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tom clancy's endwar

There were disputes between the countries, and the bells of war began to ring. With the firing of nuclear missiles, the war began. A great destruction took place … we saw the aftermath of the nuclear war in Fallout. We had great adventures on Wasteland. Only these are Fallout and 3. It was not limited to games that dealt with World War II. In Mad Max, we watched what the Road Warrior went through on a desert earth. 3. He covered World War II and its aftermath in many games, films, TV series, etc. We don’t know if human history, which has seen two great World Wars, will experience a third war, but we live it in Tom Clancy’s Endwar.

Battle trumpets

EndWar, signed by Tom Clancy, can only be said to exist in the name. The construction is based on the fact that the space station that America wants to launch into space is attacked and sabotaged by terrorists, and because of the tension between Russia, America and Europe, events 3. It deals with his departure until World War II. But from the beginning, the subject is inadequate, and its narrative within the game remains weak. Once we get into endwar, we need to create a profile. Now that we’ve done the job of creating a classic profile, we’ve come across Solo Campaign, Theater of war, Skirmish options. The Campaign consists of two parts: Prelude to war and World War III. 3 behind Prelude to war, which first dealt with how the war began. We’re playing the World War II part. But before that, we meet the voice command system, which is the most attractive part of Endwar. It was already the most vocal feature of the game. Our first dating phase is actually the practice section. It tells us how to give voice commands, what to do. After that, we start playing Endwar.

In the voice command system, your own units and enemy units are assigned to certain numbers. All you have to do is say to the microphone, for example, “Unit 1 attack hostile 5”. When you say that, your number one unit is attacking the enemy number five. In addition, you can also tell commands such as your units to go elsewhere. The system can be considered successful in general, but it also does not have some shortcomings and errors. Sometimes, even if you order an attack, your unit doesn’t attack, it can go somewhere else. In addition, the number of voice commands is also limited. And your diction needs to be smooth. And I’ve read a few complaints, like the sound system never works on some headsets.

Endwar’da Stone-Paper-Scissors logic has taken place in a pure way and therefore does not leave much choice. Either way, it’s usually clear what the fighting units will do. For example, when tanks land APCs (Transport), helicopters kill tanks and helicopters kill APCs. This system is constantly evolving in this cycle. If the units were more diverse and not all the same, there might be more tactical options in Endwar. There are three different sides in the production: Russia (Russian Spetsnaz Guards Brigade), Europe (European Federation Enforcers Corps) and America (United States’ Joint Strike Force). All units are copies of each other.

In gameplay, the camera approaches your chosen unit and follows it. As visually beautiful, it would be correct to say that this situation hits the game axe. Along with the camera tracking units, we need to engage in combat and make tactics in the area where the camera is available. If you are a player who is used to micro, it is very difficult to apply Micro in EndWar. Units are also chosen not individually, but in groups of four. You don’t have the opportunity to leave the scene and look freely at what happened in other parts of the map. In order to follow what is happening in other parts of the map, you need to look at minimap from time to time, or as a Citrap, you need to look at it from the angle where the camera is looking from the top.

Quests within the game are generally classic objectives. Attack a certain point with a certain number of units, capture it, or repel enemy troops. In short, we do the usual things. In the maps there are parts called Uplink. If you capture them, it gives you more profit. With what you earn, you can get new support units and special attack types. By the way, let me point out that with the money you earn, you can develop units.

Endwar is the Tom Clancy games in the same universe, Ghost Recon, H.A.W.X., Deals with similar locations to Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. You even bump into Scott Mitchell, the lead character of Ghost Recon, in EndWar. He’s already in the United States ‘ Joint Strike Force.

In the name of Unreal power

The production was enhanced with the Unreal 3 graphics engine. Visually, the game is not bad and looks more beautiful in the PC version. Some effects are nicely done. The graphics are not bad in general, we can briefly say enough for the game. Endwar’s sound effects look the same. Multiplayer is also considered enjoyable.


If we make the closing speech, if we remove the voice command system from the game, obviously Endwar doesn’t have much of a feature. Although the build is good for consoles with the gameplay system, it is not good for PC. PC gamers are accustomed to deep, fast RTS, offering more options. At the time Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II was released, EndWar could be tried as a different alternative with the voice command feature. But don’t expect any more.

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