Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness Review

Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness

Core Desing didn’t want to upset any more Tomb Raider fans when it said it was out, out, delayed, and released the game earlier this month. Forcing the patience of many Tomb Raider lovers and Lara fans, the game was put forward 20 days and presented to the fans.

A lot of players were looking forward to the TR6. There were two reasons for this curiosity. First, the answer to what happened to Lara Croft, who is believed to have died at the end of TR4, would be given in TR6. You know, we didn’t get the answer to that question on TR5. The second was a question that stuck in their heads. In an environment where gaming markets are now so volatile, How would TR6 find a place for itself? Because it wasn’t the era of Super Mario anymore. The player was looking for beautiful graphics, beautiful sound, beautiful playability. DeltaForce 5, Mafia, Battle Field 1942, Medal of Honor in the market where the TR6’s chances were eagerly awaited by many players. Finally, we have the game and we have started to examine it. So that the longing will end.

When we set up the game, we see that the menu is more neat. The graphics are much better than the games I’ve ever seen. Although I played at 800×600 resolution so as not to force the machine, it was very nice to get the details in the graphics, the effects. They put a lot of emphasis on eye harmony. Colors that don’t tire the eye are used. Remember the London episode on TR3. He’s more alive. “The number of polygons, which is 500, rises above 3500 with Angel Of Darkness,” I say, you understand the rest.

In short, the subject of the game is as follows:

Lara receives a call from Werner Con Croy, who lives in Paris. 14. he asks her to find century paintings for a client. After that, Lara comes to Paris. This is the starting point of things. Werner Con Croy But the more interesting thing is that it is believed that he was killed by Lara. Lara has only one way to get out of this. Find the real culprits. He begins to flee through the back streets of Paris to get rid of the army of journalists and police who are chasing him. Bakmisiniz one you now you’re playing.

The game takes us to exotic places like Paris and Prague. Angel of Darkness actually consists of three extremely different and independent games. All three have a separate game mechanism. Traditional Tomb Raider style is more like 2. he’ll be seen in the game. Here we come across things that are now integrated with Lara: lost cities, majestic structures, abundant accessories in the environment. Lara travels to places such as Paris and Prague in this episode and meets Kurtis, the new character of the game, in this episode.

Sound and music are normal. Music doesn’t make you tired or tired. Every episode we listen to more music. It’s obvious that competent hands have prepared the music. Now let’s write the changes in the game in order. So let’s save the old Tomb raiders from curiosity.1-there is no demo at the start of the game and between episodes. By Demo, I mean movie-quality demos and intermediate demos in VMF format.Dec. You know, since TR4, the demos in Tomb Raider games were very good demos created with rad Video. I did not see a file in this format in the CD content.

2-Demo how Laran TR4 came out from under the dent again muama. If we watch the demos, maybe we’ll understand. We can’t figure out what games his uncle Von Croy played for him. For now, mechul, how he found his way from Egypt to Paris. This curiosity is perhaps eliminated in TR7 :))

3-Lara Croft is a young girl now. (It seemed to me that he had grown a little taller) he left his classic clothes in Egypt and got more modern dresses. It’s in the fashion of recent times, and the belly and waist are out. Her hair is in The Shape of a ponytail again. He doesn’t swing much as he jumps and jumps alone. The Buddha shows that Lara is now a mature young girl.

4-movements are quite advanced. We can do all the moves in the old Tomb Raider series. Apart from that, he developed it in other movements. It’s like climbing pipes… No acceleration key when running, just press the run key, first it runs slowly, and then it speeds up. But if you press the shift key, The Walking silhouette appears at the bottom right, and it is constantly walking, not running. The Shift Key allows this to be alternated. You can assign movement and action to the desired keys in the Settings section. This option is given to those who say they can no longer play with the W-A-S-D keys. And I use the classic kobination of keys. Lying on the side, somersaults, artistic movements are things that already exist. After all, there is a key system that even those who will play TR can easily use. I bet they won’t have any trouble. At this time, there is a handstand movement again Dec. Give it a try. (If we do the top Arrow and Shift without pulling our hand out of Ctrl while hanging somewhere, Lara does a handstand. No life can stand it)

5-action, that is, when opening, closing, pulling, pushing, the hand sign appears at the bottom right. So you know there’s going to be action.

6-Quick save and Load options are available. Most of the games that have come out recently have won my hatred because of the lack of this feature. I don’t buy a game that doesn’t have Quick Save anymore. By accident, Yalla in the trash. This idea came up after the Indiana Jones game. Indy gave me a hernia. Thank god there’s nothing like that on TR6. You can also enter the Home screen and record where you are staying. Then you can continue the game, whether you want Quick Load or normal load.

7-stealth key added to movements. The function of this button is used for silent and hidden work. For example, in key theft (there is immediately 1 ci Section)8 – energy collection is provided with chukulata instead of medipacks. You know, young girls like chocolate. He also has a band-aid in the game, which replaces little medipack. Now we’ll raise money and get rich. When the coins scattered in various places (chocolate and Band-Aid whoever is spreading around) reach certain amounts, we will be able to buy ourselves brand new items. I’ve found this feature absurd in games since time immemorial. However, I thought it would be better if he drank water from somewhere (such as Indy) or ate vegetables and fruits from somewhere to increase energy. There are no shortcuts to increasing energy in the game.

9 – camera impressions are very good. Of course, you use either the mouse or numeric 0 and the direction keys to look around.

10-one of the biggest innovations is that “Tomb Raider can now be played with the Mouse”. I hope that new players will like this situation, which does not matter much to classic players.

11-climbing stairs is more realistic, and crossing the stairs to the side is very beautiful. These things happen automatically.

12-although our Lara is young, there are now signs of fatigue. When he’s hanging somewhere, he can’t stand there for hours anymore. At the top left, another yellow band appears under the Red Energy Bar, which Lara patanak falls when the bar decreases. This property was beautiful. So you have to see your work quickly when you go on the side walls. Also, when the smoke bomb is thrown, that is, when you are stuffy, the bar becomes blue this time and becomes less and less. Finally, your energy begins to decrease. You’re out of breath, like you’re underwater.

13-you no longer need to do 3 steps back to jump long. Point to where you’re going to jump and jump directly from the top arrow to the bottom. Like this in short jumps. Of course, he has to press Ctrl to hold on.

14-the ability to climb the pipe, as in Splinter Cell. It’s very nice. We’re going up the pipe like we’re climbing a ladder.

15-the death scene is more realistic. Haa Bird is very original to come across soldiers or police when there is no gun or when the gun is empty. Lara ties her hands to her neck and kneels. So he’s surrendering. Although he says Game Over, but it’s very original. After making a Save, give it a try.

16-There is no Screen Shot key, but to take a screenshot, press The Print Screen key, return to Windows with Alt+Tab, run paint, and select “Paste” from the edit menu. In this way, you can immortalize an image that you like.17-Tab key shows inventory. From here you can use energy and items. That’s where the choice of weapons comes from. It’s more understandable than before. But there is no statistical information. For example, there is no information about how much time has passed, how many miles Lara has traveled. “I don’t know if it would have been better if it had been.”

18-no difficulty level in the game. Everyone has to play at the same level. Not in previous games, though. But it’s supposed to be. Now the player wants to play at the hard level after playing easy.

19 – now Lara can enter into a dialog with the person opposite. Of course, with characters other than a cop or a soldier who has a gun in his hand. So we’ll be able to create the game. For now, it is difficult to say how this will result. You have to play 2-3 times and Mark different options and look at the results. I think the dailog thing is good and bad. Because he always leaves doubts about what would happen if I checked the other option. On the bright side, it’s more realistic. Of course, English can be difficult to understand if it is not translated into Turkish.

20-we have a second character in the game. I haven’t met this Curtis guy yet. I don’t know how my reaction will be when I meet him. I saw your picture on the CD. I admit he’s handsome and more charismatic than I am, but he doesn’t fit Lara. (I’m mad at this guy. I have a feeling that he took something from me, ran away)

Yeah, that’s it for now. You start playing. Don’t hesitate to write me where you hang out. In any case, I will soon prepare a complete solution. But play a little first. You’ll look at the solution later.

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