Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Review

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

There was once Delta Force.. “AHA furdum, by his blunder!”, “La son always peni furmayun la!”among his Nida, we killed our friends in multi. Then Rainbow Six came and showed us that the interior of buildings is more deadly than open land. We learned to ambush, wait for minutes. These games still exist. But in addition, now there is Ghost Recon, and it is beautiful enough to make you forget both games..

Tom Clancy in the title becomes a writer, Sir. He has also published many books in Turkey. Netekim Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six, such as a strange name in Turkish on the market, the source of the game was this book. He is the former CIA weapons adviser, new writer and even more recent “game idea father.” We’ve seen a few more games before, even one of them was a turn-based game that brought graphics to the right, but “recognition” was with R6. Although it had little to do with its gameplay (the game was made by an independent team), R6 was very much retained, and it officially returned to the Tomb Raider series and began releasing a new mission pack almost every month. And as you know, this job is very boring.. Okay, good game, but he beat Homm, brother! Even at the moment, another new package is on the market.. Fortunately, someone noticed that this was really going on. Although the R6 “series” looks like it will continue, at least they have an alternative. And a good enough alternative to make you forget about R6..

Ghost Recon, 5. It gives you an opportunity to control the Special Operations Team. “If you encounter them.. you’re already dead.”Of course, such people are right to call themselves” ghost”.. It’s not just a ghost like Casper, it’s a code! The story is actually familiar: in 2008, communists in Russia get stronger and begin to attack the former Soviet republics in order to achieve “those good old days.” (These guys know, say it.. Every game, this is the story of” re-empowered gomunisks”! N brother?) Well, not without meddling in the US, of course.. Although the war has not yet officially begun, the Ghost Recon team is being dispatched to the area and begins operations. Now that you’re a member of the team, you better get ready, or you’ll burn the army..

It would not be wrong to describe the game as “very advanced Delta Force”. If you choose to assign your men to the computer, you will have a total of six people and a team divided into three. Three men are armed with short-range weapons and are on Alpha team, which is your team. Two men are on Team Bravo, armed with much more powerful assault weapons, and one man is on Charlie as the sniper.. Until you get used to the game, it doesn’t hurt that you leave the job of selecting guys to the computer, he makes much better choices than he did in R6. Just dig into the weapons provided. Unfortunately, as with Delta Force, you can’t start a mission with a ton of equipment. There are certain “kits”and you have to make your choice from them. Kits consist of two weapons, the first is your main weapon, and the second is an addition to the main weapon if you want (such as throwing bombs) or auxiliary “ammunition”such as binoculars. And but these are also very limited things. Is the entire US Army in need of help or what? There should have been more weapon options.. Although “specialists”are joining you in the following missions, and the options are growing a little more, but they are still insufficient. Now we’ll wait for the mods or the game’s mission package..Most of the missions are in open country. So forget the R6 rules.. You’ll move slowly, even crawling, covering whatever you can find. But despite all this, you will still die of zart with an obscure bullet from where it came from.. “Dying” is what you will encounter most in the game. (When you die, you replace the next team member, like R6.) Camouflage, really taken seriously. It’s really hard to separate the bad guys from the land. Sometimes (even when your” Compass ” starts to burn red, indicating that there are enemies nearby) you don’t notice that you come to the bottom of their noses. But they don’t have that problem! If you’re sworn to wear a single gun, that is, if you don’t want to send anyone ahead, sometimes one well-hidden man can take down the entire team. And from here we understand that you will not wear a single gun!

Remember the “tactical screens”in R6 that bore everyone except those who were connected to the game with a psychopathic interest? Let team a go there, wait for Go code, while Team B enters through the latrine window.. Forget about. Giving orders to your teammates is as simplified as even an imbecile can be. On the screen that you open by pressing the Shift key, you can manage the entire team with simple mouse clicks. And is it reliable? And how! Your teammates have excellent AI. Sometimes they even play better than you! They’re so good that if you constantly send them from the front, you can finish all the tasks comfortably. But then it’s too much fun..

Bad guy AI’s not bad either. At least it’s better than Delta Force! But they still continue to wait like idols instead of running away during the attack, and do the same even when he is shot right next to him. Although if they had completely “humanoid” reactions, we could have finished the game, that’s another matter.. Despite all their stupidity, the game is quite difficult. Even completing the first mission takes an hour. But the atmosphere is enormous. You experience the stress of being under fire, sweating the fact that you can die from a bullet that can come from anywhere at any moment.

In terms of graphics, the results are satisfactory, if not tremendous. At least a new graphics engine is being used.. The areas through which the tasks pass are quite large. But the fact that its boundaries are too obvious is a little frustrating. And not all missions take place in pits surrounded by mountains! For some reason, special attention was paid to the trees. I don’t think you’ll see so many trees together in any other game! Although they are ideal places to hide, they also increase the system needs catastrophically. A satisfactory result cannot be achieved without a video card of at least 128 RAM and 32 MB. I played on a system of PIII500, 64 RAM and Tnt2, the hang-ups were frustrating. And all the extra features (shadows, texture quality, etc.)) closed or reduced.

The sound and music are as beautiful as ever. It’s like a Hollywood movie.. The Multi of such a game is equally fun and enjoyable, of course. Especially when ” what happens when the thing at the bottom of this screen starts burning red?”if you have a boss who asks. You shoot him right in the head, it’s beautiful.. I think get your head up from CS and try this.

In short, it’s almost perfect, except for the High system needs and the difficulty of finding direction until I get used to it (I went crazy until I learned to use the Compass). He’s very good at doing what Delta Force can’t do. Be sure to try.

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