Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Review

tom clancy's ghost recon advanced warfighter

Tom Clancy is a master. He introduced us to Splinter Cell and Sam Fisher, who taught us how to be careful with Rainbow Six and how important team spirit is. Now, the latest version of Ghost Recon, another classic, appears with Advanced Warfighter. First, in this article, instead of giving the information in order, I will try to write in a more complex, but more detailed and fun style in the form of a blend. Because I’m excited!

I excitedly plugged the DVD into my PS 2 and first came across the choice of language. English French Spanish German Italian are among the languages we can choose. After choosing English, the Ubisoft emblem comes, and then we watch a very nice video made with in-game graphics, with 4 friends and an external voice set in 2013 Mexico City. As the Video ends, we encounter music that operates the atmosphere of the game to our bones. But I’ll say my ideas about in-game sounds in the following minutes. A Single Player? Multiplayer? After determining this, we can create a character if we want, or we take the existing character and go to the main menu. I’ll tell you about Single player, but we’ll mention multi player at the end of the post.

Main menu and keys

Campaign, Quick Mission, Survival, Enemy Hunt, Options and Credits are the options in our main menu. Now, by clicking campaign, it’s time to enter Ghost Recon, here we go.

After an average loading screen, we find ourselves in a direct environment. The game is a Tom Clancy production, and waiting for direct action from the first second would of course be nonsense. I’ll tell you exactly how Graw’s style is, but first I have to say some keys. There are 3 looks, like in Splinter Cell. It includes where we can see enemies, night vision and other things we know. We can change it with the square key and select what is needed. In a game that we play from the angle of the first Persion Shooter, we can shoot with R1, and we can do their job with L1. It can realistically get rid of bullets that come as far as you don’t expect. With left Thumb, L3, we can hold on to the ladder and do the climbing. In a game where the bird’s eye view map at the top left is also very useful, we can change the weapon we have with this button.
In the upper right corner, some images appear in Picture in Picture mode, offering us some images of mission-related information or environments independent of us. We can shoot our own guy in the game, but our guy doesn’t affect it. We’re carrying three different weapons and a bomb. According to previous Ghost Recons, our friends have learned to fight.

Artificial intelligence is artificial?

Artificial intelligence, which can be annoying from time to time in previous games, has been replaced by a very good version. You used to have to do all the work by running from the front. And now the teamwork is much better.

In our game, which returns to an FPS close to the simulation, as in the past, long periods of tactical preparation and tension in sections have also disappeared. Now the action element stands a little further ahead. It’s more enjoyable and a better balance in terms of tactics.

It’s just that our teammates don’t have good AI. Our competitors are also being pretty smart. It may be necessary to avoid the soldiers and cross the back. In a game where there are many types of weapons; we need to target with our sniper, hide behind and kill in an instant. Or they can find you and kill you. I’ll make a comparison soon. As I mentioned before, I can go back to every topic from time to time.

Attention to environmental details!

You really need to pay attention to the environment. It’s like we’re on the street. The graphics are outstanding. The interaction is incredibly realistic and the sounds are also very good. When I heard a lot of effects like the plane and the gunfire that came out while I was playing the game, I really thought it was coming from outside. But I turned down the sound of the TV and realized it was from the production. I’m not really exaggerating, it could have been so awesome. In the charts, there is not much need to say. Sometimes they say a painting is worth a thousand words. You can see how detailed it is by looking at the pictures on the left and right of the magazine. I played the game on Playstaion2, and the game is also on Xbox360. Well, now I think you know what I mean.

I just said I’d make a comparison. For example, I said that the interaction with the environment when playing Black is super, in fact, it is very exaggerated. It’s pretty good, but it’s not realistic. Also as a character, encountering hundreds of enemies is also quite absurd. And in this production, it’s not like that at all. I did Black’s review, and you’ll see how much I gave. I mean, I admire him, too. In the end, the important thing is that it draws you in and binds you. It’s really beautiful. But the Advanced Warfighter Type, I like it better. That’s all I want to point out.

Ghost Recon has beautiful features, whether it’s grenades, interaction with the environment, checking the status of soldiers. We also talked about the magnificence and serious functionality of the bird’s-eye map. We also said that loading screens are ideal. Now it’s time for the save system in the game.


Previously, More platform games and the Checkpoint system that we are used to From Tomb Raider are also used here. I actually like the fact that we can record wherever we want, like Max Payne, and I thought it was empty work just to extend the duration of the game. But when I looked at it with another eye, for example, when I killed a man and saved him, I could see that the excitement of the job was gone. Ghost Recon has a realistic structure and you need to be more careful because you can’t get a Save at any moment. For these reasons, we need to concentrate carefully. I liked the Checkpoint system, which is repeated several times at key points, based on the length of each episode.

It felt like there was a system in the game that helped kick. For example, when I threw the bullets one by one, I opened the binoculars and looked, and I saw that it was enough. After that, he turned off the binoculars and hit the guy and died after a few hits, even though he didn’t seem to have been hit. It is already quite difficult to target on the console. If so, fine.


In the production, I said it was important to hide, open the binoculars from the edges and shoot from afar. That’s why I didn’t like the parking part at first. Because the possibility of hiding is too small. That’s why I like the sections between the city better.

The physics engine and interaction with the environment are very good. He can even sound an alarm when he shoots at the car. When the enemy opened fire, and I bent down when I was about to die, I got rid of his bullet. It was exactly before Checkpoint, which is good that they paid attention to it. It’s a very nice thing that makes it harder for them to shoot us. That’s not just for us, it’s for our competitors. Just when he’s going to shoot them, they can use the same system. We have to forget that, too.

In Graw, the task structure can change in real time. For example, in one episode, we are asked to find the president’s limo and protect this environment. And we’re trying to achieve that somehow. The Find part is a bit of a lie, it already appears directly, but they still say so. In addition, in the game, vehicles can interact with the task, that is, ride, etc. But normally this is out of the question. I was killed trying to get on, Don’t try in vain

Hard man hard

I’ve said many times, the game is very difficult, and you start at the checkpoint, which may have been far away when you died. To play Ghost Recon, you need good concentration and attention. So if he gets ahead of the game, he may not necessarily get good results and he can get bored quickly. So I recommend it more to those above a certain age and especially to those who are associated with this species. Also, very good English is not necessary to play this production. Already the map shows how close you are to the mission, how far you are. Maybe you can stay away from the subject, but you can still play easily.

When you run out of bullets, you can put Dead Men’s bullets into your own gun. Because the conflicts are more like City wars, it is necessary not to forget the enemies on the upper floors of the building and to deal with them first. Because when you take care of the guys on the floor, bullets that you don’t know where they’re coming from can easily kill you. At Graw, which highlights realistic graphics and tactical action strategy, paying attention to this situation is very important for our achievements. Enemies detected on the satellite appear as a small dot on the screen and allow you to find their location. This stands out as another aspect of the work.

It’s clear that the game is well invested and they will double it. The Nokia ad I saw in the first minutes shows that these guys know the job.


In multiplayer, there is a chance to play in a cooperative way. The multi-player we know has all the blessings and we’ll touch on some extras. For example, you get four friends together and that’s how you can finish the tasks of a normal Single player. It’s really great to be able to play a single script like this. Here we should note that there will be a team leader. If there are no fights between you, after choosing this person, of course, the first task should be to protect him. Because as soon as he dies, the game ends. These extras are salt and pepper to the regular multiplayer.

Run and get

Are you still waiting after this minute? If you’ve read the article so far, thank you very much and you know what to do. Of course, there are those who just read the last paragraph or decide to take the game just by looking at the score. So I will repeat once again what I have often written in the article and address these important points for the last time.

Different from the Old Ghost Recons, especially the physics engine, the technical changes are extraordinary. The images and game engine are impressive. The construction is difficult, and there is an affinity to Rainbow Six in the gameplay. It is necessary to move slowly. Big things fall on your teammates, too. Checkpoints are few, you have to be careful. Graphics and sounds are close to reality. No cons? of course there are. It’s very difficult, not ideal for those who don’t like the genre and those who like faster games.

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