Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Review

tiger woods pga tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 may not be the perfect game for N-Gage, but it’s the first game that literally gives us the N-Gage Arena concept that Nokia has been trying to tell us all along.

The N-Gage version of the PGA Tour 2004, which was prepared for the GBA last year, is also considered the same as the Game Boy version. During the game, you use the down and up keys of the D-pad to swing your stick, and you can also give a light spin with the right or left keys after hitting the ball; in fact, this system is not very useful compared to the old one. It is also important where the surface where you place the ball during strokes, for example, with the green, which is the playing field, when your strokes go faster and in the direction you want, and often on grass and bushes it becomes difficult to hit.

The game does not offer us very wide options in terms of structure. In” Career ” Mode, we do a good rating in 18-hole tournaments and try to make money and open closed tournaments, as well as a Scenario selection (Scenario) based on three holes.

Here’s The Multi-Revolution

Tiger Woods does need a round of applause on the PGA Tour 2004. In an N-Gage, 4 players can meet each other sequentially; in 2 N-Gage, they can play with each other simultaneously via bluetooth. The main interesting multiplayer mode in the game is the N-Gage Arena. You can connect to the N-Gage Arena and compete in a live and simultaneous tournament with players elsewhere in the world. The only minus that can be found in the arena is that you can’t watch your opponent hit.

In addition to 3D modeling technology on the PGA Tour in 2004, 2 dimensions were applied in the display of field maps and during the movement of the ball. This is because In N-Gage, the perspective image creates problems in 3 dimensions, which is still not bad. In-game animations are a little inadequate, but still our character seems realistic during his movements. The sounds are average because the audience’s reactions and effects during the beats are dim.

18. hole…

As a result, the feeling of conflict created by multiplayer mode creates a constant desire to play the game, so if you like golf games, even just the multiplayer part is reason enough to buy this game.


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