Tomb Raider: Anniversary Review

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider, which we can consider a turning point in the game world, is not only on the market for more than 10 years, but also with the fact that it is the first 3D action adventure-style game, its place in Hearts is separate. Of course, Lara Croft, who plays the lead role in the play, also has a large share of this love. Even in a serious sense, many productions have brought this concept to the forefront, proving the effects of the concept of a female character on the game market. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a remake of the original game nearly a decade later, appearing on the PSP platform.

Although the construction, which is ported from the PS2 platform to the PSP, is not as good as it is on the PS2, it seems to work quite well, especially if camera errors are ignored. As with the original game, the production, which is seen as a pure action adventure, also has no difference in its story. As always, in the story of ancient tombs and ancient countries, we are not considered to have experienced a complete adventure without stopping in Peru, Greece and Egypt. Among the first things that stand out is that the environments are bigger and more beautiful. It’s even possible to calculate which way to use in large areas. Also, the detailed environment is accompanied by carefully crafted puzzles that are essential. In addition, Lara’s unforgettable acrobatics are also factors that complement the action and atmosphere.


Lara’s probably closest rival in action and acrobatics is Prince of Percia. It can even be said that the difference in acrobatics between Productions is because the male character performs in one and the female character in the other, because they basically do the same things. Our character displays basically the same abilities, with very little change from the one in Tomb Raider: Legend. It can yawn from rocks and ledges, jump from one to the other, climb, swing. Any exaggeration does not stand out, as these situations, which seem a bit of an exaggeration when said, are given in a fairly natural and fluid way in the production. Puzzles, which are the missing part of the adventure that we don’t tell, are also usually based on finding a lost object or key, and especially solving the problem of how to get from one point to another. In addition, instead of solving the puzzle with a uniform goal, depth is provided by making the puzzle within the puzzle. It can even be said that it takes more than an hour to complete some puzzles. Part of the reason is environmental factors and the extra things we have to deal with.

To move on, we have to fight rats, bears, wolves, gorillas and even dinosaurs. The combat scenes are very inflexible, featuring action performed by locking the target by pressing the shoulder keys at the same time. It allows you to control the camera angles with the shoulder keys, while as soon as the Triangle key is pressed, the camera returns to the middle point again. But it is also possible to control the camera with an analog lever while holding down the Triangle key. Although the environment and environments are large, it is also noticeable that the loading time is short. The game, which is also at a satisfactory level when we approach it in terms of graphics, does a successful job in acrobatic movements and animations. We can say that they are good for graphics and modeling, but that doesn’t mean that PSP pushes its limits. Promising an average of 15 hours of Game Time, Tomb Raider: Anniversary will allow you to have fun. It is recommended for those who like the type and especially Lara.

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