Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Review

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

We’re going to look at an ambitious production at the moment when first Person games are out there. Ubisoft, whose name I haven’t heard much of before; it’s in one of the two words I’ve used lately. He comes across with good works and glues us to the PC seat. The name Ghost Recon is not such a simple name. In the games of this series, artificial intelligence and playability are always good. I mean, this production has a reputation. Projects that use this name should be good, which is good.

I installed Advanced Warfighter on my computer. I was upset by what I heard. Because the game was very difficult for PCs and we had to give up some details if the physics cards that had just entered the market were not available on the PC. After the installation of the game was finished, the driver of Ageia(the manufacturer of the physics card chip) was also installed automatically. It was reluctant for me. I was expecting an introduction video, but Ubisoft didn’t need to add it. This was due to the background resembling the introduction video. I pulled my hand out of the mouse and keyboard, especially when the background opened. It was a beautiful video, it was exciting. The producers are about to come to the final points in the drawings made in the cinematographers. So much so that I couldn’t tell the soldier and the perimeter drawings from the truth, it was very impressive. I immediately entered the settings, because I knew that my PC could not remove some details, I was going to make a graphics adjustment based on the middle level. It had been what I expected; in Texture quality, there was no High option. Perhaps this could have been the case if it had been the case. It seems to me that in many games that will come out after that, we will encounter such events. They’ll direct us to get a physics card. When I switched to audio settings, I found that we have quite detailed options. Sound quality; Low, Medium, high, Extreme is divided into four. My sound card is good, thank god; I did it right away.

Go Go Go

After I fixed the settings, I started playing. Three soldiers are parachuting before us. It was really fun watching them jump. Motion Capture technology is tremendously high. Soldiers ‘ running, jumping are beautifully done. It’s our turn, and we jump off the plane. The clouds briefly stop us from watching the landscape, and then we say, “Oh my God.” An image of a vast city appears. They’ve drawn even the farthest point without getting cold, and it’s really very detailed, as it should look. The same detail, the same effort and a very realistic city were presented to us. A person can stay in the air when they see these graphics. As required by the laws of physics, we are making a cool landing on the ground. After what I saw from afar, the graphics on the floor didn’t please me very much. The lack of a physics card cuts us down on some details. Graw’s x360 version is much more worked on and the graphics are better than the PC version, as well as the third Person camera angle. This indicates that Ubisoft does not connect the PC in this construction. The soldiers are in sufficient detail, but some drawings are not much work. Coatings fall short of Medium setting.

Captain Mitchell

We’re being asked to meet our men, and we’re going where we need to go. Our contact with our soldiers is detailed enough and as it should be. Just as we can give commands to anyone we want, we can give them all the same command. We can get negative answers to our orders. Also, when they do what we say, there is no fuss from the beginning. For example, when we give the follow command; even though we are too far away from them, they do not come after us by running. They turn corners, step by step, follow us carefully, as a soldier should. At some points, there may be artificial intelligence errors, but usually they are smart. Ghost Recon is not a shoot-to-kill game, so we really need soldiers. We can pick up a sudden enemy bullet and get seriously injured. In these situations, we can not put ourselves in danger and execute them in front of us. The areas we face are so detailed and large that the enemy is barricading you from a road. You can go the other way and kill your opponents while you distract them from the front with a few of your soldiers. So Advanced Warfighter is dragging us into tactical gameplay. If you are already playing at mid-level or above, attacking headlong from where the enemy is waiting will most likely cause your death.

Shitt Captain, I’m hitt

I think enemy AI is sufficient. They’re fighting you well. They’re throwing bullets at you mercilessly. Even when you’re hiding behind a wall or anywhere, the sounds of bullets grazing you or hitting you around, I’d say at the highest level, as you can hear in a game right now. These sounds scare you, you can’t get out there. Just as we can command soldiers, we can also use drones that we know from strategy games. We can direct them and determine the enemy’s position. Also, when we press Tab, A tactical map appears in front of us, and from here we can guide our people in detail, as well as see our enemies from a bird’s eye view. This map is not simple. A fully three-dimensional satellite image is given to us. We can even see the conflicts that are happening on this screen in the heat of the heat.

Duties can come to us from the president, as well as from a soldier in that area. Someone in the helicopter excitedly tells us about the mission. In the upper right corner of the screen, we see pictures of them. They get very excited about what happened to us, which makes them feel like they really need us. Especially when we die, it’s impressive that the president called us Mitchell Mitchell. After that, the president tells the soldiers that the captain has been shot and the mission has been canceled. These are factors that increase playability.

Advanced Warfighter

It is also necessary to say that the effects in our game are at a high level. The explosions are very realistic. Bullet stripping, gunshots, shootings in the distance, the punching and explosion effects of bullets on vehicles are very good. As the enemy shoots at you, particles fall from the walls or bullets from a car cause its windows to break, its tire to explode, its alarm to go off. The excitement is always high in the conflicts. Although the music adapts well to the atmosphere, its repetition can scratch our ears a little. However, this situation did not affect me very much.

Advanced Warfighter’s physicalization is fine. The reaction of the hit enemies as soon as they fall in the direction in which they are fleeing, or as soon as they are shot, is fine. Particles scattered around in explosions really make this object explode. These are of course interactions that will be much more comfortable and good image quality if you have a physics card. I have to say, in many explosion scenes, the screen froze for a certain amount of time. It’s a factor that shows how much work the physics card does in this game.

Sniper? Machine Gun?

We have as many weapons as a soldier can carry. So we don’t look like a locker like in some games. We have rifles, pistols and bombs. We can choose our weapons before the mission. We can also change the attachments of weapons and the weapons of our soldiers other than ourselves. In Ghost Recon, we can be a Sniper or a machine Guner. Because our game is based entirely on realism, the bullets in the clip we throw don’t stay on us. So frequent magazine changes can cause your bullets to run out in an instant. I didn’t pay attention to this at first, and I had to complete half of the episode unarmed. We don’t have a certain health in the production. In a small square box in the lower left corner, we understand that we are green good, we are getting worse when we go from Yesil to red. And right next to it, there’s a heartbeat indicator with the same color. That’s just information about our health. Sometimes bullets can cause us to get injured, sometimes they can cause us to die in an instant.


The most important point I have to say in the last sentences is that our game is really straining PCs. 1 GB of Ram, 6600GT Extreme and AMD 64 3200+on a system, I played Graw with very low FPS, even at a medium level. In Ghost Recon, there is a contraction that will bring stones to oblivion. Especially in the explosion scenes, my computer became very heavy. Apart from that, my regret in the production was the lack of a TPS camera angle. This may have been removed as it could have made the PC more tired, but I wish it had. Because I also didn’t have a physics card, I couldn’t literally see some of the details. Especially if the skins are high, it can show the game at a very high level in terms of image. I think it’s bad that our soldiers and the drone camera in the upper left corner show only objects that are around linearly, not in the form of a normal image. But I think Ghost Recon is worth playing with that much restraint. Especially the effects and tactical emphasis makes Graw playable. Have a good game, everyone.


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