TMNT: Mutant Melee Review

TMNT: Mutant Melee

In childhood, many of us identified themselves with a comic book or movie character. There are even some of us who are still sympathizers and don’t miss their cartoons, which I enjoy watching cartoons as long as I have time. Personally, my favorite ones were the Ninja Turtles series with Tom and Jerry. If I caught him somewhere, I’d definitely watch him. Because not only do they keep the child in us alive, they give us a lot of fun and minutes to spend laughing. Ninja Turtles has the distinction of being perhaps the longest-followed series. The fights in it and the lines used were enough to nail us to the screen.

I smell Pizza!

Like both television concepts, the turtles have moved into the atari and gaming environment. We had games on the Amiga, and we even played in arcades without getting tired. In addition, arcades can be played on machines with more than 2 players support, allowing us to experience the fun with our friends at the climax. Over time, the PCs also suffered a turtle invasion, and finally appeared again with TMNT: Mutant Melee. Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo continue the action.

The Turtles games that we remember in the past were usually in the form of progressive platforms. We’d move sideways, cut off the foot soldiers we encountered, and try to defeat the powerful bosses at the end of the episode. Mutant Melee changes this usual gameplay a little more and takes advantage of the blessings of the environment, allowing us to fight against many enemies at a fixed level until we knock them out. Obviously, I would like it to be a 3-D, progressive platform, but the pleasure of this is different.

Mutant Melee is a game that doesn’t drown us in complex options. In fact, it has escaped the option system so much that when we look around to find out the keys, we can’t come across any concrete information. In addition, we do not deal with complex settings related to graphics and audio features, everything is simple and clear. When we hit the Home screen, two modes catch our attention; Adventure Story and Melee Match. In Adventure story, as soon as we succeed in the episodes, we move on to the next one and continue to progress like this. Story mode, prepared a little more fun. There are many characters to choose from, not only ninjas; we can also play with characters such as Splinter master, foot soldiers, Shredder. In this mode, after our own main character, we also choose the characters we will fight, and then decide the episode we will play. According to the episode, game modes also vary, but usually the weight is based on Melee Match.


In a small but interactive space, all the characters start attacking each other after the countdown. In this mode, the goal is to make the most knockouts within the time limit. You earn one point per character for each character you finish power, the character whose power ends starts fighting again, but you are gradually trying to increase your score. In doing so, it is possible to throw objects around on top of others. You can also use extra weapons that come out of crates and boxes. Apart from this mode, in Keep Away, a treasure chest falls right into the fight venue. You have to grab it and keep it under your protection for a long time, and in order to get it, the others will attack you. Of course, when they grab the chest, this time you attack to get it back. Another mode is King of The Hill, but it seemed a little more mediocre than the others. Again, it’s a small arena, and you have to take the round part marked here under your control for a long time, and you have to stand up to the others. Some levels become so small that they are an unnecessary mess when there are too many people in them

Adventure Story departs from the other mode with slight changes. In each episode, our goal is considered the same, only minor criteria are changed or made incredibly difficult. Again, we choose the character we want at the beginning. At the beginning, we can only choose one of the turtles, but it is possible to be successful in the episode and open new characters with the points we earn. These points can be used not only to open characters, but also to open many Ninja Turtles komsepts in the Library section, which is also available in the main menu. Our goal is to reach the most number of knockouts in the end in the time that flows backwards in the division. But this situation does not remain constant, sometimes we have to take down many attacking foot soldiers in a very short period of time. We can have fights with bosses, or we can fight on a roof where bombs fall from the sky and try to survive. As in Melee Match mode, we can take advantage of the surrounding elements. We can use crates, boxes, on enemies, use special weapons that come out of them. In these weapons, there are things like a baseball bat, a rocket launcher, or an axe. Not only weapons come out of the boxes, but also some power ups. We can increase our speed, increase our strike power, or temporarily make our defense more effective with these power ups. It is also possible to find health from time to time.

Plenty of turtles

Each character has its own fighting style and combos, and we don’t need to go from shape to shape to create these combos. There are already a few keys that we use, and even if we press them randomly, we can create different combos. The keys are as follows; W,A,S,D move Keys, N Main attack key, M alternative attack, B Block, H pick up and throw items, and J jump. You can also create your own combinations using them. With a few combos that you can learn at the beginning of Adventure Story mode, you can defeat your opponents.

In Mutant melee, comic strip graphics are preferred. The characters are drawn in three dimensions, but they have a comic book image. The backgrounds also don’t promise much, but we don’t have to wait for more for a game with linear gameplay. At least it can be included in the category of 3-D games. We’re playing from a camera near the top, and in special cases, the camera can zoom in. The most notable feature of Mutant melee, to me, is their voice. Rock music that puts us in the mood for a Ninja Turtle is very nice. And the lines that heroes use during fights are the kind that gets us in the mood. After a solid blow, the last words thrown at the enemy we have landed bring gas. In timed episodes, the countdown to the last 5 seconds and a rising “Turtles!”even his voice, it sounds nice and fun.

Story mode does not always advance on a single line. It’s up to us whether we play or not. Of course, these places are a little more difficult than the main episodes, but when we succeed, we get loaded points and can buy new characters and concepts.

Like everything that’s not perfect, the Mutant Melee has minus features. First, it will be deceived by some that every episode in the game takes place in arenas that are not considered single and large. In some exceptions, we pretend to jump from roof to checkers, but they also come to an end, and while we fight, we move to the other building to escape the bombs. The fact that Story mode is in the form of a progressive action could make the hours we can spend at the beginning a little longer. Because in general, the section patterns are always the same, square spaces, one name is different. Sometimes we’re in the basement, sometimes in the warehouse, sometimes in a garden. But these places are so small that sometimes the characters move into each other. There’s also a problem with the characters ‘ artificial intelligence. That is, at the beginning of the episodes, you start beating enemies by practicing a defense – combo tactic. As their lives begin to decline, they suddenly go crazy and start fighting incredibly, suddenly they take you down when you’re going to take them down, and even your protection doesn’t work. Not being able to establish this balance is not the kind that will be very good for your nerves, to be honest.

For me, the biggest problem that will wear you down is breaking out in sections that work with time. We’re facing 4 foot soldiers, some a little stronger. But the time given to us to kill them is incredibly limited, there is not enough time to kill them properly, and we become increasingly nervous as long as we fail. Either we move incredibly fast, or if there are chests in the vicinity and powerful weapons come out of them, we will use them. But here again, an artificial intelligence quirk comes into play, and as soon as the soldiers start, they run and grab weapons and power ups from the crates. At first, this may seem like a smart move, but after seeing limited time and a lot of enemies, we can understand that there is a really serious oddity.

Return to sewage

TMNT: Mutant Melee, for turtle Fanatics, is very fun and can keep the turtle spirit alive if its shortcomings are ignored. I can’t deny that I’m having fun as a turtle lover either, but as I mentioned earlier, I’d rather have a story with progress. Moreover, the negative features it contains are not the kind that can be underestimated. However, you can take a look at the love of the turtle, and if you don’t, you won’t lose anything.

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