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Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Chaos Theory – None of you have heard of the Splinter Cell series. From the first game of the series to the last game, he has acquired a very high audience of players. For this reason, the latest game in the Splinter Cell series, Splinter Cell-Chaos Theory (SCCT), is multi-platform (i.e., on multiple platforms, for example: Ps2, Xbox, Pc, Nds, etc.) was made as. In this review, the NDS version of the game will be discussed.

What about the Splinter Cell?….

The series began in February 2003 with the game Splinter Cell. Tom Clancy, who edited the script for the play, is already a writer you can recognize from such novels. He was born on April 12, 1947. His real name is Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. he writes under the name Tom Clancy. A personality who usually writes novels about political thrillers and the Cold War. Although he does not write the script of our play himself, the script is brought to its final state by him.

To explain SC, we first need to explain the Third Echelon (TE (third kita)). TE, a secret group that works under the NSA. This group consists of selected strategists, hackers and operational experts. The purpose of formation is to react in advance to attacks that can be made on information that is very important technological or active in communication. It’s a kind of intelligence facility set up to stop tech espionage.

SC, on the other hand, is a group that conducts operations that prohibit information that TE cannot capture by normal means. Agents in this group are very talented and psychologically very strong. A group whose entire working principle, which is not accepted by the American government in charge of all kinds of cross-border one-man missions, is actually confidentiality.

Let’s move on to the character Our Uncle Tom created. Sam Fisher is an SC agent. He doesn’t end up counting the subjects he’s an expert on. Uncle Sam is a person who can do anything. He’s a great hacker, deadly in a close beating, no lock that can’t stand him, he’s very elastic at the same time. He also has a very different ability to joke.

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Somebody help me…. Please.

Of course, there are pitches that help him on every mission he’s sent on. These:

Irving Lambert: he’s in charge of operation coordination. SC agents and digger are among all national organizations. If Uncle Sam needs any information, he’s the first one to help. In addition, he will offer ways to solve problems that will arise in the game, he is the person who will introduce us to the necessary technical team.

Anna: this lady is a scientist who will help us with all the high-tech problems we face. And he’s obliged to make fun of us and annoy us.

William Redding: this friend is a friend of ours. he’s in charge of things.

Step by step to Chaos Theory.

Tell the subject is thriving. In the great rivalry between Japan, China and North Korea, Japan takes refuge in America to save itself from being crushed. Actually, that’s not the whole point, but that’s what we were given in the first place. As in the MGS series, the subject is then thoroughly branched and knotted. In fact, the two serines (MGS – SC) have many similar aspects and the two serines have different fan bases. In MGS, you can rarely see it when there are boss battles. But as a species, they are almost identical. If you have played any of these games, you may have a simple idea of the other.

Graphics, Music, Atmosphere

The graphics of the game are good, but it is not as great as on other platforms where this game comes out. I mean, the game was pushing the limits of the machine it used on other platforms. But the NDS also seems to be an exception. All the graphics are frame by frame and standout. Maps are not so useful because you can’t predict how close you are to the camera shown from the map. As the camera’s direction is shown, your enemies ‘ direction is not shown. All you have to do is follow your districts and guess.

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It sounds pretty good, but it can annoy you as you go along. There are almost no voice-overs in the game. In between, enemy soldiers say, ” is someone there?”or “I have to come back to my duty.”if you don’t count it. In fact, it’s also quite boring, you’re just reading the article throughout the game. The game also gets poor marks in this direction.

The atmosphere can be very good, but because of the two factors above, it just disappears. You’re already tired of sonar mission designs being similar to each other. It’s really boring to walk the corridors the same way all the time. Jump, jump, kill quietly, hack a couple of computers. Then start the same thing again. Mission designs are really weak.

I think the playability is good, because you can use the functions that the game gives you very well. Already in this regard NDS nine line can not pour water on any console. The touch screen is perfect for FPS and TPS. I think that’s the biggest plus of NDS, but the game shows us a bad face here, too. As in many games, we can’t change the control settings in SC.


I couldn’t find the opportunity to play the game in multiplayer. But in my research on the Internet, I realized that this was a complete disappointment. I think it’s only Gameloft’s commercial concerns that the game ends in this way.


The game can be quite beautiful and even magnificent, but if you sit on the curve and talk correctly, you just say to me, “let’s take it out on the NDS and shoot the money from there.”it sounded like the product of a commercial whim. I think it’s very bad that this aspect is spent in this way. I think if you’re not a fan of SC, or if you’re not so interested in how this genre is handled in NDS, don’t throw your money in the trash. In the hope of seeing you in a better game.

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