, we can perform various maneuvers and combos with the NumPad keys. However, as we mentioned earlier, the control problem is extremely exposed. Apart from that, one of the most interesting features is that we can also use a bicycle. Somewhere in the city, when we go next to one of the guys and talk to him, we start doing various artistic moves by riding his bike, and he’s on a mission. Again, we are trying to collect as many points and earn money as he wants from us within a certain period of time. The fact that you can ride a motion bike in American Wasteland has added a lot of color to the game.

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At first, when running the game, we are asked how we want to run it in graphical detail according to our graphics card. We ran it at the highest level for trial purposes. And when we saw the in-game graphics, we were actually quite surprised. Because, although we chose high-detail graphics, the graphics were not in the detail we expected, and even the errors were quite large. Our skateboarder was entering some objects, especially vehicles, many times, and there were various animation errors. In a sense, we can also interpret this as it has become this way because it has been ported from consoles, but in addition, various graphical elements remain extremely dim and do not constitute a situation that matches the image technology of our time. When we make the wrong moves and fall to the ground, the blood coming out of our character is also quite contrived, and they don’t give us the feeling that we’re falling and we need to be more careful. So, in fact, in American Wasteland, in a way, there are disconnections in the player – game relationship. If you are trying the series for the first time, this disconnect will be much greater.

Sticking to the rules

We continue our quest while they do their own variety harekte the other skaters, but it usually emerges in the form of all activities programmed in real time and the city itself doesn’t introduce us, the lack of it actually begins to make itself felt after a certain point. In general, to like American Wasteland, you must first follow the Tony Hawk series for many years. In this way, you have a habit of basic movements and combos. In addition to the habit of the series, we also need to have a joystick. In this way, it will be much easier for us to get used to, and that’s when you can get the maximum pleasure from the game. For those who are outside these criteria, American Wasteland is sorry that it can become boring and you may feel the desire to close after a while. But the producers should have thought about these actors. It had to be a tutorial-style episode with little hints about combos. But when that doesn’t happen, it gets harder to play. However, due to our respect for Tony Hawk and the beauty of the idea, he deserves plus points, of course.

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